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    Fulfil your academic dreams with a B. Tech Scholarship

    by BML Munjal University June 29, 2022

    In most countries, including ours, applying for higher education can be an exorbitant investment. This can be a combination of high tuition fees, food, housing and travel expenses and student loans. And in the case of medical and non-medical education, this is even more expensive. And let us not forget that Indian parents have already spent a significant amount of money on their children’s primary education, thereby making the “basic right to education a far-fetched dream”. This also means that a large chunk of these families has spent their life with the onus of repaying debts and loans. We have traced the latest data to justify this implicitly and this is what we found:

    Quoting a Times of India report, “Barely half of all Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) seats in India are affordable for over 80 per cent of Indian families. Even that half is thanks to government colleges and government quota seats in private ones. Exclude those and there are barely 200 affordable seats in private colleges.”

    There is no doubt in acknowledging the fact that we need strong financial reforms in medical and non-medical education in India to fulfil more dreams and to have more successful engineers, doctors, and scientists in the country. And this is where a scholarship – a financial grant or payment awarded to a student for his/her education, based on his or her academic achievement – comes in.

    Scholarships also promote diversity by supporting students from distinctive social strata backgrounds. For example, many universities offer exclusive scholarships to downtrodden students, immigrants, foreign and indigenous students and individuals with disabilities. Getting a scholarship indeed has its share of economic advantages. However, there is also an exceptional personal gain. It gets added to your Curriculum vitae (CV), thereby increasing your chances of getting a lucrative job.

    Your dream is our dream too

    A university that cares for your futuristic dreams will definitely offer you bursaries. And one university that has never failed to disappoint students when it comes to financial grants is BML Munjal University. It is a rich educational space for “do-ers, builders and creators”. It believes in giving broad and strong perspectives to students by offering interdisciplinary and research-oriented courses, especially in its engineering department.

    BML Munjal University is a “not-for-profit” university that offers several undergraduate courses. A few of them are B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, B.Tech in Electronics & Computer Engineering and B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. The university believes in the best when it comes to education and for that, it has built close academic collaborations with a few best international universities. These are Imperial College London, London School of Economics & Political Science, University of Warwick and UC, Berkeley.

    Engineering can be really expensive in India and abroad both, and BML Munjal University understands this critical aspect of education. Hence, the university offers scholarship and financial grant policies that are designed to help the education of the meritorious needy students.

    The university’s scholarship policies aim to build a “culture of diversity and inclusion” that supports the special strengths of individuals from across the country, irrespective of their class, caste, creed, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. The scholarship and financial grants policy at BML Munjal University covers the following categories of grants:


    Disclaimer: This is a scholarship for B.Tech students only.

    • Merit scholarships, under which the university offers provides two categories of scholarships:
    • Dean’s Scholarshipsfor outstanding academic merit.
    • Studentswill receive a scholarship equivalent to 100 per cent and 75 per cent of the tuition fee in the first year.
    • Programme Scholarshipsto promote students who have diverse strengths.
    • Studentswill receive a scholarship equivalent to 50 per cent and 25 per cent of the tuition fee in the first year.


    B.Tech scholarship criteria at BML Munjal University

    • The grant of scholarships will be strictly based on a comprehensive merit list for every B.Tech branch. The merit scholarships at BML Munjal University will be accorded under each entrance test, namely: JEE Main, SAT and BMU SAT.
    • This list will be announced upon completing the admission and registration process by the Admission and Scholarship Committee of the university.
    • According to the university’s guidelines, the minimum score for a Tech scholarship through SAT is 1300 points. So, study and prepare accordingly for the entrance examination.
    • Also, B.Tech students need to know that financial grants by BML Munjal University do not apply to the international immersion programme fee (an optional immersion module at the university in partnership with an international university).


    BML Munjal University has a lot to offer for students who belong to humble families. These are families with an income of less than Rs. 8 Lakh per annum (LPA). For them, financial aid is provided by the university. However, students have to keep in mind that financial aid grants will be reviewed and finalized by the university’s admissions & scholarship committee after a personal interview. Kindly note the personal interview round and the Class 12th grade academic performance scores of the B.Tech student will carry a weightage of 25 per cent and 75 per cent, respectively.

    For more valuable information on B.Tech scholarship, explore BML Munjal University’s official website – https://www.bmu.edu.in/courses/b-tech/scholarship-details/ .

    Don’t let your dreams die!

    Do you know many students bailout of universities because they do not have enough financial assistance to support their high-level education? This, unfortunately, happens in the field of medical and non-medical studies. BML Munjal University has taken note of this issue and has a merit-based scholarship guideline for B.Tech students. With the above-meticulous information, you can spend more time learning and worry less about paying bills. Please note that outstanding academic, athletic or aesthetic performance will likely increase your probability of a B.Tech scholarship at the BML Munjal University.

    All you have to do is keep dreaming, keep working hard and always sleep and wake up with one thought: patience is the key to paradise. You’ll land in your paradise soon!

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