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    5 Ways to Make Yourself Recession Proof
    by bml-blog January 29, 2018

    Due to the uncertainty of the future and having witnessed the economic slowdown in the recent past, it is always a promising idea to back yourself up in case such an event happens again. Fear of recession, massive layoffs, or job cuts is natural and can haunt any professional. Students who are getting into college with dreams to conquer must be aware of this reality, and equip themselves accordingly to safeguard their careers.

    Make Yourself Recession Proof

    There are many ways you can prepare yourself for the future, especially when it comes to your career. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make it possible and eliminate risk from your career Below are 5 ways that can help make you recession-proof.

    1. Earn an MBA degree that Makes You Ready for The Industry

    Let’s face it! Lack of quality education is one of the reasons professionals for layoffs from an organization. Sustaining and growing in your career when you get into an organization is a requisite. An industry-aligned MBA program will equip you with the skills necessary for working in a corporate environment and give you the required edge over other candidates. We at BML Munjal University offer MBA across various specializations and have active collaboration with industry leaders. Our MBA program(s) equip you so that you can combat any corporate challenge. Students who hone their skills and pursue an industry-aligned MBA course will effectively protect themselves against recession. Check out the MBA eligibility requirement for various specializations and apply for one that aligns with your interest. Quality education will lead to more opportunities to your way with better compensation. Choosing an in-demand career will better your chances of surviving an event of a recession.

    1. Build Your Network

    In today’s world everything is digitally possible, and so is networking. One of the biggest mistakes some professionals commit is that they wait till they are unemployed before they begin networking. Maintaining visibility among your circle and expanding it gradually is extremely important. In case of a recession or a layoff, you can always switch jobs if you have good trustable contacts. Always remember that networking is about building relationships, and picking up opportunities

    1. Keep Upgrading Your Skills

    Before you start upgrading your skills, you need to know where you are lacking. It does not matter if you are poor at interviewing, or are a shy public speaker; as long as you take active measures to improve your skills. By adding upgraded skills to your repertoire, you will be confident and enhance your job opportunities.

    1. Learn to Work Hard

    Competing in a similar environment with professionals who have similar credentials is going to be tough, especially in a recession period. However, if you have pursued an MBA degree that puts you ahead of the competition as far as credentials are concerned, you will be in a better position to tackle the massive layoffs. The only thing that sets apart two people with similar credentials is their ability to work hard and be smart.

    1. Have a Positive Mindset

    By thinking about the present and now, and keeping negative thoughts and possibilities at bay, you will give yourself the room to grow and develop in your career. Instead of being fearful about the future, cultivate round-the-clock positivity to advance in your career. In the most difficult of situations, having a positive mindset will help you combat those conditions.

    Remember, equipping yourself with the necessary skills and being at the forefront of your career will help you tackle any situation. By taking the steps mentioned above, you will not only put your fears aside but also give yourself ample opportunities for a fruitful career. Being prepared for the future will help you tackle any situation that may arise because of the economic slowdown.

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