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    The Best MBA Courses Offered by BML Munjal University (BMU)

    by BML Munjal University November 10, 2022

    With a long-term perspective on business education, the best MBA courses at BML Munjal University equip students with the skills necessary for successful careers. The University’s multidisciplinary, application-based curriculum, guided by Imperial College London, offers life skills and practical knowledge through its various MBA courses subjects that enable students to become entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators who can reinvent how the business will be done in the future.

    Collaborations with renowned institutions and businesses, including Singapore Management University, Carleton University, Kent State University, University of California, Berkeley, Aston University, North South University, Loughborough University, CUOA University, University of Warwick, University of North Georgia, University of Michigan-Flint, and Saint Mary’s College of California, further provide an edge to BMU students pursuing the best MBA courses.

    Renowned companies like Siemens, Shell, Intel, and IBM have set up cutting-edge labs on the BMU campus. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, CSIR, CEERI-India, Hero MotoCorp, and other organisations are among BMU’s research partners. Additionally, students enrolled in our best MBA courses have the option of attending Imperial College Business School in London to take the Global Leadership Module.

    About M.B.A. in Business Analytics at BMU

    Business Analytics is a field that focuses on using both explanatory and predictive modelling to analyse data in order to gain insights from the vast amount of available data.

    In contrast to a traditional M.B.A. in Business Management, the M.B.A. in Business Analytics at BMU, one of the best MBA courses, has been developed in cooperation with industry experts to provide students with specialised knowledge and skill sets in a variety of fields, including Marketing, Operations Research, Machine Learning, Statistics, Computer Science, and Data Mining. 

    Additionally, the course’s participants will receive intense, specialised training that will position them for employment in fields like Big Data Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Supply Chain and Operations Analytics, Sales and Retail Analytics, and Econometrics.

    Career Prospects After M.B.A. in Business Analytics

    After completing the course, students can find employment in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom, e-commerce, gaming, sports, energy, oil & gas, and more. As a result, a management student with the right training can work as a business analyst, big data analyst, business intelligence expert, business analyst industry expert, business analyst project manager, data scientist, data analyst, data warehousing expert, data mining expert, SAS programmer, market research analyst, predictive modeller, qualitative analyst, or social media analyst, among other positions.

    About M.B.A. in Finance at BMU

    The understanding of finance is a crucial component of any economy and, in many cases, a defining characteristic of today’s businesses and industries. As a result, students who pursue an M.B.A. in Finance at BMU stand to gain the business and financial skills necessary for a successful career.

    The M.B.A. in Finance, one of the best MBA courses, deconstructs and establishes the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to comprehend investment strategies, regional and global economics, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and corporate risk, securities and portfolio management, and direct and indirect taxation.

    Career Prospects After M.B.A. in Finance

    Both private and public sectors offer a wide range of employment opportunities to course graduates. They will be given a chance to work for any organisation involved in finance or the stock market. In addition, anyone with an M.B.A. finance degree can operate their own company on their own.

    An M.B.A. in Finance can be used to work in a number of different industries, including investment banking, tax preparation, tax planning, financial statement reporting, and analysis. It can also be used to manage hedge funds, work internationally in finance, and manage assets and insurance.

    Accounting Managers, Financial Analyst, Finance, Officers & Treasurers, Chief Financial Officers, Cash Managers, Credit Managers & Specialists, Corporate Controllers, Investment Banking Associates, Investment Bankers, Investing Sales, Traders & Associates, Insurance & Risk Managers, and Manager Consultants are just a few of the several job profiles that are waiting for them.

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    About M.B.A. in Human Resources at BMU

    An HR manager must create opportunities and bring talent, fire and develop talented employees, offer opportunities for professional growth, uphold a positive workplace culture, promote good employee relations, offer meaningful rewards and incentives, and resolve disputes. Additionally, they are responsible for developing, managing, putting into practice, and supervising a variety of policies at all levels and departments. 

    In the end, an HR manager must play a significant part in raising the asset value of the human capital entrusted to them. Therefore, a strong, comprehensive M.B.A. in HRM, like the one provided by BMU and co-designed with Imperial College London, is a perfect choice for anyone because competent HR managers are constantly in demand.

    Career Prospects for M.B.A. HR Graduates

    Candidates who have completed an M.B.A. in Human Resources, one of the best MBA courses, are qualified to work for a variety of multinational corporations, businesses, and organisations. A respectable position and a competitive compensation package are both offered.

    The candidates can work in a variety of roles, including compensation manager, employee relations manager, employment or placement manager, staffing director, HR generalist, personnel manager, payroll specialist, director of HR training and development, technical recruiter, public relations manager, and change consultant.

    About M.B.A. in Marketing at BMU

    M.B.A. Marketing graduates from BMU who have completed all required MBA courses subjects are able to easily adapt and understand their role in the success of a firm. Developing marketing strategies and plans, analysing consumer behaviour and selecting markets, product and brand management, managing distribution, marketing channels and retailing, digital marketing, integrated marketing communications, pricing, and marketing research are some of the primary responsibilities of this post.

    Career Prospects for M.B.A. Marketing Graduates

    After completing M.B.A. Marketing, one of the best MBA courses, students can pursue careers as marketing managers, sales representatives, public relations specialists, management analysts, marketing research analysts, advertising or promotion managers, and sales managers in reputable businesses.

    The graduates have the opportunity to work for retailers, businesses, producers, multinational corporations, nonprofit organisations, the government, and local authorities. Their duties include promoting events, maintaining databases, creating marketing campaigns, planning events, coming up with and presenting ideas and strategies, and analysing data to determine target audiences.

    M.B.A. in Operations Management at BMU

    Operations management has evolved as a field of study and a domain over time. The specialisation covers production management, service operations, supply chain management, logistics management, quality management, operations leadership, business excellence, project management, and operation analytics. This field keeps improving and modernising as the procedures and practices change. The role of an operations manager today is vast, intricate, and multifaceted, essential to any organisation.

    Career Prospects for M.B.A. Operations Management Graduates

    After completing one of the best MBA courses, which is an M.B.A. in Operations Management, BMU students are qualified to apply for jobs as operation managers, operation consultants, supply chain managers, logistic managers, quality managers, project managers, business excellence managers, operation analysts, system managers, manager-plant improvement managers, manager-supplier upgradation managers, and purchase managers.

    In addition to the knowledge and skills they learn, the students also go through a variety of industry-based certification programmes that are mentored by industry professionals and based on industry curriculum, such as Certified Problem Solving Professional, Certified Professional of Data Analysis, Certified Executive of Project Management, etc.

    MBA Courses Subjects Curriculum

    • M.B.A. First Year Syllabus: In the first year, all students take four 8-week modules of common MBA courses subjects, which comprise the required curriculum. 21 core, skill, and perspective courses covering all facets of management make up the first-year syllabus. 
    • M.B.A. Second Year Syllabus: Students enrol in a wide variety of core, skill, and elective MBA courses subjects in the second year. Students have the freedom to expand their knowledge in areas outside of the core through elective courses. They will have the choice of taking courses in operations, marketing, human resources management, finance, and information systems.

    MBA Courses Fees for the MBA Programme at BML Munjal University

    The MBA courses Fees for the session in 2022 is Rs 12.40 Lakhs (excluding the Global Leadership Program and the immersion module).

    Although the MBA courses fees may seem a bit high initially, an M.B.A. programme at BMU is essential for individuals interested in business courses because it advances their careers and allows them to broaden their knowledge of the subject.

    MBA Syllabus MBA Fees MBA
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