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B.Tech Computer Science Syllabus

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  • The B.Tech Computer Science (CS) syllabus of BMU aims to introduce the fundamentals of computer operations and design by an innovative curriculum that provides knowledge about computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks, and machine learning to make sure that students are well equipped to soundly understand and fulfil the emerging requirements of the computing industry.

    The course structure is strategically designed to develop a receptive mindset and develop complex problem-solving skills to understand real-time computing problems with a solution-oriented approach.

    The CS course focuses on the practical study of artificial intelligence, data mining, cyber security and network structures to provide not just efficient but also reliable and sustainable computer solutions to solve complex computing problems.

    The course also provides practical education through Practice School program, which is beneficial for honing the technical knowledge and application skills of students in computer science subjects. Students get first-hand experience about the technological dynamics and corporate workflow of their study domain and turn into industry-ready professionals by the end of their course.

    The course seeks to foster leadership qualities among students by imparting management skills along with critical thinking and social skills to help them develop into competent professionals with well-rounded personalities.


    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveJoy of Engineering1022
    SkillCommunicating and Presenting Skills2023
    FoundationWorkshop Practice1043
    FoundationComputing Fundamentals & C3024
    Semester Total Credits23

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveWorld Civilizations2002
    FoundationData Structures3024
    SkillWriting Skills2023
    FoundationEnvironmental Studies3003
    FoundationBasic Electrical and Electronics Practice2023
    Semester Total Credits23
    InternshipPractice School -I1

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveCritical Reasoning & Systems Thinking2002
    FoundationEngineering Drawing & Computer Aided Graphics1043
    SkillEtiquette and Conversational Skills2002
    CoreComputer Organization and Architecture3024
    CoreDiscrete Mathematics3003
    CoreFundamentals of Digital Logic2124
    Semester Total Credits22

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveEmerging Life Sciences2002
    FoundationEmerging Material Science and Applications3003
    CoreObject Oriented Programming3024
    CoreData Base Management Systems3024
    CoreComputer Networks2023
    CoreDesign and Analysis of Algorithms3024
    CoreOperating Systems2023
    Semester Total Credits23
    InternshipPractice School -II6

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveUnderstanding Business2002
    SkillSelling, Negotiating, and Persuading Skills2002
    CoreSoftware Engineering3024
    CoreOptimization Techniques3024
    CoreArtificial Intelligence3024
    CoreTheory of Computation2103
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits22

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveContemporary Challenges: Social and Political2002
    Open Elective3003
    CoreMachine Learning and Data Mining3024
    CoreImage Processing3024
    CoreCompiler Design3104
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits23

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    PerspectiveInnovation and Entrepreneurship2002
    PerspectiveGood Citizenry2002
    Open Elective3003
    CoreDistributed Systems3024
    Core Elective3003
    Core Elective3003
    Core Elective3003
    Semester Total Credits20

    CategoryCourse TitleLTPTC
    InternshipPractice School-III18
    Semester Total Credits18

    Course Title
    Internet of Things
    Mobile Architecture and Programming
    Information Retrieval
    NLP & Text Analytics
    Advanced Analysis & Design of Algorithms
    Soft Computing and Optimization
    Cloud Computing
    Data Visualization
    Data Warehousing
    Big Data Analytics
    Advanced Database Management Systems
    High Performance Computing
    Computer Graphics & Animation
    Wireless Sensor Networks
    Host Computer Security
    Cyber Network Security
    Security Attacks and Defenses
    Information Security
    Human Computer Interaction

    Please Note: The course curriculum is subject to revision.

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