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    One Degree, Double the Impact: Integrated MBA After 12th

    by BML Munjal University April 27, 2024

    In the era of cut-throat competition, all companies, regardless of size, are looking for skilled and knowledgeable graduates with a variety of abilities. Leadership, managerial skills, financial knowledge, and analytical abilities are just a few of the many important qualities being pursued. Those who have mastered these skills typically earn much more than their counterparts who haven’t focused on developing their abilities. The importance of acquiring skills highlights the crucial role that prepared graduates have in enhancing organisational success and competitiveness in today’s business world.

    We all know that only the MBA programme offers the combination of these practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and industry-specific specialisations and prepares us for prosperous career opportunities in the business world.

    Now the question arises: Can only university graduates pursue the MBA, or is there any way that higher secondary graduates can also pursue that? Students can pursue an Integrated MBA after 12th and become confident, strategic, and adaptable professionals, ready to excel in diverse leadership roles and make meaningful contributions to the business world. Are you pursuing the 12th, or have you just completed it? Are you thinking of pursuing an integrated MBA after 12th? Let’s go through its details below. 

    What is an Integrated MBA? 

    The Integrated MBA, which can be pursued after the 12th, makes students knowledgeable and skilled professionals who earn both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration. The total course duration is 5 years, providing a seamless academic journey. The programme is created for students who have graduated from class 12 and aspire to have a thriving career in business management. 

    Integrated MBA Eligibility

    Each institute sets its eligibility criteria, considering various factors, including academic performance, board affiliation, educational background, standardised tests, etc. However, according to the standard Integrated MBA after 12th eligibility requirements, students taking their 12th-grade exams from Boards affiliated with COBSE or National or International Boards recognised by AIU are eligible to apply if they have achieved a minimum of 60% in their exams.

    BBA -MBA Curriculum

    The curriculum of Integrated BBA-MBA not only teaches students foundational business concepts and management principles but also provides them with opportunities to develop practical skills, critical thinking abilities, and leadership qualities essential for success in the dynamic business world. The common BBA-MBA curriculum encompasses the following prominent subjects:

    • Business Communication
    • Business Organisation and Principles of Management 
    • Business Statistics 
    • Business Law 
    • Financial Management 
    • Core: Marketing Management (4 credits)
    • Organisational Behaviour 
    • Operations Management
    • International Business Managemen
    • Managerial Accounting 

    And more!

    Such BBA-MBA subjects teach students essential business theories, management strategies, and practical skills necessary for facing and solving complex organisational challenges and fostering sustainable growth in diverse industries.

    University graduates who are looking forward to enrolling in top business schools need not worry. The MBA Admission 2024 process is currently in progress, and students who wish to secure a spot in top management schools should start preparing for the entrance exams, group discussions, and interviews. 

    Pursuing a career-oriented course is vital; pursuing it from an acclaimed university is even more important. BML Munjal University offers Integrated BBA-MBA and other specialised programmes, providing students with comprehensive education, industry exposure, and opportunities for holistic development.

    Fast Track Your Career with Integrated BBA-MBA Course at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    BML Munjal University is an esteemed university that aims to revolutionise higher education in India by establishing a cutting-edge, innovation-driven teaching, learning, and research ecosystem.

    The School of Management (SoM) at BML Munjal University offers a BBA-MBA Integrated programme designed to produce exceptional business administration experts. The programme spans five years and provides students with a strong grounding in management starting immediately after high school. This programme offers a variety of interdisciplinary specialisations, giving students a solid foundation in leadership, management, and entrepreneurship.

    The BBA-MBA integrated course, developed in partnership with Imperial College, London, prepares students to assume leadership roles in future workplaces that are focused on sustainability and growth.

    Specialisation offered: 

    • Business Analytics
    • Digital Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Strategy

    By choosing two specialisations, individuals can obtain dual Specialisation.

    Every one of these areas of focus contributes to establishing a truly worldwide educational base for our students. Graduates of BMU business school leave with a deep understanding of how to make crucial business decisions as leaders on a global scale.

    Levelling-Up your Business Game

    An Integrated MBA after 12th can transform individuals for a wide range of leadership roles and career opportunities in the business world. Every organisation today requires skilled graduates with leadership, management, financial, and analytical skills who earn higher salaries. The Integrated MBA after the 12th programme offers these skills, theoretical knowledge, and industry specialisations, preparing for career success in 5 years. BML Munjal University offers a comprehensive education and industry exposure with its BBA-MBA. Enrol in the Integrated programme now and achieve your desired success in the best possible way.

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