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    Pursuing MBA Without Work Experience – Is it a Wise Decision?

    by BML Munjal University November 29, 2019

    In this age of cutthroat competition, an additional professional degree helps a person to gain a competitive edge over others. These days, a simple graduate degree doesn’t support an individual to get any good job.


    MBA is the most preferred professional degree in such a situation that is aspired by the young population all over the world. This can be, therefore, as a result of the master’s degree, exposes the scope for a personal and prepares them for several varieties of careers.

    Therefore, many students are readily opting for post-graduate degrees, which adds volume to their CV and helps them to explore new dimensions of their careers.

    Is it wise to opt for an MBA course without work experience?

    A question often arises as to whether is it wise to opt for an MBA course without work experience.

    Well, yes! The MBA programs have changed and are designed to help the candidates to meet their future ambition. Students who do not have any professional experience can also choose the MBA program.

    This will prepare them for their first professional position. Such programs are known as “early career” MBA programs as they help the students to witness a wide plethora of knowledge, experiences, network, career outlook, and so on.

    The course equips the students with a variety of tools of management which are required to succeed in today’s world.

    How To Choose An MBA Program Without Any Work Experience?

    For students with no work experience, it is essential to choose the right kind of MBA program. It is this degree that will help them to create a resume that will reflect professional experience, knowledge, and other tools of career management.

    A fresher should make sure that they choose a full-time MBA program that has several opportunities for learning, acquiring new experiences, and development of a professional career. The curriculum of the course should include internships, mentor programs, projects of client consulting, and so on.

    The course should provide the student with a thorough understanding of management by practical implementation os that they could relate the same with the real world problems. It should also offer in-depth expertise in the areas of interest of the students.

    The course helps individuals to enrich and enhance their decision-making skills. Studies have shown that each year, nearly 5.6 lakh students enroll themselves in a Master’s degree in business management.

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    Here Are Some Advantages Of An MBA Without Work Experience

    Here are some of the advantages:

    • Beginning early – Beginning early would help you to continue your studies without any break. This will keep your momentum which many people lose when they start their professional career just after their graduation.
    • Chance to develop abilities – Analytical ability, develop language skill.
    • Grow Business expertise – You will get to network with a lot of established professionals which would help you sharpen your business skills.
    • Save time – You’ll complete your learning while not taking any gap through education.


    What Are The Benefits Of The MBA Program

    There are a large number of benefits of pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration:

    • Studies have shown that nearly 85% of the youth fail to build their careers due to a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. However, if you complete a master’s degree, it will help you to boost your confidence considerably. The successful completion of a Master’s degree automatically helps to instill a sense of confidence in an individual.
    • If you want to ensure your credibility in today’s market, then an MBA degree is the best way to enhance your credibility. This course opens up the doors to new possibilities and stretches all the limitations so that one can show off their hidden talents.
    • MBA helps to add value to the resume of an individual. According to the statistics, recruiters and different companies tend to give a higher preference to the resumes, which include a degree of MBA from a renowned college. A resume with a Master’s degree in Business Management is automatically going to speak for the person. Thus, get ready to unlock new job opportunities with high salary packages!
    • The MBA graduates are trained in such a manner that they can think very strategically. This proves beneficial to them not only in their professional but also in their personal lives. A strategic mind empowers them to plan things systematically and meet the goals with greater ease. An MBA course helps to sharpen a person’s mind and teaches them how to think out of the box. MBA also allows individuals to improve their communication skills. MBA graduates have excellent oratory and relation-building skills. According to researchers, this forms the basis of candidates being hired for great posts by unique and renowned companies in 93% cases. MBA graduates, through adequate knowledge and proper practice, can quickly improve their personalities, which proves very beneficial to them in the long run.
    • A regular MBA is not your sole option: there are some online MBA programs around the world. Students might realize the structure, price of those part-time programs coordinate a lot with their desires than regular programs.
    • MBA can prove to be a game-changer for the candidates because, after the completion of the degree, the job scenario starts turning out to be more in favor of the candidates who have a degree in MBA. In a nutshell, the course adds weight to your CV and makes you noticeable.
    • An individual who has completed a course in MBA is found to be more suitable to take up senior roles in companies as compared to those who haven’t. This is because these students have a better idea, understanding, and knowledge about the different tactics of marketing. Therefore, such candidates are likely to be appointed with more significant responsibilities and senior roles.

    One of the most common reasons why candidates opt for a course in an MBA degree is because they want to earn a better salary in the future. A person with an MBA degree is likely to be chosen for a higher position with a heftier pay scale in renowned companies.

    MBA without work experience
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