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    What Happens When You Miss Lectures in College?
    by bml-blog January 8, 2018

    Missing a class never seems a big deal when you are in college. But if it becomes a habit then you may fall into trouble. Over time, the number of classes you miss directly affects plenty of things whether it is related to the academic point or the personal point.


    Moreover, students who pursue MBA courses tend to face more troubles when they miss lectures in college. If you are also one of those students and have been missing the lectures for a long time, then friends read the pointers ahead. We have listed down a few things that reflect on the question– What happens when you miss lectures in college?

    • The More You Miss Lectures, The More You Have to Study

    The first and foremost thing that will happen is the loss of study. The time that you will not invest in your lectures will then have to be rescheduled at home for covering the important topics that you missed in class. Moreover, as you will have to study the subjects yourself, you will take more time in understanding the crucial and complex concepts which you would not have taken if explained by the professor.

    At times, you may not even get to know the topics which are more important than the others and how they will affect your career in later times. Though you may get some of the information from your classmates about how a professor imparts knowledge, it is very difficult for a student to repeat that.

    • Low Attendance

    Yes, it is a very important thing that you will definitely want in your post-graduation. Low attendance will not just result in a deduction of marks, it will also reduce your chances of taking the final exams. There are many colleges where some percentage of minimum attendance is required for a student to be eligible for the semester examinations. Hence, be careful with the number of lectures that you miss and keep a record of your attendance.

    • Miss out on Golden Opportunities

    It is not just the study part but also various other opportunities that wait for you in the classroom. Meeting new friends, exploring new ideas, and evaluating the perspectives of others to get a better understanding of complex situations are a few of them.

    Universities like BMU have a fantastic classroom atmosphere for their MBA courses which not only impart knowledge among their students but also groom them for the upcoming opportunities in the corporate world. If you are an MBA student, then lectures hold much more important as you get to present your ideas and learn the ways of the corporate world through their highly qualified and experienced faculty.

    • Grades Will Affect

    An unavoidable effect of missing lectures, low grades comes as a realization turned into a regret at the end of the semester. You missed classes when you were supposed to give presentations or involve in other class activities causing a deduction in your marks. You will also not feel prepared for your exams due to the skipped lectures.

    Overall, the lectures that you felt were not important turn out to be quite significant when it comes to getting knowledge about the course through a qualified faculty.

    • Wasted Money

    How will I waste money by not attending lectures in college? You must be thinking of this question after reading the point. Well, let us clarify this confusion for you. As you know that the fees that you pay in a college are quite high and if you calculate the amount that one day in college costs, you will be surprised to record the figures.

    Moreover, the time and money that you spend in movies and cafés while skipping the lectures are also not less. So instead of wasting money, start investing in your education by attending the lectures.

    Now that you know the consequences of missed lectures, we hope you will try to dedicate your time to your class now. Skipping lectures due to some important thing is fine and you can also do it for hanging out with friends a few times. However, don’t make it a habit that you may regret in the long run.

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