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    Does Class 12 Marks Matter in Placement?

    by BML Munjal University June 24, 2021

    During document screening, most government and private firms ask for your high secondary and Graduation certificates. This lays the base for the most common confusion that does 12th marks matter in placements or not.

    To answer this question, there are several discussions and situations. It is not always that the 12th marks are required for placements.

    But on the other hand, there are also several situations where the marks gained in class 12th are considered very important during the placements.

    Here are some of the discussions that clear confusion like “does class 12 marks matter in placement?” and “is class 12th marks important for jobs?

    Campus Placements

    Suppose you are pursuing your course from BMU. In that case, you will have the facility of attending campus placements.

    Each year, many companies prefer to select the deserving candidates from such campus placements of the renowned institutes.

    In these campus placements, the companies hiring candidates are categorized based on several factors such as the positions offered, the salary package, and the candidates’ eligibility criteria.


    Now, some companies just check through the marks of the students in the present course. Again some other companies might even crosscheck the 10th and 12th marks of the candidates.

    Potentially, experts mention two basic reasons why some companies prefer to check through the 12th marks during campus placement.

    ● Set Criteria:

    Some companies set criteria for selecting the candidates who have gained a targeted percentage in 12th and Graduation. Hence, they prefer to check the 12th marks also.

    Most of the companies select candidates who have gained a minimum of 60% in their class 12th exam. Some highly recognized companies also increase their range and select students who have at least 70% marks in 12th.

    ● Checking the Credibility of the Candidate:

    Some companies may first check through the semester exam marks of the candidate. Later on, if they wish then only, would they ask for the 12th marks.

    These companies mainly do so to check how good a student the candidate is. There have been many situations where the candidate may not have great marks in the semester exams but may have achieved greatness in the yearly or final exams.

    To check whether the candidate is consistently good in the term-end exams, these companies prefer to check the candidates’ 12 marks.

    ● Aggregate Marks:

    Some companies do not prefer to judge the candidate with their total marks gained in an exam. For example, suppose a company has come up to hire someone from computer science engineering.

    In that case, they might see 12th marks to check the aggregate marks achieved in the mains subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

    When they see that the candidate has consistently good marks in these three subjects’ aggregate, they get a notion that the candidate’s base is strong in these subjects. They prefer to continue interviewing with this candidate or even may hire the person in such a case.

    Off-Campus Placements

    Most people have this notion that grades and marks are not much required for off-campus placements. But there are some of the companies and bodies that give importance to 12th and Graduation marks equally as in campus placements.

    ● Government Jobs:

    Quite obvious, most of the candidates have the aspiration to crack through the Government jobs due to its security.

    But lakhs of candidates apply when a few hundred positions come up. Only those who crack through the eligibility criteria are welcomed to grab seats in the position in such a situation. Some common eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil are:

    • The Age criteria of being within the maximum and minimum age limit
    • The Academic criteria where you need to qualify with the right marks and the right degrees
    • The Entrance exam that you need to crack through.

    While in some positions, it is just checked whether you have a particular degree or not, the marks gained in that degree also matter for some other positions.

    Similarly, you have to have 60% marks in 12th and Graduation to be eligible for the job for some positions. Even if you have appeared for the entrance exam and have achieved the highest marks, you may not always be able to get a chance if you do not qualify in the academic eligibility section.

    Though in most government jobs, authorities check through the marks of the candidate, there are also a few such positions where the candidates are selected based on the marks gained in the entrance exam and the interview sessions.

    ● Private Sector Jobs:

    In some private sector companies where 12th and Graduation marks do matter, while for some others, it does not. Different companies follow different approaches to hire candidates for their companies. Hence, it depends on the company, whether the 12th marks matter in placements or not.

    Importance of 12th Marks in Private Sector Placements

    If you are appearing for private companies’ interviews, you might come across different companies organising different types of placement procedures.

    For some, it is just the experience of the candidate that matters, while there are some other companies where academic marks also matter equally.

    ● Companies where Academics Matter

    Today, many such private sector companies scrutinize the candidates very closely to hire the best ones. There are several situations and reasons due to which these companies check the 12th and Graduation marks of the candidates.

    • If the candidate is a fresher, there is no such experience based on which the company can hire the person. In this situation, it is just academic excellence based on which the decision can be made. Again some companies believe that just alone the Graduate marks cannot judge an individual. Hence, they prefer to check through 10th, 12th, and Graduation marks to understand the candidate’s overall skill and credibility.


    • Some companies have a set of criteria in advance, such as a degree from recognized universities or a particular exam percentage. They do not entertain candidates who have not gained at least 60% or so in 12th and Graduation. These companies do so to maintain their standards.


    • When a company has thrown open a vacancy for a position, and many applications have dropped in, it may sometimes get difficult to interview each one. Again, in this case, the company may also ask for some details such as the person’s experience and the marks gained in 12th and Graduation. Candidates are shortlisted based on these factors for the interview round.


    • Some other companies do not wish to take a risk and wish to hire candidates who are strong in their base. Hence, they prefer to check the marks of the candidate in a particular subject or aggregate marks. For example, suppose the company is hiring a computer engineer. In that case, they will wish to look at the 12th marks to check the aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This helps in understanding the base of the candidate, and this makes the hiring process much easier.


    Hence, some private firms prefer to check the 12th marks and proceed with the placements based on the marks.

    ● Companies where Experience Matters:

    Though some companies select candidates based on their marks, most of the companies prefer to hire candidates based on their experiences. But does this mean that they do not focus on the academics of the candidates at all? This is not true. There are several situations in which the companies check through different factors while hiring candidates for the company’s vacancy positions.

    • Suppose the person is highly experienced and has been working in similar positions with some of the country’s best companies. In that case, the hiring company considers a person’s experience. In the interview also, they discuss more the practical experience of the person.


    • Some companies have set a particular benchmark for the candidates whom they will hire for the position. This candidate should have some specific degrees and should have some amount of experience. Here, the marks do not matter; the candidate should just have attained the particular certification degree that the company is looking for.


    • Now, what should be done in the case of a fresher? In such a case, the overall background is seen, such as the degrees available, the marks in 12th and Graduation, etc. So, when the experience is not available, only the person’s marks come into the picture.

    So, there is no such specific answer to the questions like does class 12 marks matter in placement?” and “is class 12th marks important for jobs? In some cases, they might do, while in others, they might not.

    In most cases, when you have attained a good amount of experience in your career, they actually do not matter.

    But this does not mean that 12th marks do not have importance in life. Also, whether it matters or not, but a high score in your 12th and exams surely look great on your resume.

    Does 12th Marks Matter in Placements?
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