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    How to crack the MBA entrance exams?
    by bml-blog June 29, 2017

    Getting into a good MBA college means cracking the entrance tests with good marks, and that requires a lot of hard work to be done. Every year, there are thousands of aspirants aspiring to get admission in one of the best MBA colleges in the country, but that requires a proper strategy as well as planning for cracking the different MBA entrance exams like CAT, IIFT, IRMA, etc.

    Some of the tips to crack MBA entrance exams are:

    1. Clear the basic concepts: Proper understanding of the basic concepts is very important. Most people just focus on preparing and practicing more complex and difficult problems. However, this does not help them in any way because the questions which are mostly asked in the exams are based on the basic formulas. And while preparing for complex questions, students often overlook the basic formulas.
    2. Create shortcuts wherever possible: Try to solve the problems unconventionally with the best shortcuts possible. Develop your own style of approaching problems. Solving a problem in a conventional method is really not recommended for the MBA entrance exam aspirants because it can create a problem with time management too.
    3. Learn from your mistakes: Pay your full attention while practicing with the questions. Try to examine every question whether right or wrong from all prospects. If a question goes wrong, then try to figure out what mistake you have made and the right approach to solve it. Even if a question is right, then try to examine how you approached that problem to improve your speed and accuracy.
    4. Be your own competitor: Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Be your own competitor and try to set your own benchmarks and work hard to cross those benchmarks. Compare your performance with your own past performances, and try to figure out whether it has improved over time or not. Try to figure out the associated problem if you do not see any kind of progress.
    5. Don’t rely on long useless formulas: Avoid trying to grasp the useless formulas that are really long and of no real use in the exam.
    6. Preparation needs time: Start preparing for the MBA entrance exams well before time. If you are thinking to start the preparation just a week or two before the exam, then you are totally mistaken because the preparation for the MBA entrance exam needs dedicated time.
    7. Opt for online Mock tests: Practice is the most important factor for any entrance exam. Moreover, analyzing performance from your practice is equally important. Therefore, try to opt for online mock tests where you can get enough material for practice and a thorough analysis of your performance with knowledge about the weaker section you need to focus on.
    8. Go for the previous year’s papers: Try to solve question papers from the previous years to get knowledge about the questions asked in the previous year’s exams. Practicing these questions will build up your speed and confidence.

    Success comes with consistent dedication and hard work. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cracking any exam. So, it is better to find ways that you think may help you crack the MBA entrance exams.

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