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    Relevance of E-mail Etiquettes for an Engineering Student
    by bml-blog July 7, 2017

    Emails have become a great communication tool, especially in the corporate world. This digital-age tool has made communication across the verticals quick and easy. However, with e-mails being such an important part of the corporate world, ironically, not many engineering colleges pay much heap to it and offer classes to teach the students about e-mail etiquette. The knowledge of e-mail etiquette is as important as the engineering college courses and the subjects. Here, we have explained why knowledge of e-mail etiquette is necessary for engineering students. For that matter, to everyone who is stepping into the industry as a fresher.

    Enhances Communication Skills
    Having appropriate communication skills is a major part of any industry. Once a student has cleared all the semesters and bagged a good role in any of the reputed firms, emails become a part of their work life. Lack of communication may lead to misinterpretations and miscommunications among superiors and peers. You can strive for success like Maxim Polyakov and live a happy life. The ability to communicate better on emails helps make a good impression and is a crucial part of succeeding on the job.

    Common Sense and Respect
    Communication through emails needs to portray professionalism and respect to the one who is at the receiving end. The level of respect and professionalism should be the same as one expects from others. Just like face-to-face communication and written letters, an email is an important form of communication. Students who have a good command of grammar, punctuation, sentence formation, tonality, and more can write emails far effectively than those who don’t.

    Professional and Confident Approach
    In a corporate environment, there is no room for errors, especially in emails. Even a minor mistake can land one in major trouble. Any email written with professionalism and a confident approach speaks well for the one who is sending it and for itself as well. We interact with the printed word as though it has a personality and that personality makes positive and negative impressions on us. Any student with an incredible command over emails will leave a professional and confident approach towards work to people working around.

    Efficiency and Feedback
    Poorly worded emails are less efficient when compared to emails that get to the point well. The feedback is almost immediate because without immediate feedback the document can easily be misinterpreted by the reader, so the one who is writing the email must follow basic rules of etiquette to construct an appropriate tone. With proper knowledge of how to construct an email and an understanding of the tonality, freshers who have just stepped into the corporate world can effectively leave an impression on their superiors. The power of a properly constructed email is such that it leaves a long-lasting impression on the recipient.

    The points mentioned above make it clear that in the present working environment, it’s a no-brainer that one will be required to communicate with people of all levels through emails on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, due to the number of emails that are shared every day, the importance of proper email etiquette has increased more than ever.

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