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Pros of Getting a Degree in Civil Engineering
by bml-blog January 29, 2018

A modern society cannot function without civil engineers making their role highly significant. From canals to airports and residential to commercial projects, civil engineers overlook the design and development of infrastructure around us. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering and has evergreen career prospects. A highly rewarding branch of engineering, it is a perfect career option for students who want to leave their mark in the world.


Today, with technological advancements, a civil engineer has a diverse set of challenges then what was a couple of decades ago. The constant innovation and availability of sophisticated technology are leading civil engineering towards a new dawn of sustainable growth.

Getting a bachelors degree in civil engineering is highly beneficial from many perspectives. Here is a closer look at the benefits one can avail in their career if they pursue civil engineering.


A Chance to Bring a Change in the Nation

Civil engineers essentially plan, design and direct the construction and maintenance of infrastructure viz. bridges, buildings, roads, airports, pipelines, wastewater systems, canals, dams and several other types of facilities. As a civil engineer, a student who wants to improve the infrastructure can apply their knowledge and be a part of developing their country. Whether it is sustainable development or evolution of design, a civil engineer can contribute their education in a way that leaves a substantial environmental impact. Students who want to contribute to upholding and sustaining their nation’s international competitiveness can consider a career in civil engineering.

Job Prospects

The rapid increase in urbanization is leading the way to exciting job opportunities for civil engineers. With so many projects in both residential and commercial sector, there is no dearth of jobs. There are job offers from high profile international and national developers, and the career prospects will only rise. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities for civil engineering graduates in the government sector and a chance to change the public infrastructure for good.

Future Career Prospects

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering will get students a job. However, it will also open gates to exciting future career prospects. Students can focus on areas of specialization basis their personal interest and then pursue a post-graduate degree in that field. A civil engineering graduate can take up the following roles and advance in their career accordingly:

  • Structural Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Waste Treatment Engineer
  • Water Management Engineer
  • Construction Managers

Civil engineers also hold managerial positions where they take charge of the administration of projects while still working on research and design.

Exciting Work Environment

Civil engineering as a career suits student who wants to spend a maximum of their time working outdoors. Yes, there will be time spent in the office during planning, strategizing and reporting, but mostly the graduate will be involved in fieldwork. Working at a site, overlooking operations, monitoring buildings and projects, tackling issues while on the road is exciting and challenging at the same time. Students who want to break free from the idea of working in an office can choose civil engineering as a career option.

Civil engineering is an evergreen branch of engineering with illustrious career prospects. A student with a passion towards physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology must consider among different civil engineering courses. We, at BML Munjal University, offer civil engineering courses that are aligned with the needs of the industry. With our unique pedagogy, focus on hands-on experience, we aim to impart education and prepare students for life and not just exams.

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