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    Propel your career with BMU’s BSc in Computer Science

    by BML Munjal University April 27, 2022

    We live in a digital era wherein there are numerous ways to alter, edit and manipulate data. In recent years, many factors have primarily contributed to data breach. These are the steadfast usage of 5G, interconnection of devices like Bluetooth, and the expansion of several vulnerable applications like Anomo – a social networking application that starts you off anonymous.

    Let us shed more light on the topic. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), responsible for tracing cybersecurity attacks in India, found that in the last 3+ years (2018 to 2021 (up to October)), nearly 26,000 Indian websites have been hacked. While it is still ambiguous to figure out why there was such a drastic rise in the number of websites hacked, we all understand where it is coming from. According to the Hindu, “The hackers used masquerading techniques and hidden servers to hide the identity of existing systems from which the attacks were launched.”

    As India recovers from some of the most challenging data breaches, never has the role of Computer Science been more pertinent. The country needs tech experts who understand relevant topics like machine learning, data mining, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analysis, telecommunications, and user interface design. Concisely, we need more and more computer scientists to unveil the identity of these “hackers” and build solutions to avert such infringements.

    So, if you have a decent interest to examine things computationally,

    a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science will perfect your way. The three-year intensive undergraduate programme covers topics like database management systems, computer networks, discrete mathematics, AI, cryptography, optimization techniques, to name a few.

    In the course, you will also be able to explore your aptitude using practical projects and ingrain technical skills for your career prospects.

    Why invest in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science?

    Build an accurate understanding of the major conceptual and technological issues. You will be able to develop your web portals, mobile applications, data visualizations, and games. You will explore relevant themes like machine learning, data scrutinizing and AI.

    The undergraduate course will unlock a broad spectrum of computer-based employment prospects. A career after BSc in Computer Science includes:

    •       Applications developer
    •       Cybersecurity analyst
    •       Software developer
    •       Data analyst
    •       IT consultant
    •       Network architect


    Incorporate many technical skills to underpin digital technologies  

    BML Munjal University (BMU), one of India’s reputed private universities that thrive on transforming higher education by delivering excellent and innovative teaching, offers a BSc in Computer Science to students who look at the world a little “computationally”. It is offered by the School of Engineering and Technology (SoET) in collaboration with the School of Management.

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    At BMU, the undergraduate programme is taught by prominent researchers and professors pushing the limitations of what is possible visit https://www.redstarvapor.com/zolpidem-ambien/ in today’s swiftly changing world to ensure students stay updated with modern developments.


    This is how BMU plans to train computer enthusiasts under the BSc in Computer Science programme:

    Students, at BMU will be offered electives in areas like:

    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    •       Cyber Security
    •       Big Data Analytics
    •       Cyber Forensics
    •       Deep Learning
    •       Robotics
    •       Computational Linguistics
    •       Knowledge Management

    Students have the freedom to do minors in

    •       Business Analytics
    •       Financial Technology
    •       Digital Marketing


    They undergo a four-month industry internship to get a wider picture of the professional world. The course is the foundation of computing. It will encourage students to apply their skills and techniques to resolve practical problems throughout the programme. In addition to practical skills – experiential Learning, industry collaboration – learners will also learn the socio-cultural aspects of the new digital world by comprehending professional and ethical concerns in computer science.

    At BMU, education is a classic mixture of classroom learning and practical training. While pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, students will participate in seminars and research projects.

    Unlatch newer ways to enter the digital sphere by building the right skills and knowledge 

    According to Research Matters, nearly three-quarters of jobs disciplines like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will be based on computer-related occupations by 2024. The report also claims that India produces the world’s most significant number of computer science graduates. That is 2.15 lakh each year. But how many have mastered the art of computer programming? How many have been able to handle data/information breaches in the last couple of years? Is the education received by them not good enough to address newer digital challenges? Entering BMU should be the first step to resolving these “new age” enigmas.

    For more questions like BSc in computer science eligibility criteria and BSc CS eligibility, visit BMU’s official website.

    BSc bsc in computer science bsc cs eligibility
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