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    B. Tech Engineering Science Specialisations

    • Environmental Science
    • Geospatial Science
    • Materials Sciences
    • Nano Science

    Why BMU

    B. Tech. – Engineering Science is a unique program, which aims to deliver interdisciplinary skills and knowledge to students in their selected fields of specialization. This program has been developed at BMU, and accordingly, BMU is the only private university across the country which offers this program with specialization. The offered specializations include: Environmental Science, Geospatial Science, Materials Science, and Nano Science. These specialization areas are much relevant to the global industry requirements in the era of Automation, Industry 4.0,

    Environmental Science

    • Environmental science is designed on the interdisciplinary platform with understanding the reasons, growing needs, predicting the needs of the futures, mitigation through alternate strategies. The specific goal of the program is to focus on environmental issues such as climate change; air, water & soil pollution; solid waste management; industrial effluents; and sustainable development.
    • The environmental problems can be solved using natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Geophysics, Ecology, Biochemistry and Microbiology along with the most important new technological advances guided by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Big Data. The program would focus on engineering solutions for environmental sustainability & circular economy and regeneration & restoration of natural systems. The students will be trained on theory, modelling, observations and experiments. They will be provided with the skills of engineering, enabling them to come up with technological solutions to the growing human-environment interaction challenges.
    • Engineering Science graduates with environmental science specialization can fulfil the industry requirement for: Resource Management, Environmental Advocacy, Teaching and planning and development, Cutting-edge research, Entrepreneurship.
    • Graduates can work in several government and non-government sectors such as:
      R&D Labs, Corporate sector esp. those in Manufacturing activities, Food processing industries, Refineries, Distilleries and Fertilizer, Construction sector, Environmental advocacy, Health & Safety related organizations, Pollution Control related organizations, Water authority and smart cities and urban planning, Policy making, NGOs, Teaching.

    Geospatial Science

    • Geospatial Science Specialization is fundamental to all the disciplines where the data identified by geographic locations are involved. It deals with the acquisition, management, analysis, display and dissemination of various spatial and non-spatial data.
    • This specialisation deals with the scientific use of geospatial spatial information. It covers the domains of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and its allied fields. This specialisation also aims at providing knowledge on the management and solutions of the real-world problems. The goal of this program is to provide highly qualified and motivated graduate students with sound knowledge in geospatial science and can contribute to sustainable development.
    • Engineering Science graduates with specialisation in Geospatial science can fulfil the industry requirement for Geospatial Scientists, Geospatial Planners and Managers, GIS Engineers and Developers, Surveyors and Analysts, Policy Makers, and many other Geospatial domains related jobs.
    • These graduates can work in several government projects and initiatives such as Smart City Mission, Swachh Bharat Mission, Sagarmala and Bharatmala projects, Digital India and e-governance, Interlinking of rivers, Disaster management etc. They can also work in private sector corporate jobs in IT, Engineering, Consulting, Geospatial companies and other organisations.

    Geospatial Science Specialization | Prospective Companies and Career Prospects:


    National GovernanceRequirementSectors
    Digital IndiaGeospatial ManagersEngineering Services
    Smart CityGeospatial PlannersIT Companies / Software industries
    Watershed ManagementGeospatial ScientistsConsulting
    Inter-linking of RiversAcademicians & ResearchersFinancial Companies
    Smart AgricultureGeo-IT ProfessionalsAcademic Institutions
    Disaster ManagementGIS Engineers & DevelopersResearch Organisations and Laboratories
    Swacch Bharat MissionGeo EntrepreneursGovernment Departments
    SagarmalaGIS Analysts
    Bharatmala, Golden QuadrilateralSurveyors
    Local Level PlanningGeodata Analysts
    Health GIS

    Materials Science

    • Materials have always been the keystone of society. They are playing an increasingly paramount role in our high-tech age, such as self-healing materials, shape-memory alloys, high-entropy-alloys which are used in Hubble space telescope, MARS-Rover etc. Correspondingly, materials scientists and engineers are highly valued and well-paid specialists.
    • Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field and makes a great career choice for students, as several industries of global repute are planning to set-up their R&D and manufacturing hubs in India.
    • Studying B.Tech – Engineering Sciences with Materials Science specialization offers much more than a standard engineering/sciences study. This program has been designed as multidimensional; which encourages interdisciplinary studies, along with perspective-courses, foundation-courses, skill-courses, research-projects, and industry-internships. Students have the freedom to contribute to its growing academic and cultural ethos besides plenty of opportunities for one’s creativity to flourish.
    • These graduates can work in government and non-government industries such as Steel, Aluminum, Aerospace, Automobile, Manufacturing, Electronics, Bio-medical, Solar-cells, Energy-storage, GE-energy, Honeywell, Kennametal, Sandvik, Vedanta Ltd.
    • The graduates can even explore the higher studies and take research as their career in R&D labs.


    Materials Science Specialization | Prospective Companies and Career Prospects:

    IndustryHigher Studies / ResearchEntrepreneurship
    SteelM.S. in Science/ Technology in India or AbroadAerospace
    AluminumResearch career in IndustryAutomobile
    AerospaceR&D labs like DRDOManufacturing
    ManufacturingSolar Cells
    ElectronicsEnergy Storage
    Bio Medical
    Solar Cells
    Energy Storage


    Nano Science

    • Nanoscience and technology are making headway in our lives. Hence, its futuristic vision holds great promise in terms of innovating technology to surmount some of the humongous challenges we face in areas of healthcare, clean water, energy, environment and sustainability. Such developments, demand nanoscientists and nanotechnologists is expected to rise in the future.
    • The program encompasses the study of physical, chemical and biochemical principles of nano-scale systems, imaging and characterization of nanostructures, and applications of nanotechnology. The program envisions holistic and interdisciplinary learning by integrating sciences, electronics and computational sciences, collaborative training and research with industry and government institutions. Additionally, the framework provides a strong background for students who aspire to pursue post-graduate and doctoral level studies in nanoscience and nanotechnology.
    • Engineering Science graduates with specialization in Nano Science can fulfil the industry requirement for Nanotechnologists, academicians and researchers, IT Professionals, Nano-scale design engineers, Technical Support Engineer, Entrepreneur and Sales Engineer.
    • These graduates can work in government and non-government sectors such as: Nano Mission- DST, Make in India, Smart city, Smart Agriculture, Electronics and Semiconductor Industry, Manufacturing, IT Companies/Software industries, Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Teaching, Product based companies (food), Engineering Services, Consulting, Financial Companies, Academic Institutions, Research Organizations and Laboratories and Government Departments.


    Nano Science Specialization | Prospective Companies and Career Prospects:

    Government of IndiaPlacement OpportunitiesSectors
    Nano Mission – DSTNanotechnologistsElectronics and Semiconductors
    Make in IndiaAcademicians & ResearchersManufacturing
    Smart CityIT ProfessionalsIT / Software Industry
    Smart AgricultureNano Scale Design EngineerBiotechnology
    Technical Support EngineerMedical
    Sales EngineerEnvironmental
    Product based companies (Food)
    Engineering Services
    Financial Companies
    Academic Institutions
    Research Organisations and Laboratories
    Government Department

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