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    Is Burning the Night Oil the Right Approach to Score Well?

    by BML Munjal University January 8, 2018

    Preparing for exams has always been considered an uphill battle, and while competing in this battle to win the perfect score, students tend to lose their sleep many times. This tendency not only stays with students until their school time but goes on to become a habit even during their post-graduation exams.

    Now, if you agree to this fact and are also burning the night oil to score well for your admission to MBA, it is time to understand whether it is the right approach or not?

    to score well

    Getting an MBA degree from a reputed university like BMU is no less than a bonus point for a progressive career. Whether you are preparing for MBA in Marketing or MBA in finance, losing sleep and burning the midnight oil to get past the exams is not the right approach. Without proper sleep, students cannot utilize their skills to score well in exams.

    In this article, you will get to learn how less sleep can adversely affect not just your results but your health as well. Furthermore, we will also discuss the right approach to score well in your exams. Keep Reading!

    How Sleep Deprivation Impacts Health?
    Here are some of the impacts of sleep deprivation on your health:

    • Stress

    When you do not get enough sleep, your body starts releasing stress hormones. The stress then starts affecting your behavior and concentration power making you feel distressed and sad.

    • Poor Decisions

    Sleep is the time when your brain gets the time to relax and revitalize its functions. In the case of sleep deprivation, the decision-making part of your brain does not perform well, and this leads to poor decisions.

    • Depression

    A regular disturbance in sleeping order is related to insomnia which again is linked with depression. Therefore, you must try to take proper sleep and gives your body proper rest for rejuvenation.

    • Weight Gain

    Less sleep not only affects your mental health but also has a bad impact on your body and weight gain is one such physical impact of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation creates a disorder in your hormones and you end up overeating, thus gaining more weight over time.

    Apart from the above-listed impacts, other side effects are twitchy eyes, moodiness, lower immunity, and high blood pressure to name a few. Therefore, burning the night oil should not be a regular habit while you are on your way to score well.

    The Right Approach
    Now that you know that sacrificing your night’s sleep is not the right way to score well, you should begin focusing on other important points that can help you get good marks. Here is the right approach for better results:

    • Focus on Fundamentals

    If your basic concepts are clear then you can handle any complex problem, therefore, focus on your fundamentals and apply that knowledge to the larger issue for solutions. Strong fundamentals will also enhance your confidence which is one of the most important traits you need if you are pursuing an MBA in Marketing.

    • Work on Your Weaknesses and Sharpen Your Strengths

    Another way to excel is to determine your strengths and weaknesses to overcome them effectively. Once you take various quizzes and mock tests during your practice, you can understand which part of the subjects needs more attention and which seems quite easy for you. After that, you can devote adequate time to working and strengthening those areas for a perfect score.

    • Practice and Revise

    Devote sufficient time to practice and revise. This will not just make you accurate but will also enhance your performance and speed for the final exams.

    • Healthy Lifestyle

    A healthy body and mind can help you get a healthy score. Hence, sleep well, eat good and exercise regularly while you study hard for the exams.

    Handling exams is quite difficult but compromising on your health is also not the right way to score well. Hence, students must learn to create a balance between their educational pressure and a healthy lifestyle. Once they achieve this balance, they will not just ace their exams but also get ready for their future career challenges.

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