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    Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering – Which One to Choose?

    by BML Munjal University February 21, 2019

    Choosing a proper career is one of the most important aspect in the life of a student. That is why it is really important that they are familiar with all the details that are going to help them make a wise choice.


    In this article, there is going to be a discussion about two of the most important fields that have a striking future for the students.

    Mechanical and electrical engineering are two very important fields of education and the professionals from both these fields have got comparable environments as well.

    Most of the general tasks that the professionals have to perform in both these fields are also very similar. However, there are some points of distinction between these two career fields and they mostly lie in the research, creation, design, and the testing of different procedures.

    In order to have a successful career ahead, it is essential for the students to ensure that they have all the knowledge that is essential to understand the difference between these two fields in terms of education, salaries, duties, and the job scope as well.

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    Like the other engineering occupations, the mechanical, as well as the electrical engineers, have got many similar duties. However, the creation and design of the products are entirely different in these two branches of engineering.

    The electrical engineers have to deal with some important procedures such as the manufacturing processes comprising the creation of equipment, communication systems, navigation systems and a lot more.

    Apart from that, these professionals also have a very important role to play in the design and development of the electrical systems that operate in the vehicles as well.

    Mechanical engineers have a very broad aspect when it comes to their career and the professionals mostly have to deal with engines, machines, sensors, and the other tools that are related to their subjects.

    Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering

    The Job Role Of Mechanical Engineers

    The basic role and responsibility of mechanical engineers are to make sure that they properly research, design, develop, build, and test the different mechanical aspects of the devices and sensors.

    This also includes the tools and machines that are used in several industries and other locations.

    The duties that the professionals of mechanical engineering have are mentioned below:

    • The analysis of several problems in order to check the thermal and mechanical devices and find out how solving these problems can fix the devices.
    • Aiding in the creation of the designs that can help the mechanical and thermal systems/subsystems. They also tend to use the analytical approach with the computer-aided design.
    • Making investments in the diagnosis of equipment failure and solving them with the help of tools and techniques in order to ascertain a full-fledged working operation.
    • Creation, development, and testing of different prototypes of all the devices.
    • Analyzing the results of the tests and making changes in the design or any particular system would troubleshoot all the problems.
    • Supervising the entire process of manufacturing for any particular device.

    The Job Role Of Electrical Engineers

    The term electrical engineering is a very broad one that encompasses the design and development along with the testing of the different processes that work in the manufacturing of any particular electrical equipment.

    Some of the examples of these electrical pieces of equipment are Motors, Radar Navigation systems, and Telecommunication systems that have in power generation.

    Apart from that, the duties of the electrical engineer also include the designing of several electrical systems that work in automobiles and aircraft systems as well.

    The main focus of the professionals in electrical engineering is to develop and then install the electric equipment which is provided in the communication and broadcast systems such as portable music players, GPS systems and other options.

    The professionals also have a very important role to play in the collaboration with the hardware engineers in the world of computers.

    Here are some of the duties of the electrical engineering professionals that are mentioned below:

    • Aiding in the development and improvement of several electrical products with the help of new leases that are created by them
    • Performing detailed calculations in order to develop, manufacture, install, and construct different specifications and standards all according to the different requirements
    • Supervising the installation, testing, and manufacturing of the different electrical equipment so that the products that are designed are all meeting the specifications and standards that are mentioned by the clients
    • Analyzing all the complaints and queries of the customers for making the diagnosis of the problems vanish and providing solutions that help in troubleshooting these problems
    • Collaborating with different project managers in the efforts of production so that the products that are created are being completely run and tested before being provided to the clients and customers

    Overview Of Mechanical Engineering

    The field of mechanical engineering involves certain processes which include the design, manufacturing, analysis, and testing of different mechanical systems and components that are working together.

    While there could be many different disciplines when it comes to mechanical engineering, the major areas where the professionals are required are energy conversion, design engineering, materials engineering, as well as manufacturing engineering.

    The curriculum for the mechanical engineer is particularly diverse due to the fact that it is essential for all the different modern-day industries that include air conditioning, aerospace, computers, plastics, building, transportation and so much more.

    The reason behind this is that mechanical engineers can be employed across different fields of engineering right from the development of products to initial research.

    These professionals also work in the marketing and manufacturing departments as well. With so many diverse activities taking place, the subject of mechanical engineering adds conceptual product design, engineering sciences, and the capabilities of manufacturing in order to create effective, affordable, and quality products for the people.

    Overview Of Electrical Engineering

    The field of electrical engineering is another one of those broad fields that involve the use of electrical solutions in order to solve several problems that are in relation with the energy sources, the transportation field, environment, communications, and health care along with some other area that is able to impact the society in any way.

    The field is equipped particularly with a broad knowledge of practical and theoretical knowledge.

    The graduates from the electrical engineering field will have a wide range of astonishing careers that belong in the sectors of design and research, sales, management, teaching and so much more.

    The curriculum for electrical engineering is also a ‘feeder’ degree for the students who aren’t able to figure out the specifics of their careers.

    With the study of physical science, engineering, mathematics, and oral as well as written communications, there is an excellent background of career choices for all the students who work in the professional fields of electrical engineering.

    The main benefits of electrical engineering also come from the practice internships that are provided in the curriculum.

    Some of the most defining career prospects for professionals in electrical engineering include the generation, transmission, and distribution of the power, communications, manufacture, and design of the semiconductor devices, measurements, and control process, electronics and so much more.

    Designations Of Mechanical Engineers

    It is essential for the students to understand the important careers that they can have in the field of mechanical engineering so that they can make better choices about their future.

    When it comes to having a career in the mechanical engineering field, there are certainly many lucrative opportunities.

    After the completion of the professional courses of mechanical engineering, the students will be able to apply for the posts of auto research engineers (working in the improvement of car performance), heating and cooling systems engineer (working for the maintenance and creation of several environmental systems and equipment), Robotics engineers (designing and creation of robots and taking care of the maintenance), and many other interesting posts as well.

    Designations Of Electrical Engineers

    When it comes to the field of electrical engineering, this also comprises many important career prospects that the students can go for.

    With the completion of the professional courses comprised in the field of electrical engineering, the students will have the chance to apply for certain posts.

    These include Energy System Engineers (those who work in the control and implementation of several power generation techniques), Signal Processing Engineers (those who make a significant contribution in the aircraft and railways industry by designing and installing signal methods), Telecommunications Engineer (those who work in the communication of information with the help of data communications), and many other interesting posts as well.

    So, there is no doubt about the fact that the subject of electrical engineering is one of the broadest fields that comprise many lucrative opportunities for the students who want to pursue a career in it.

    Becoming A Mechanical Engineer: Education

    For those students who want to pursue a profession in the field of mechanical engineering, it is really important for them to get a formal education in the field first.

    For becoming a proper mechanical engineer, the students will have to get their bachelor’s degree in a particular subject from the institutions and organizations that provide it. After that, they will be allowed to go for professional engineering courses in order to land a job.

    The courses that are included in the curriculum of mechanical engineering often include physical sciences along with life science and mathematics as well.

    There are several engineering techniques and designs used in the courses as well. However, the main point of focus when it comes to mechanical engineering is always on the practical and hands-on application of several principles of engineering.

    For mechanical engineers, participating in cooperative programs and internships is mandatory so that they are fully prepared for the work environment in the industries.

    There are many colleges and universities that provide different 5-year programs for all the students who want to have an integrated Bachelor’s as well as a Masters degree in the field of mechanical engineering.

    These courses or programs often combine theoretical studies along with practical studies and field works to make sure that the students are all prepared with prerequisite experience and expertise in the different sectors.

    Becoming A Mechanical Engineer: Education

    For a prosperous career in the field of electrical engineering, it is really important for the students to have the knowledge and expertise that is required in order to shine in the particular field.

    With the help of the professional courses of electrical engineering, the students will have the opportunity to do well in the respective fields that they choose.

    However, before choosing the professional courses, it is essential that the students go for the Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering first.

    The employers who would want to hire professionals also believe in the hands-on practical knowledge that the students get from several programs in engineering and other internships as well.

    With the help of these additional activities, the students will be provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

    It is for the student to start preparing early for all the electrical engineering by focusing more on the Physics and Mathematics-related subjects. Also, they have to put an additional amount of focus on calculus, trigonometry, and algebra as well.

    There is also a necessity for the students to take additional courses on drafting because most electrical engineers need to prepare the technical drawings and designs for the projects that they work on.

    For choosing a career in the field of Electrical engineering, the students will have to get a Bachelor’s as well as a Masters degree since it is a professional course.

    There are institutions that provide integrated courses of Bachelor’s degree and Masters degree for the students by combining theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to ensure that the students are all prepared for their professional work environment.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing a proper career in Electrical engineering and mechanical engineering will be an easy feat if the students are familiar with the differences that these fields have. Looking for the details and courses from both these fields will be a help in choosing the right career path.

    Mechanical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering
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