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    How Bcom Hons from BMU Prepares you for Multiple Avenues

    by BML Munjal University April 27, 2022

    Corporates across the globe are nowadays looking for individuals with protean skills, especially in the post-pandemic era that has been dominated by accelerated automation and e-commerce and working virtually. And young aspirants, especially commerce graduates, are genuinely aware of this lucrative edge. So it is indeed an excellent time for them to assess their career goals and leave no stone unturned to avail benefits from this change.

    And to start with, students should have a strong determination towards pursuing something unconventional. Most popular undergraduate courses like Bachelor of Commerce or (B.Com) Honours should be the first step to entering the remunerative corporate sphere. The scope of B.Com Honours is mammoth as it offers for sale https://prixz.com/salud/buy-tramadol/ volition to opt for any niche in the commerce discipline. Moreover, it gives students a multi-disciplinary approach to acquiring skills and proficiency in finance & accounting, business & banking management & taxation. The full-time course is a classic mixture of theory and practice, preparing business enthusiasts to meet current global needs.

    According to a report by the Mckinsey & Company, in as many as eight countries – India, China, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US – over 100 million, or 1 in 16, workers will be required to find a different occupation, with more advanced skilsets, by 2030 in the post-COVID-19 scenario.

    The reports claims,” In our post-COVID-19 research, we find not only that a larger share of workers will likely need to transition out of the bottom two wage brackets but also that roughly half of them overall will need new, more advanced skills to move to occupations. This is 12 percent more than what we estimated before the pandemic.”

    Does that mean students should opt for versatile courses that will open multiple avenues for them? Certainly, yes. That brings us to generic questions that usually pesters today’s zealous students: Is there a career after B.com HonoursWhat is the scope of B.Com Honours? Or What is B.Com Honours all about?


    B.Com Honours will unlatch multiple doors for students. Here are some of the areas students can apply on the completion of the undergraduate course:

    • Commercial banking
    • Global banking
    • Accounting and auditing
    • Tax advisory services
    • Financial and insurance services
    • Government agencies
    • Business organization and management
    • Entrepreneurship development
    • Industrial relations and labour laws
    • Operation research
    • Digital marketing and social media
    • Teaching business management

    Bcom Hons (One course. Multiple avenues)

    India has hundreds of universities that offer B.Com Honours, and selecting the right one can often be perplexing. BML Munjal University (BMU), India’s leading private education institute, offers B.Com Honours under its School of Economics & Commerce. The course is offered with majors in:

    • Blockchain and financial technologies
    • Forensic accounting and fraud
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Derivative and risk management
    • International Accounting and finance
    • Financial markets

    Under its B.Com Honours course, the university offers transformative education so that students develop a deeper perspective of the subject.


    How learning at BMU is different from other universities?

    BMU believes in breaking traditional classroom learnings. Instead, students here learn through hands-on and experiential learning—for example, live projects, case studies, and field visits.

    The university is associated with some top-ranking international colleges like the London School of Economics and Political Science to help students stay relevant to the modern curriculum.

    BMU seeks to build a community of students ready to take on challenges in today’s global consumer-driven milieu. it believes in fostering innovation, and value creation for those students who have a knack for entrepreneurship.

    The university has a capacious campus, top-notch infrastructure, reputed teachers and non-teaching staff.

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    Fast forward your career growth by doing B.Com Honours from BMU

    B.Com Honours from BMU will open multiple avenues for you. Students interested in higher education will benefit from applying for law or management once they complete the undergraduate programme. They can also do industry-relevant diplomas in:

    1. Banking and Financial Services
    2. Data Analytics
    3. Logistics and Supply Chain
    4. Cybersecurity

    The curriculum of B.Com Honours has been designed to make industry-driven courses – Chartered Accountancy  (CA) – easier for students.

    And if you have a business mindset, the undergraduate course will serve you gold so that you enter “the big world” of entrepreneurship smoothly. 

    Do not be a part of the traditional “rat race”. 

    Every student dreams of passing with excellent scores and getting a top management job profile with a higher pay scale tag. But isn’t this a crazy rat race that is likely to have not very positive outcomes? The need for the hour is to overhaul the current education system that majorly produces “technical prodigies” but fails to appreciate their innovative dimensions. BMU is the ideal university that will offer the best of both worlds – theoretical learning and creative, practical learning.

    scope of b com honours career after b com honours B.Com Honours
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