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B.Com (Hons ) with specialization in Forensic Accounting & Fraud

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    B.Com (Hons ) with specialization in Forensic Accounting & Fraud

    The drastic increase in global financial fraud incidences has resulted in an increased need for professionals having knowledge base to investigate and report on financial scams. This specialization in Forensic Accounting & Corporate Fraud will help you develop familiarity with forensic accountant’s role and responsibility in formulating robust internal control processes, and knowledge of the legal and compliance system, investigating financial statement frauds, with courses like Frauds in Financial Statements, Institutions and Products, Asset Misappropriation, Cyber Security and Frauds.

    So, if you have a penchant for accounting and investigation, have your intellectual juices flowing when it comes to solving mystery, and are up for a course that will involve gathering information, discovery and reporting frauds, this track is for you!

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