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    Lead the Path of Corporate Mastery with a Bachelor of Business Administration

    by BML Munjal University May 21, 2024

    When we typically envision individuals with a business degree, we often conjure images of a glamorous lifestyle filled with suits and ties. We envision them at the helm of renowned corporations, always strategizing for the next big market move. And truth be told, this perception is quite fitting! However, professionals in this realm come in diverse forms. They can be visible at the forefront or working behind the scenes yet consistently ensure smooth operations.

    Obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is widely regarded as one of the wisest career decisions, offering numerous benefits. Suppose you possess strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities and choose to hone these skills through a business administration degree. In that case, you may soon find yourself among prominent corporate figures.  Therefore, if you’re considering your options for higher education, recognize the myriad compelling advantages of pursuing a business degree.

    Bachelor of Business Administration

    Business Management aims to equip students with the essential knowledge to participate in various business endeavours. This field of study furnishes students with the competencies and insights crucial for proficiently steering an organisation. The course covers economics, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and organisational behaviour. The curriculum is tailored to empower individuals in business administration. Students dive into data analysis, decision-making, and strategic thinking, honing their abilities to manage personnel and resources. Students cultivate a deeper comprehension of business operations throughout their academic journey and develop the acumen necessary for successful management practices.

    Before we move on to the scope and job profiles available after BBA, let’s discuss who can choose this program.

    BBA Eligibility

    To qualify for enrollment in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme in India, you need to satisfy the following minimum criteria:

    • Be aged between 17 and 25 years.
    • Have successfully completed the 12th standard in any stream from a recognized board, including CBSE, ICSE, or any state board.
    • Attain a minimum score of 50% in your 12th board examination.
    • Be eligible to apply even if you are awaiting the results of your 12th standard examination.

    It’s time to dive into the areas that offer jobs to BBA graduates.

    Different Sectors Recruiting  BBA Graduates 

    Many students opt for a major in Business Administration due to its widespread appeal, and employers actively pursue graduates with strong business administration and management skills

    • Business development  
    • Marketing 
    • Human resources  
    • Finance  
    • Banking  
    • Operations and supply chain management  

    Highest-paying Job Roles After BBA 

    • Business Development Manager 
    • HR Manager  
    • Marketing Manager  
    • Business Administrator  
    • Sales Manager 
    • Operations Manager  
    • Financial Analyst 
    • Digital Marketer 

    Apart from promising career opportunities, several additional reasons exist to contemplate pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration.

    Envision Your Success in Business with BBA at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    The School of Management at BML Munjal University offers a world-class BBA programme. For a span of three years, followed by a fourth year dedicated to honours, the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)  degree programme offers a distinctive approach where students tailor their learning outcomes. The BBA programme at BMU presents students with a multitude of options for programme completion, exceeding the conventional norms. 

    These options include: 

    • Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration upon completion of the first year; 
    • Diploma in Business Administration after the second year; 
    • B.B.A. degree upon completing the third year; 
    • BBA (Hons.) degree following four years of study; and finally, 
    • BBA (Hons.) with Research, which entails four years of study alongside 12 credits dedicated to research and a dissertation within the chosen major.

    Majors Offered Under BBA/BBA Hons @ BML Munjal University

    • Business Analytics
    • Digital Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources

    In a Nutshell

    So, by now, you know all about the Bachelor of Business Administration, including the eligibility and jobs one may opt for after completing the course. If you are still pondering which university to go with, choose BML Munjal University. At BMU, the programmes encompass a blend of enjoyment, education, gamification, and outdoor ventures while concurrently immersing students in academia and industry exposure. BMU provides students with a lively environment where they can engage in experiential learning while having fun. The curriculum focuses on nurturing the skills necessary for tackling real-world challenges.

    bachelor of business administration
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