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    Your Cheat Sheet to Ace any MBA Examination
    by bml-blog December 14, 2017

    MBA is the most sought-after master’s degree in business administration. The multiple areas of business are introduced to the students in the MBA program such as marketing, finance, operation management, accounting, human resources, etc. Preparing to ace any MBA examination is a tedious task. It involves a logical and analytical frame of mind, regular practice, and time management. Here are some tips which you can follow to ace any MBA entrance examination and get admission to one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi.

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    • Build Your Basics

    In the first 2-3 months of preparation, focus on the few basic concepts you need to be familiar with for taking any MBA exam. Building the basics should be the first step according to many toppers as it ensures a complete understanding of the syllabus and makes preparation much easy.

    • Solve Practice Questions and Sectional Mocks

    Even before you start preparing, it is very beneficial to solve practice questions online. There are many MBA-related questions available on websites like Brilliant.org and MBAUniverse.com. Also, if you find that you are weak in a particular section, you should practice sectional mock tests as much as possible. You should strictly follow the sectional time limits. If a specific topic is challenging, then only should you go and study it from the basics.

    • Overcome the Weakness

    One of the most vital preparation tips is to overcome weaknesses in relevant topics and improve accuracy and speed. You can easily overcome the weakness by focussing more on your strengths. Try to first solve the types of questions during your preparation on which you could further improve your accuracy level. Other than that, regularly reading the English newspapers especially the editorial part and English magazines improve your vocabulary and reading speed. Doing this will help you to easily solve more questions in sections like Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension.

    • Find Out More Than One Way to Solve Questions

    During your preparation for any MBA exam, you should look for more than one way to attempt and crack the questions with accuracy. After you complete studying for a particular topic and plan to attempt some practice questions on the topic, you should develop your own way to solve the question instead of following the suggested solution. This makes you learn many quicker and shorter ways to solve questions.

    • Use Your Habits and Hobbies as Preparation Tool

    Your hobbies and childhood habits can easily become a useful examination preparation tool. For example, if your hobby is solving crossword puzzles, doing that will help you to crack VARC questions faster. Other than that, the analogy or Data related puzzles would benefit you to crack DI questions; your interest in Riddles based on clocks, direction sense, blood relations, and other topics will lead to a great score in LR questions. Accordingly, MBA aspirants can also find the ways and means to put their hobbies as part of the preparation strategy.

    • Stay Motivated

    Developing a sense of motivating interest is crucial to nail an MBA examination. You need to have a genuine sense of interest and curiosity in your syllabus to learn and perform well in exams. Without that sense of motivation, your study material may come to seem like a boring as well as a meaningless chore. In that case, you may even have difficulty recalling what you studied and heard in your lectures, irrespective of what study methods you employ. Attempt to find a personal sense of purpose and areas of interest in all your courses. You must take charge of developing your own interest in what you are studying.

    While preparing for MBA, some candidates miss out on some of the most important things, and those hamper their performance. Thus, referring to this cheat sheet can help you clear your next MBA entrance test on the first attempt and get admission to one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi. We at BMU not only promise a great learning experience but also ensure a productive career.

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