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    B.Tech vs BCA – Which one is better?

    by BML Munjal University December 9, 2023

    With your school chapter about to end, are you at the crossroads of thinking about which technical stream to pursue?

    It is one of the most common scenarios where technology-inspired students are unable to decide between B.Tech vs. BCA.


    Though the two aren’t comparable in terms of course structure and tenure, there are a few similarities between them, which generally contributes to this never-ending confusion.

    B.Tech stands for Bachelor in Technology is an engineering course and as for BCA, which stands for Bachelor in Computer Applications, is a degree course.

    But that is not enough – it is important for you to understand the intricacies of both before you hastily decide something.

    And to have you covered here is a comparative study of both these technical streams which can help you arrive at a decision. So let’s get started!

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    What is BCA?

    It is a 3-year degree course which imparts knowledge about computer applications.

    The syllabus throughout the tenure of the course consists of subjects such as various computer languages, database management, logical analysis, software design, and operating systems.

    Currently, several universities spread across the country offer this course as it has emerged to be very popular within the past few years.

    Scope of BCA and the job prospects

    The most effective step after BCA should be to pursue its master degree MCA. However, you can also look for jobs in the IT sector.

    After completion of the course you might be hired for roles such as a junior programmer or a software tester initially, and then with your hard work, you can easily reach the rank of senior programmer.

    As the IT industry in India is booming, it would not be difficult to find vacancies in the IT industry. While the BCA course will offer you insights into the newest trends in technology, it is advisable to pursue your MCA rather than accepting any of the jobs offers you will get during your campus recruitment.

    Eligibility of BCA

    Aspirants having 50 % marks and English and Mathematics as compulsory subjects in their plus two examinations are eligible to take admission in this course

    What is B.Tech?

    The B.Tech course lasts for 4 years, and during this tenure, you will be getting knowledge about the technology industry.

    While during the first 2 years the course of the syllabus would be same for every student, after that they would have specialized learning on streams like computer science, electrical, mechanical, civil etc.

    The course involves imparting both theoretical and practical concepts to the students. Even the B.Tech syllabus has a few topics in common with that of BCA’s, like the topic database management system.

    The scope and job prospect of B.Tech

    This is not recent news that quality engineers are in demand across a ton of sectors, be it banking, aviation, or manufacturing and aviation.

    You would be offered job roles not only within the borders of your country but also abroad as India is a major outsourcing hub of engineers for the US and UK.

    The growth pace of this industry is quite high, and within the next few years, it would probably achieve new heights.

    You would be recruited for responsibilities such as:

    • Junior software engineer
    • Research analysts
    • Software trainee engineers

    Eligibility of B.Tech

    You will have to sit and qualify for engineering entrance examinations to be qualified for admission into various institutes. Also, you have to secure at least 10+2 exams to be eligible.

    How is BCA different from B.Tech?

    Here are the contrasting factors found between the two:

    • In BCA, the student would be offered profound knowledge about programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP and also scripting topics. But the B.Tech graduate will be adept in both hardware and software topics.
    • BCA offers you knowledge about the application level of computers. Whereas if you study B.Tech, you will turn out to be a pro in technicalities.
    • Already mentioned, B.Tech is a 4-year program, and BCA is a 3-year degree course.
    • To get admission in colleges offering the course of B.Tech you will have to pass various entrance examinations, like JEE. Almost every reputed college of this country demands the score of at least one entrance exam. On the other hand, some BCA colleges might not require you to pass any entrance exams before admission. As for top colleges, they do conduct an entrance exam which involves simple questions of mathematics, logical reasoning, mental ability, and vocabulary.
    • The course of BCA is not specialized; all the students will go on with the same syllabus. In the case of B.Tech, you have the provision of choosing specializations like computer science engineering, civil engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc.
    • Just owning good scores in JEE would not make you eligible for admission in any B.Tech college; you need to score 50% in PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) as well.
    • The syllabus of B.Tech is more comprehensive and professionally valued, as it covers more topics within the tenure. But the course of BCA does not only confine to software languages, but it also touches topics of management quality.
    • Although BCA enables the aspirants to be ready for the IT industry, it is best suited for those who want to pursue higher studies. Talking about B.Tech, opens the way to various multinational corps as the scope is very high.

    Which is better between B.Tech and BCA?

    Both have equal importance, and thereby you should pursue the course which excites you. If you have planned higher studies, then choose BCA without thinking much.

    For example, you will be eligible for pursuing a PhD within 5 years (3 years BCA+2 years MCA) with the BCA option. As for B.Tech, you will have to spend a minimum of 6 years, and only after that, you can look forward to pursuing PhD.

    But, if we discuss the knowledge an aspirant would garner throughout the tenure of the course, then undoubtedly B.Tech gets all the votes.

    BCA only provides knowledge about a few programming languages, but if you look closely at the course material of B.Tech, you will find that it covers all the important topics of software and hardware.

    The course structure is vast and enriching, and it enables you to be industry-ready.

    Considering your in-depth knowledge, you would also be getting job offers from various recruitment firms. Future scope-wise, B.Tech is definitely better than BCA, and it will also provide you with fat salaried professional responsibilities

    You can still go for BCA, but the job opportunities you will get would not be of higher ranks, and therefore you need to pursue MCA before taking up a job.

    Now as for the course fee, the fee of BCA is much less compared to B.Tech because to match the B.Tech degree a BCA graduate requires doing another additional course, MCA.

    If you think it otherwise, the combined cost of BCA and MCA is greater than B.Tech, so do not let the figures fool you.

    You can certainly check our curriculum if you are interested in doing B.Tech as BMU is mentored by Imperial College London and the same reflects in our curriculum.

    The thing you would find unique about BMU is definitely our state-of-the-art labs built in collaboration with various tech giants like Siemens, IBM, Shell, and Intel. These labs are built with the intention of offering our students hands-on experience of the industry from their very first day.

    Final Thoughts

    So choose the program that you believe will help you realize your dreams; and of course, don’t forget to choose the best institution to start your bright career with.

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    knmodifoundation says:

    Hi…the information shared about the difference between BCA and Btech is very nice …keep posting these kind of information so that students can decide which course should choose and like courses please share about the details of the too. it would be very useful for all .

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