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    Secure a flourishing career by simply investing in a B.Tech course

    by BML Munjal University June 30, 2022

    A decent job of your choice adds several benefits to your life. First, it will help you live a comfortable and sustainable life. Mind you; a good job is not a luxury. It is an innate right soon after you finish your studies. You invest 18 years of schooling and round about four years in college. For what joy? To make a successful future. To make a successful career. But what happens when you don’t have the right opportunity to grab? What happens when your almost 22 years of education do not guarantee you a decent job, if not of your choice?

    According to the National Employability Report for Engineers 2019, 80 per cent of Indian engineers are unfit to apply for any job. Why is that? Because of the inadequate digital skills that corporate houses nowadays demand while hiring engineers.

    What exactly do they lack?

    They lack the essential knowledge of today’s new-age courses – Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science and wireless technologies, etc. The report also says, “Merely 2.5 per cent of engineers in India possess skills in Artificial Intelligence, while only a handful of engineers (5.5 per cent) are qualified with basic programming.”

    Now, why is that? Is it because they are not choosing the right course or university? Or they just cannot find suitable opportunities after finishing intermediate education? It is because they do not get the necessary support from their university. In today’s hyper-competitive world, it should be a university’s responsibility to train a young mind in a certain way so that their students serve their purpose in their respective subjects. Or they are not taught in today’s current courses like robotics, machine learning, business analytics, cyber security, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few.

    Of course, yes!

    A credible university will not only offer you a quality education, but it will also keep a track of your futuristic dreams. It will help you achieve your goals and guide you to achieve them. It won’t just offer a technical curriculum. It will be based on practical and life-long learning. Yes, we are talking about India’s most preferred university BML Munjal University (BMU). The university offers many B.Tech programmes – B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, B. Tech in Civil Engineering, others – under its School of Engineering and Technology, also known as SOET. It seeks to transform higher education in India by building a safe place for students where they can study, learn, research and outgrow creatively. It has specific commitments toward its students, and it is thriving on those commitments; among them is: offering quality learning and research opportunities.

    Decoding B.Tech Computer Science at BML Munjal University

    In the B.Tech Computer Science course, students focus on studying computers and computational systems. Also, young computer scientists here are given enough freedom to build their technical and managerial skills – learning about software systems, understanding theoretical concepts, designing, developing and application management. The main areas of study in B.Tech Computer Science course are:

    • Database system
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Computer systems and networks security 

    Today’s fast-paced world demands up-gradation and quick changes, especially when discussing the syllabus. The Computer Science and Engineering Department has taken various steps to ensure the syllabus is up-to-date according to today’s industry needs. And for this, young students are taught courses related to:

    • Data Mining
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning

    Also, for your information, the department has collaborated with numerous industry partners working in similar areas – AI machine learning and data science. The university’s official website added the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Hub (ICH) programme to the curriculum. Alongside, the industry partners – Sabudh Foundation, Ativitti AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd- are closely working with BML Munjal University faculty members, and have in the past organized projects in similar areas.

    This has brought a range of prosperous opportunities for students in areas like:

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Big data analytics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Cyber security
    • Internet of things
    • BlockChain
    • Data science
    • Machine learning

    Upon completing B.Tech Computer Science course, young engineers can apply for several job roles: Information Technology (IT) trainee, nanotechnologist, web developer, cyber specialist,  supply chain manager, computer science blogger, to name a few.

    Decoding B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at BML Munjal University:

    BML Munjal University offers B.Tech Mechanical Engineering to students with a knack for design and development. The undergraduate course aims to build the students’ acumen with sharp critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Why? So that they are in the professional space, they produce and design exciting products and systems. And that is done by teaching them analytical tools and building partnership and communication skills – leadership quality – to bring fresh ideas and products to the table. The undergraduate course at BML Munjal University also offers specialization in advanced areas like:

    • Cyber Security [CS]
    • Internet of Things [IoT]
    • Automobile Engineering [AE]
    • Robotics & Automation [R&A]
    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence [DS & AI]


    Apart from this, they receive minor programmes in interdisciplinary areas like:

    • VLSI Design
    • Material Science
    • Nanotechnology
    • Computational Linguistics
    • Cyber-Physical Systems
    • Computational Mathematics
    • Energy Harvesting and Storage

    Once mechanical engineering students are done with the course, they can apply in multiple industries like automotive, aeronautics, biotechnology, microelectromechanical systems, renewable energy, robotics and automation, and manufacturing.

    Your right job awaits you!

    Securing a degree is not enough to live in today’s expensive world. You need to work hard to build industry demands. You need to polish your multitasking skills. You need to make sure you outstand your peers. It would be best if you certain work with commitment and perseverance. You also make sure that you will be open to criticism and that learning new things should not be a problem. A B.Tech degree will propel multiple prospects for you. Do you want to know a bit about jobs after B.Tech? Well, it depends on your area of study – B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, B.Tech Computer Science, etc. For mechanical and computer science engineering, job profiles have been mentioned above.

    jobs after btech b tech mechanical engineering B.Tech computer science
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