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B.A.(Hons.) Economics Syllabus

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    B.A.(Hons.) Economics Syllabus

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    AECCCommunicating and Presenting Skills/ Business Communication23
    CoreMathematics for Economics66
    CoreMicroeconomics I66
    CoreMacroeconomics I66
    CoreStatistics for Economics66

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    AECCEnvironmental Studies and Disaster Management23
    CoreMicroeconomics II66
    CoreMacroeconomics II66
    CoreIndian Economic History66

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    CoreGame Theory66
    CoreMonetary Ecoonomics66
    DSEDiscipline (Economics) Specific Electives66
    SECElectives to be chosen23
    SECElectives to be chosen23
    GEGeneral Elective from Inter Disciplinary filed (Introduction to Psychology)66

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    CoreDevelopment Economics66
    CoreInternational Trade66
    DSEDiscipline (Economics) Specific Electives66
    DSEDiscipline (Economics) Specific Electives66
    SECElectives to be chosen23
    GEGeneral Elective from Inter Disciplinary filed (Philosophy and Logic)66

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    ProjectInternship/ dissertation10

    CategoryCourse TitleCreditHours
    CorePublic Finance66
    DSERegulatory Economics66
    DSEDiscipline (Economics) Specific Electives66
    GEGeneral Elective from Inter Disciplinary filed (Introduction to Sociology)66
    GEGeneral Elective from Inter Disciplinary filed (Political Science)66
    SECElectives to be chosen23

    Introduction to Psychology
    Introduction to Sociology
    Living Literature and Arts
    Philosophy and Logic
    World Civilizations
    Indian Economy
    Political Science
    Social Communication
    Photography and Video Editing
    Indian Culture & Ethos
    Foreign Language
    Contemporary Societal Issues
    Indian Constitution

    Business Communication
    Environmental Studies and Disaster Management

    Critical Reasoning and Systems Thinking
    Data Visualization
    Effective Presentation skills
    Etiquette and Conversational Skills
    Excel Spreadsheet Modelling
    Joy Of Innovation
    Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
    Problem Solving and Consulting Skills
    Quantitative Techniques
    R for Data Engineering
    Resume Writing and Career Skills
    Selling, Negotiating, and Persuading Skills
    Strategic Risk Taking Skills
    Teamwork and Leadership

    Introduction to Predictive Analysis
    Advanced Macroeconomics
    Corporate Finance
    Environmental Economics
    Industrial Organization
    International Finance
    Labor Economics
    Urban Economics
    Corporate Governance
    Economics for Social Sector: Education and Health
    Energy Economics
    Entrepreneurship & New Ventures
    Experimental Economics
    Behavioral Economics
    Time Series Analysis
    Advanced Econometric Analysis
    Health Economics
    Political Economy
    Social Banking & Microfinance

    Foreign Exchange Market
    Fundemental Analysis of stocks
    Financial Risk Management
    Business Tax Procedures
    Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance & Control
    Financial Decision Making
    Frauds in Financial Statements, Insitutions and Products
    Asset Misappropriation & Palm Greasing (Bribery & Corruption)
    Portfolio Mangement

    Family Business Management
    Fundamentals of E-Commerce
    Retail and Distribution Management
    Wealth Mangement
    Brand Management
    Performance Management
    Project Management
    Marketing of Services
    Compensation Management
    Cross-Cultural HRM

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