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    The Mechanical Engineering (ME) syllabus of BMU covers all aspects of core Mechanical Engineering (design, thermal, manufacturing & industrial) to specialization in a specific domain (design, thermal, manufacturing, Industrial, automation, mechatronics, robotics, CAD, CAM, CAE etc.). This is along with ethics, language, cultural & prospective courses from basic to advanced level with theory and practical with hands-on learning and ‘learning by doing’ approach along with their applicability to build and enhance the career of a professional Mechanical Engineer.

    The course curriculum is heavily engineered to line up with the present and future industrial needs. In discussion with national & international experts from industry & academia, the syllabus of each course in the curriculum is designed to provide in-depth theoretical knowledge with their application in real-life situations with a practical teaching-learning approach covering advanced technologies, software, hardware & computers applications in the course.

    We give flexibility to students to choose his/ her own set of courses with a fractural credit system. In our curriculum, we offer perspective, foundation, core, core electives & open electives courses. These are school, department and student-specific, having theoretical and lab courses with practice school and co-curricular activities to completely transform an intermediate science student into a professional engineer.
    The course focuses on dedicated & engineered coursework to enhance the creativity, sequencing and problem-solving skills of the students. The course also aims to develop competency and proficiency of global industry standards among students through real-time learning opportunities via the Practice School.

    During the Practice School sessions, students get a chance to interact with industry experts while working on real-time projects and gain significant industry insights along with adequate on-site technical experience. Students also get an opportunity to build a network of industry professionals, mentors and references that will guide them, to advance in their professional careers quickly.

    This multidimensional and innovative curriculum strives to develop all-around project management skills such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling to help the students to develop into highly qualified professionals.


    (Course category wise credit distribution across semesters)

    SemesterCourse CategoryCredits
    Semester ICo-Curricular
    Perspective – School
    Skill – School
    Foundation – School
    Semester IICo-Curricular
    Perspective – School
    Skill – School
    Foundation – School
    Foundation – Department specific
    Core – Lab
    ST-IPractice School-1Audit
    Semester IIICo-Curricular
    Perspective – School
    Skill – School
    Foundation – Department Specific
    Core – Classroom
    Core – Lab
    Semester IVCo-Curricular
    Perspective – School
    Skill – Student Specific
    Foundation – Department Specific
    Core – Classroom
    Core – Lab
    ST-IIPractice School – II44
    Semester VCo-Curricular
    Perspective – Student
    Specific Core – Classroom
    Core – Lab
    Core – Seminar / Case Studies
    Semester VIPractice School – III1414
    Semester VIIPerspective – Student Specific Core
    Elective – Classroom
    Core Elective – Major Project Open
    Elective – Classroom / Lab
    Semester VIIICore Elective – Classroom
    Core Elective – Major Project
    Open Elective – Classroom / Lab


    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    1Co-Curricular  1
    1PerspectiveSchoolJoy of Engineering-13
    1SkillSchoolEngineering Ethics1
    1SchoolCommunication Skills1
    1FoundationSchoolMathematics-1 (calculus & differential equation)2
    1 SchoolPhysics for Engineers2
    1 SchoolComputer Programming2
    1 SchoolIntroduction to Sensors, Actuators & IoT2
    1 Program SpecificMatlab2
    1 CoreProgram SpecificEngineering Graphics2
    1 Program SpecificEngineering Materials2
    1 LabMaterial’s Testing Lab-10.5
       Semester Total20.5

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    2Co-Curricular  1
    2PerspectiveSchoolJoy of Engineering – II3
    2 SchoolEnvironmental Studies2
    2SkillSchoolTechnical Report Writing2
    2 FoundationProgram SpecificBasics of Electrical Engineering1
    2Program SpecificBasics of Electronics Engineering2
    2CoreProgram SpecificElements of Manufacturing2
    2 Program SpecificEngineering Thermodynamics2
    2Program SpecificEngineering Mechanics3
    2FoundationProgram SpecificBasics of Electrical Engineering Lab0.5
       Semester Total18.5
    ST1Practice School Practice School –IAudit

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    3Co-Curricular  1
    3SkillSchoolEtiquettes and Conversational Skills2
    3FoundationProgram Specific Mathematics-II (Probability & Statistics)2
    3Program Specific Data Structures and Algorithms2
    3 CoreClassroom Strength of Materials-12
    3Classroom Applied Engineering Thermodynamics2
    3 Classroom Kinematics of Machines2
    3 Classroom Computer Aided Design (CAD)2
    3 ClassroomMachine Drawing2
    3 Classroom Fluid Mechanics2
    3CoreLab Fluid Mechanics Lab0.5
    3 LabKinematics of Machines Lab0.5
    3 LabCAD Lab0.5
       Semester Total20.5

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    4Co-Curricular  1
    4PerspectiveSchoolGlobal Energy: Politics, Markets and Policy1
    4 SchoolDesign Thinking2
    4SkillProgram SpecificMagic in Mechanical Engg. – Product Development2
    4CoreClassroomDynamics of Machines2
    4 ClassroomCasting & welding of Metals3
    4ClassroomMetrology & Measurements2
    4 ClassroomStrength of Materials-22
    4ClassroomOperations Research2
    4 ClassroomFluid Machines2
    4 CoreLabFluid Machines Lab0.5
    4 LabDynamics of Machines Lab0.5
       Semester Total20
       (Audit course) Python  2
    ST1Practice School Practice School –II4

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    5Co-Curricular  1
    5PerspectiveSchoolInnovation and Entrepreneurship2
    5SkillStudent SpecificSeminar/ case study2
    5CoreClassroomMachine Design-12
    5 ClassroomIndustrial Engineering2
    5 ClassroomHeat Transfer3
    5 ClassroomMetal Cutting & Forming2
    5 ClassroomAdvanced Structural Materials1
    5 ClassroomInternal Combustion Engines1.5
    5Core ElectiveClassroomCore Elective-1 (Specialization specific)3
    5CoreLabHydraulics & Pneumatics Lab0.5
    5LabManufacturing Lab1
    5 LabMaterial’s Testing Lab-20.5
       Semester Total21.5

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    6Practice School Practice School-III14
       Semester Total14

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    7PerspectiveStudent Specific 1
    7CoreClassroomRefrigeration & Air conditioning3
    7 ClassroomHybrid & Electrical Automobiles3
    7 ClassroomMachine Design-22
    7 ClassroomProduction Planning & Control2
    7Core ElectiveClassroomCore Elective-2 (Specialization specific)3
    7Core ElectiveClassroomCore Elective-3 (Specialization specific)3
    7CoreLabFinite Element Analysis Lab1
    7Open ElectiveClassroomOpen Elective3
       Semester Total21

    SemCategorySub-CategoryCourse TitleCredits
    8 Core ClassroomAutomation with PLC2
    8 ClassroomAdvanced Manufacturing Processes2
    8Core ElectiveClassroomCore Elective-4 (Specialization specific)3
    8 ClassroomCore Elective-5(Specialization specific)3
    8Open ElectiveClassroomOpen Elective-13
    8 ClassroomOpen Elective-23
       Semester Total16
       Program Total156

    [4] [Basic] Core Electives Courses

    1Additive Manufacturing
    3Composite Materials
    4Computational Fluid Dynamics
    5Computational Modeling of Mechanics of Materials
    6Finite Element Method
    7Material Characterization
    8Material Processing
    9Mechanical Vibrations
    10Product Design
    11Supply Chain Management
    12Surface Engineering

    [5] Course Baskets for Core Specialization (elective course baskets)

    Specialization: Automobile Engineering [AE]

    1Automotive Chassis and Suspension
    2Automotive Components and Assembly Drawing
    3Automotive Control Engineering
    4Automotive Electrical and Electronics System
    5Automotive Pollution Control and Alternative Fuels
    6Automotive Structures and Design
    7Automotive Transmission Systems
    8Battery Engineering
    9Vehicle Body Engineering and Aerodynamics
    10Vehicle Dynamics
    11Automotive Materials and Processes
    12Fuel Cells and Energy Storage

    Specialization: Robotics & Automation [R&A]

    1Drives and Control Systems
    2Human Machine Interface
    3Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
    4Industrial Automation
    5Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots
    6Mechatronic Systems Design
    7Advanced Robotics
    8Automation and Robotics
    9Electromechanical System Design
    10Digital System Design
    11Sensors Network
    12Control Theory

    Specialization: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence [DS & AI]

    1Audio and Speech Processing
    2Data Mining
    3Computer Vision
    4Deep Learning
    5Image Processing
    6Information Retrieval
    7Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics
    8Soft Computing
    9Advanced Machine Learning
    10Time Series Analysis
    11Modeling and Data processing for Biomedical Engineering
    12Data Visualization
    13Social Network Analysis
    14Pattern Recognition
    15R Programming
    16Robotics, Autonomy, and Connected Systems
    17Interaction Design
    18Machine learning for modeling of dynamical system
    19Big Data Analytics

    Specialization: Cyber Security [CS]

    1Cloud Computing
    2Cyber Forensics
    3Cloud Security
    4Mobile Security
    5IoT Security
    6Information Security
    7Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
    8Malware Analysis
    9Cyberspace Operations and Design
    10Security Attack and Defense
    11Online Social network and Security
    12Security Audit
    13Cyber Threat Intelligence
    14Security Risk Analysis
    15Information Retrieval
    17Applied Cryptography
    18Cyber security tools and cyber-attacks
    Specialization: Internet of Things [IoT]
    1Embedded System
    2Control Systems
    3Sensor, Actuators and Programming in IoT
    4Wearable and Body Area Network
    5IoT Using RFID and microcontroller
    6Applications of IoT in Robotics
    7Communications and Networking Technologies for IoT
    8IoT in Big Data
    9Industrial and Medical IoT
    105G and IoT
    11IoT in healthcare
    12IoT architecture and technologies
    13IoT interface design and protocols Architecting smart IoT devices
    14Security in IoT
    15IoT Testbed
    16Google Cloud IoT platform
    17IoT automation
    18Processors and Peripherals
    19IoT Architecture and Protocols
    20Mobile Application Development for IoT
    21Data Management in IoT
    22Any other course on recent development

    The department offers Minor Specialization in following areas:

    1Computational Linguistics
    2Cyber-Physical Systems
    3Computational Mathematics
    4Energy Harvesting and Storage
    5Functional English
    6Liberal Arts
    7Material Science
    9VLSI Design
    Minor Program: Computational Mathematics
    1Advanced Numerical methods/ Numerical Linear Algebra
    2Computational Geometry
    3Design and Analysis of Experiments
    4Industrial Statistics
    5Mathematical Finance
    6Mathematical Modelling in Industry
    7Number Theory and Cryptography
    8Numerical solution of PDE’s
    9Probability theory and Monte Carlo simulation
    10Time Series Analysis and Dynamical Modelling

    Minor Program: Energy Harvesting and Storage

    2Characterization Techniques for Energy Materials and Devices 
    3Fuel Cell, Li- ion Battery and Supercapacitors 
    4Hydrogen Energy 
    5Renewable and Non-renewable Energy 
    6Solar Energy 


    Minor Program: Functional English

    1Critical Reasoning, Writing and Presentation 
    2Culture and Civilization 
    3Introduction to Theatre Studies 
    4Landmarks in English Literature 
    5Media Studies 
    6Methodology Functional Language 

    Minor Program: Liberal Arts

    1Cultures of Computing 
    2Geo-politics and Geo-economics 
    3Indian Political System 
    4Living Arts and Literature 
    5Public Administration 
    6Science, Technology and Public Policy 

    Minor Program: Material Science

    1Computational Materials Science 
    2Energy Materials 
    3Engineering Materials 
    4Materials Characterization 
    5Science and Engineering of Composite Materials 
    6Science and Engineering of Light Weight materials for Transportation applications 
    7Surface Engineering 

    Minor Program: Nanotechnology

    1Applications of Nanotechnology 
    2Bio Nanomaterials 
    3Computational Materials Science 
    4Micro and Nano systems 
    5Nano Metrology 
    6Synthesis and Fabrication of Nano Materials 

    Minor Program: VLSI Design

    1Advanced VLSI Design 
    2Analog CMOS Design 
    3Design for Testability 
    4Hardware Software Co-Design 
    5IC Technology 
    6Low Power CMOS VLSI Circuit Design 
    7Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) 
    8RF Microelectronics 
    9System on Chip Design 
    10VLSI Digital Signal Processing System 

    Please Note: The course curriculum is subject to revision.

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