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    Automobile Club
    Automobile Club

    The Automobile Club of BMU comprises a group of hardworking individuals who share a common passion-automobiles. Our love for the latest technologies and innovations in the realm of automobiles drives us to endeavor to design and fabricate vehicles of our own. We take part in several competitions like SUPRA SAE, BAJA SAE, ECOCART and many more. Our love for Automobiles also drives us to spread this knowledge and help ignite this passion in others. We organize lectures on Automobiles and their various sub-systems. We also hold workshops to teach some high-end software such as NX10, NX12, Solidworks, Lotus Shark, ANSYS, SimScale, etc. We provide various opportunities to both mechanical and electrical engineers.

    SAE SUPRA: This is India’s biggest formula event conducted by the society of automotive engineering. SUPRA SAE is a competition where teams have to design, simulate and fabricate a Formula-type car. The 1st round of the selection process includes presenting a CAD Model of the chassis to a panel of experts. Along with the model, the team is expected to present a brief report of all the other sub-systems in the car such as the Engine, Powertrain, Brakes, Suspension, Steering, and Electrical systems. The main event takes place over a span of a week. The first round is a Technical Inspection where a rigorous check is done by officials to ensure the safety aspect is satisfied. The next rounds are the Brake Test, Noise Test, and Tilt Test. The teams that qualify from there take part in the Endurance Race. We are currently working on this project & it’s our second time into the competition.

    ECO CART: Eco kart is a National Event for students pursuing Engineering Degree or Diploma. The Competition is to design and fabricate a single passenger Kart that is operated via a battery.

    We target to provide skills, encouragement, opportunities, Exposure, knowledge, and hands-on learning experience to the students by integrating them into different projects.

    SAE BAJA: This event is also conducted by the society of automotive engineering. In this event, team should design and manufacture a 4*4 ATV

    Aman Singh

    Aman Singh
    B.Tech 3rd Year

    Aditya Krishna Sai

    Aditya Krishna Sai
    B.Tech 2nd Year

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