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    Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Internship
    by bml-blog January 29, 2018

    An internship is a valuable knowledge-gaining experience that teaches BBA students the ins and out of the real professional world. Holding equal value as the BBA syllabus, an internship is that golden opportunity that instills industry-oriented skills and offers a chance to establish long-term connections with the biggies of the industry. And to reap the most benefits out of the given opportunity, one must put their best foot forward.

    Mistakes to Avoid During Internship

    However, there are a few things that all interns should keep in mind to gain a great professional reference and a full-time working opportunity with the organization.

    Never Take the Internship Casually
    Professionally approaching the internship is the key to gaining the knowledge they are seeking and the future they have planned for themselves. Establishing a good relationship with the organization by showcasing professional behavior will take them a long way. They should also keep in mind that the competition is fierce and finding a suitable replacement (for the position the company may be considering) is fairly easy. So, taking the internship casually is a big no.

    Overloading the Mind with Information
    We understand that there is limited time and interns want to acquire all the knowledge they can in that time frame. However, overloading the mind with too much information in a short span will lead to missing deadlines and not having the priorities in order. Interns should re-evaluate what is important for them and their career path and fix themselves in gaining knowledge in that particular domain.

    Not Adhering to the Office Timing
    Reaching the office late or taking breaks longer than usual doesn’t sit well with organizations. As budding professionals, students should ensure that they adhere to the timing and other rules and regulations of the workplace. Following the same timing as others are advisable. If necessary, speaking to the reporting manager about the challenges one is facing with timing is the right thing to do. Also, students should make sure that they don’t miss work repeatedly by calling in sick, that’s nothing less than a red flag for the organizations.

    Dressing Unprofessionally
    Students must realize that the setting and culture of an organization are much different than their college. Dressing aptly for the job will leave a lasting impression on the employer while imparting a professional look. If someone is not sure how to dress up when going to work, taking cues from the people working in the organization should be the approach. Furthermore, this also helps interns fit in, learn about the office culture and understand what it requires to be in a corporate.

    Not Establishing Relationships  
    Establishing a good relationship with co-workers and mentors will help get the most out of the offered internship. They will not only share their skills and knowledge but will also help hone the skills that one requires to be a professional. Furthermore, keeping in touch with the mentor even after the internship is over will keep one plugged into the new opportunities in the company.

    Sure, these real-life experiences can be hard, and one might feel left out in a pool of employees who have been working together for years, but taking it as a challenge to learn something new will help one learn and grow as a person. We at BML Munjal University would like to highlight the fact that internships are an equally important part of the curriculum plus the BBA syllabus, and these mistakes should surely be avoided.

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