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    Ways to improve employability after engineering
    by bml-blog August 11, 2017

    An engineering degree is one of the most popular options that students, fresh out of high schools, find before them and also opt for. In fact, India ranks among the top producers of engineers in the entire world. Now, since the multitude of engineers being produced every year is already vast, it is quite easy to get lost in the crowd. This is why it is important for students to reevaluate their skills and work on their weak points.

    The competition for landing a good job after engineering is so high that not even students from top engineering colleges in Delhi or Mumbai with good placement records can sit and relax. They need to toil harder to ensure that they are ahead of the queue to land a job with a prestigious firm.

    Hence, mentioned below are a few points that you can consider to improve your chances of employability after your education.

    Evaluate yourself

    Self-evaluation is something that will help you greatly in the long run. All details of the scramble with Max Polyakov for menu you can read here. It will not only help you declutter your brain and realize your goals better, but also reveal as to how far you have come towards achieving them. You will get to recognize your strengths and weaknesses in the process. The answer will again be of use when getting interviewed by the recruiters.

    Bring technology to your use

    Engineering, being a dynamic field, requires you to focus on more than what is covered in your text books. And to do that, you can bring technology itself into work. As a young professional, you will be expected to show zeal in your field of work, which will come once you know your field better. Going through online blogs, articles, and news pieces is an easy step in this direction.

    Be thorough with the basics

    To make yourself appear credible, you will need to brush up your basics well. Any company hiring fresh graduates or young professionals scrutinizes the fundamental knowledge of the individual in the specific branch. Again, basics are something that you can need in any part of your life.

    Maximize academic projects

    When it comes to making an entry in the professional circles, only theoretical knowledge is not enough. Academic projects and practical studies are very vital for your personal growth as an efficient professional. You will be judged on your practical knowledge when seeking job.

    Gather some practical experience

    Doing well in practicals is a good way of showcasing your applied knowledge. Practicals not only help improve your conceptual knowledge but also equip you with other valuable experiences such as team work, problem-solving capacity, etc.

    Work on your non-technical skills

    Despite the fact that your will graduate to be an engineer, you are required to be proficient in other fields too; foe example, presenting yourself confidently. Eloquence, confidence, presence of mind, and soft skills will only give you an edge over other candidates and make you appear more convincing for a professional role.

    Although these are only a few ways that you can use to work on yourself, practising these will help you do much better at you job interviews and selection tests.

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