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    Fight Club

    Fight Club as an entity is based on the tripod stand of authenticity, enjoyability and safety and therefore you can be rest assured that your health and safety will be our highest priority. Based on your level of fitness and experience you will work have access to beginners, intermediate or advance sessions. Sessions will be an hour long which would include warm up and cool down. A lot of focus will be on improving your technique and your conditioning. Sparring will only be optional and will only be carried out during the advanced sessions and not during any other sessions.

    MMA: Mixed Martial Arts is the worlds fastest growing sport. In an MMA class you get to work on various skills, from standup (boxing) to grappling (wrestling and Jiu Jitsu), you get to put it all together.

    Jiu Jitsu Nogi: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Bjj) is the art of fighting on the ground. BJJ incorporates numerous holds and submissions which when applied properly can even assist a much smaller person control and dominate a larger one. Arguably the most strategic of all martial arts.

    Boxing (Noida): Boxing is also a fantastic workout. Its a sport where one utilizes various muscle groups while simultaneously enhancing cardiovascular endurance. Boxing is a sport of science. If you have never tried Boxing we encourage you to learn this beautiful science.



    Veeresh Choudhary

    Course: B.Tech 2nd Year



    Yennapusala Nithin Reddy

    Course: B.Tech 2nd Year

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