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    Scope of BA Economics in India

    by BML Munjal University July 7, 2021

    It was a time when a student interested in commerce courses opted for BCom. But with time, the mindset of people and the industry requirement has changed. As a result, courses like BA in Economics have come up with great prospects for the students.

    So, for a student who has a knack for studying the economies of a nation, the principles of economics, the various strategies, and their implementations, BA economics is the best course for them.

    A student who has studied economics in India is of great value professionally as the country’s economy is in dire need of them.

    BA-Salary-in India

    Previously it was thought that mainly the bank aspirants would study economics. Still, currently, there are many options for a BA economics (Hons) student to flourish in their career.


    Here are some top career options after completing BA Economics-

    • Finance and Budget Analyst- A finance and budget analyst is a person who works for companies in different fields. They work with spreadsheets, data, tables and calculate an accurate analysis of any investment, business, even small organizations.
    • Banker- A banker is a person who gets associated with banks as a professional and communicates with the people regularly, and helps them create bank accounts, fixed deposits, investments, and other banking activities.
    • Market Analyst- The market analysts’ study and research the competitiveness of a product or service in a market and suggest to the companies which product or service to sell, whom to sell, and what price to sell.
    • Economist- Being an economist is a reputed job profile where the professionals need to find the relationships between a nation’s economy and resources and the production and output. Economists can work in small and mid-level companies to a global level as a whole.
    • Business or Economic Writer/Journalist – This is another great career option for those who love writing. The economic writers or journalists work on several projects such as reports, dissertations, research projects, essays, and others.
    • Investment Administrator and Analyst – These are among the most important individuals who offer suggestions to the investment companies and their consumers.
    • Sales Executive or Analyst – While a sales executive is someone who deals with direct sales, sales analysts are those individuals who analyze sales data, market trends, and others.
    • Human Resources – Human Resources is the most important department of any company. The HR team is responsible for recruitment, employee grievance handling, and many other responsibilities in the company.
    • Operations Manager – An operations manager deals with the monitoring and analysis of the process of production or the activities that are taking place in any organization.
    • Civil Services – Civil Services is another sector that offers a good remuneration to the candidates. Candidates applying for the civil services get into positions such as IAS and other decision-making officials.
    • Indian Statistical Services – ISS is also a part of civil services but under Group A.
    • Government Banks – Candidates who have pursued an education in BA Economics can apply for Government bank jobs and appear for the competitive exams for such jobs. There are several positions to apply for, such as the bank manager, PO, and many others.
    • MA in Economics – If you have been pursuing Bachelors in Arts, you can get Economics as your specialized subject when pursuing a Master in Arts. Many candidates who pursue an education in MA economics can go up for career opportunities such as financial analysts, research analysts, economists, and many others, depending upon their interests.
    • Sc in Economics – Like Arts, if you have pursued B.Sc or Bachelors in Science, you can pursue Masters in Science or M.Sc. You can take up economics as your specialization even when you are pursuing higher education in science.
    • Com – While you can specialize in Economics with MA or M.Sc, the subject is an important part of pursuing commerce. If you are interested in the subject of Economics and other commercial subjects, you can pursue M.Com.
    • MBA / PGDM – MBA is the most trending course that candidates are going for currently. Candidates can pursue MBA in economics and move ahead in the career of finances and other economic fields.
    • LLB – Candidates pursuing BA in economics can also take up LLB and pursue their course to ultimately become a corporate lawyer in firms. The main responsibility of the corporate lawyer is to understand the financial, economic, and operational activities and deal with the controversies or that would take place. These lawyers are also there to take care of the compliances and other regulatory norms of the company.
    • Ed – Not everyone would wish to go for a corporate job or in the main field after pursuing education in the subject of economics. Some such candidates may wish to move ahead with the career of teaching. Economics is a vast subject and can be merged with different streams. Pursuing the course of B.Ed can help the candidates in taking up teaching to impart education to students of different streams.

    Average Salary after the completion of BA Economics

    • Finance and Budget Analyst – 3,00,500 – 5,00,000
    • Banker- 3,50,000 – 7,50,000
    • Market Analyst- 4,00,000 – 6,00,000
    • Economist- 3,00,000 – 7,00,000
    • Business or Economic Writer/Journalist- 3,20,000 – 6,50,000
    • Investment Administrator and Analyst- 4,50,000 – 6,00,000
    • Sales Executive or Analyst -2,00,000 – 4,00,000
    • Human Resources- 3,50,000 – 7,50,000
    • Operations Manager- 4,00,000 – 8,00,000


    BA in Economics is a very promising course that can help the students land some lucrative career options. The only criteria are selecting a good college from where a good level of knowledge can be acquired. The students should make a list of colleges as per the requirements and start applying to them.

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