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    What to Look for Before Seeking Admission in Engineering Colleges in Delhi?
    by bml-blog July 18, 2017

    Pursuing Engineering is what a lot of students consider, but just the choice of this program would not work. There are a lot of aspects that are to be kept in mind. So, described below, are a few things to look for before seeking admission to engineering colleges in Delhi.

    In today’s time, engineering is a popular choice of career. The popularity of this choice lies in the fact that there are a huge number of opportunities that are available for an engineer as he steps out of college after the completion of the program.

    But to ensure that you get the best of the opportunities in your professional career, you must seek admission to a college that will benefit you in every possible sense. So, described below are the things to look for, before seeking admission to engineering colleges in Delhi.

    1. Eligibility Criteria and Application procedure

    The first and foremost thing is to check for the eligibility criteria. There are a huge number of colleges in Delhi and not each of them follows the same eligibility criteria. While some colleges accept the score of the national level joint entrance exam, some conduct their entrance exam to check the credibility of the students. A few even have the criteria that if, the candidate scores above a certain benchmark score in a national level entrance exam, he or she would not need to appear for the institute’s entrance test. So, fill in all the required forms well in time after checking the basics like the last date of application, exam date, etc.

    1. The Ranking and seat allotment

    The next thing to check is the available engineering disciplines, the ranking, and the seat allotment process. By doing so, you can make a rough estimate of the colleges where you can seek admission in the choice of your discipline.

    A lot of websites have the rank predictor option wherein you can fill in your approximate score. Your approximate score can be calculated by matching your answers with the answer keys.

    1. Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is an important aspect when it comes to engineering colleges. The best engineering colleges in Delhi have a sprawling campus wherein, you would find a well-maintained college that has hostels, playgrounds, canteens, etc.

    1. Faculty

    The faculty plays a major role in shaping the career of a student. So, at first, there should be enough faculties in the college that can guide you to understand the basic concept and develop an aptitude to know when and where to apply the same. Most colleges have the record of the faculty on their website to ensure that their students know that they would be seeking admission to a prestigious college.

    1. Placement

    The sole idea of pursuing a program is to get a job on its completion where you can both learn and earn. So, the placement cell of the college holds utmost importance. Do check the placement record on the college website and also try to get in touch with the ex-students via social media platforms to be aware of the exact scenario.

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