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    Workshop on Management
    by bml-blog December 11, 2017

    How to manage multiple challenges as an academic

    Workshop content: How to juggle multiple expectations from teaching, publishing in leading journals, applying for research grants etc., in an effort to manage your career development.

    Facilitator: Prof Pawan Budhwar

    Joint Director of the Aston India Centre for Applied Research and Joint Co-Editor-in-Chief of British Journal of Management, Dr Pawan Budhwar is globally renowned for his research on the international aspects of HRM. Apart from holding many visiting professorships worldwide, he has received funding from a variety of agencies such as the ESRC, Society for HRM (USA), British Academy, and ERDF. 

    Dr Pawan Budhwar’s research interests lie mainly in the linkages between HRM and performance in different international contexts. He conducts the majority of his empirical work in emerging markets, especially in India, where there is a scarcity of research in the field within this context. He has examined HRM systems in emerging markets and established links with social, cultural, political and legal contexts, and this work is increasingly being referenced by other researchers.

    Venue: BMU campus (Gurugram)

    Duration: Three hours

    Date: Friday 15 December 2017

    Fee: None

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