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    by bml-blog March 9, 2016

    Innovative ideas lead to discoveries in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. A balanced research agenda and an applied futuristic orientation can create breakthroughs in areas where maximum impact is needed.

    The Engineering faculty are researching areas such as Femtosecond laser pulses and additive manufacturing methods, which have printing, manufacturing, and industrial applications. Such research aims to create a positive impact on society through constructive scientific inquiry.

    Sound research that resolves practical management problems is key to solving issues at higher organizational levels. The Management faculty have dealt with issues ranging from creating market opportunities for small-scale organizations to identifying motivational markers for 10th-grade students using psychometric testing methods. One of their case studies has also been published by Ivey Publishing, USA.

    Faculty: Dr. Tapas Goswami, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
    Research Area: Laser Chemistry
    Title: Laser-induced Photochemistry of Polyatomic Molecules
    Abstract: Femtosecond laser pulses are finding widespread applications in a variety of different fields of research including medicine, optical switching and communication, information processing, plasma formation, high harmonic generation, wave packet formation, and control of chemical reactions. In this project, we are exploring techniques to create different shapes of the laser pulse and then applying those to characterize and study the dynamics of important dye molecules (e.g., those used as medicines and drugs). Techniques will be delivered for remote sensing of liquid-liquid interfaces using the laser. This technique will have application in better drug delivery.

    Faculty: Dr. Vinayak Kalluri, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
    Research Area: New Product Development
    Title: Effective Utilization of Additive Manufacturing in New Product Development
    Abstract: For any organization, new product development (NPD) is essential to meet customer needs
    and expectations. This is even more critical given the increased competition in the market and reduction in NPD cycle time. Additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping plays an important role in the reduction in the cost of product development, by shortening the development cycle as well as reducing the number of design iterations. The products or components can be created directly from 3D CAD data. This research project aims to present the applications of the additive manufacturing method to demonstrate innovation possibilities in product design in different fields such as automotive, medical, electric motors and generators, construction industry, and robotics.

    Faculty: Dr. Davinder Singh, Associate Professor, Strategy and Innovation
    Research Area: Business and Marketing Strategies
    Title: Books for Change: Reorienting Business and Marketing Strategies
    Abstract: This paper explains the application of management concepts to small-scale organizations to increase their distribution and marketing quotient through defining and quantifying strategic objectives. The paper talks about analyzing the competitive market and identifying the challenges faced; thereby strategizing a plan to make small-scale organizations independent and profitable.

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