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Identifying the Appropriate MBA Specialization for You!
by bml-blog July 17, 2017

At present, a lot of people feel that pursuing MBA will be the right step in enhancing their career, but not everyone understands that the choice of MBA specializations matters the most. Described below in the article is the curriculum of popular MBA specializations.

Body: If you are a working professional or a fresh graduate, there are pretty fair chances that every near and dear one is propagating the idea of pursuing MBA to you. Not just people’s opinion, but you too might feel the need of pursuing a Masters programme in order to achieve greater highest in your professional career.

At one point of time, you would also feel that MBA is the right choice for you. But solely going for an MBA is not enough. There are numerous MBA specializations from which, you need to select a specialization.

This is where a huge number of people are fairly confused as they do not know what the programme has in store for them.  So, to remove your confusion and to give you a clear picture of what the programme beholds for you, described below is the curriculum of the popular MBA specializations.

MBA in Finance

As soon as one mentions the word ‘finance’, one can easily figure out that the programme is related to lots and lots of numbers. In general, the curriculum of MBA in Finance revolves around the concepts of budgeting, costing, international finance and capital management etc.

Anyone who pursues MBA in Finance gains the skills in both in the fields of finance as well as business. The skills of both of these are an indispensable combination for a successful career.

The prospective job titles for the MBA graduates in Finance are cash managers, management consultants, bankers, investment banking associates, treasurers and finance officers etc.

MBA in Marketing

The term ‘marketing’ loosely connects to the job of selling a product or a service that is offered by the company. MBA in Marketing does not mean door-to-door selling of course, but the bottom line of the job is selling.

Communication skills and knowledge of how to make a sale are the primary requirements. The curriculum of MBA in Marketing revolves around Managing Financial Resources, Micro-Economics and Business Statics, and Marketing and Consumer Behaviour etc.

MBA in Marketing is for those who are ready to explore a career full of responsibilities and unlock a pool of amazing opportunities.


MBA in HR is the most popular MBA Specialization.  With the mention of the word, HR people consider that it generally related to finding the most competent resource for the company and hire him.

But, in today’s corporate world, the role of the HR is much more than that. The role of the HR is not restricted to just hiring and training the individual, instead the responsibility of the HR is way more elaborate and vast. He is responsible for enhancing the asset value of the human capital in the organization.

MBA in Operations

The primary aim of the business is to procure the product in the most cost-effective manner. The manager of operations is responsible for doing the same thing. The task may seem to be simple, but in actual terms, it is a massive task. This is because the one negotiating the deal with the client or the customer has to quote facts and figures keeping in mind all the aspects of the company.

The scope of growth for the MBA in Operations is huge with relevant offers from IT, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing and Hospitality.

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