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    Engineering courses after 12th need to be reformed. Know why?

    by BML Munjal University August 1, 2022

    As engineers, we would be in a position to change the world – not just study it.”

    The following emphatic statement was made by an American engineer named Henry Petroski. There is some seriousness about this statement that makes us ponder if engineering is just about studying, researching, coding and learning, or is it about exploring, experimenting, and delivering the best of the experiments?  

    Well, there is a reason why Henry Petroski made this statement. An engineer works super hard to deliver the best to the world. That is why engineering is seen as a promising career globally nowadays. And if we talk about Indian statistics, nearly a million youngsters earn an engineering degree yearly in the country. Moreover, statistics said in 2021, ample students applied for engineering courses compared to 2020, and the reason, according to maestros, is that professional courses like engineering have increased the probability of employment prospects, especially during the COVID-19 outburst years.

    According to a report by the Hindustan Times, “In this academic year, 107,732 students have applied for online admission for engineering courses in the state. During the previous academic year, for which admission process was concluded by February 2021 due to Covid induced restrictions, 96,337 students had applied for the courses.”

    But our today’s Indian engineers skilled enough?

    The statistics do prove that India has scores of engineering graduates. But are they skilled enough to be a part of the big technological-rich world? Are they studying at credible universities offering decent placement opportunities and enough industry exposure? Likely, no. It is enjoined that engineering enthusiasts choose a variety that can add valuable gains to their overall skills, not the ones that beguile students by making surreal claims and treat young minds as a commodity of their academic factories. 

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    Today, an engineer must acquire the multi-dimensional skills necessary to survive in this competitive profession. And for this, they need proper guidance and training from highly-qualified academicians and industry experts. Once engineering varsities begin composing their students with industry-relevant skills, the skill gap noticed among the students will begin to diminish. Students will also likely get the best employment prospects with exceptional skills. All they have to do is focus on ingraining hands-on experience to stand out among their peers. Young engineers must review everything prudently in the university selection process, the area to specialize in, and the level of study – B.Tech, M.Tech, etc.

    It is time to earn a versatile engineering degree

    BML Munjal University, a leading educational institution that educates, trains, and supports thousands of students across the country, is one of the best engineering varsities in India that offers undergraduate engineering courses after 12th to students who have a knack for tech-driven tools, products, and services. There might be hundreds of engineering courses that students might discover after finishing their intermediate education. But choosing from the lot makes a meaningful impact on their future. 

    BML Munjal University offers the best engineering courses after 12th. The structure of each engineering course encompasses a vivid blend of foundation understanding, core courses, specialization areas, practical and theoretical knowledge, and skill courses. At this acclaimed university, the main objective is to offer students wide exposure and integrated education and train them obtain diverse skillsets that are imperative to enter the real-professional world. These engineering courses are as follows:

    • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
    • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
    • B.Tech in Electronics & Computer Engineering

    Let us discuss what does BML Munjal University offer to students under these engineering courses

    As discussed above, the need of the hour is to offer students “beyond textbooks” and “something bigger than classroom lectures”. Engineering students at this varsity get full freedom to explore their area of interest and experiment with the subjects. Some might be interested in cybercrimes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine learning. And for this, BML Munjal University offers specialisation electives to its engineering students. These electives include:

    • Cyber Security
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Robotics and Automation
    • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

    The university also offers young engineers experiential and practice learning experiences in the form of a three-tier internship, live projects, case studies, field visits, seminars, workshops, etc. Budding engineers can also prefer doing a minor in the following areas while pursuing a major in an engineering course. Whatever the major and minor amalgamation an engineering student chooses, they should be sure about that course. Experts encourage students to find ways how their minor will connect with their major and reinforce it. These minors are:

    • Nanotechnology
    • Material Science
    • Computational Mathematics


    Some important aspects about BML Munjal University that budding engineers must know:

    • BML Munjal University offers excellent placement opportunities to its engineering students. In the 2021-2022 engineering bath, as many as 94 percent of students were recruited by top companies.
    • The university has the Career Guidance and Development Centre (CGDC) – a dedicated team – that organizes engagement programs to help engineering graduates find the right job opportunities.
    • The university has academic partnerships with the London School of Economics & Political Science and the University of Warwick, to name a few, to offer students the best international exposure in engineering. 
    • Engineering students here study and learn from teachers who are Ph.D. holders from the world’s leading academic institutes, both in India and abroad.
    • Apart from academic learning, students here are given accessible resources to invest in and participate in extra-curricular activities: dance, theatre, music, fitness, sports, and a lot more. 

    Times to raise the bar.

    Gone are the days when engineering students invested in one course and found lucrative jobs. The times have changed. Hence, engineering universities and institutes in the country must adhere to new learning forms and build engineers as future leaders. With rapid technological transformation, India cannot afford to produce a sub-standard quality engineers anymore. It is time for the Indian education system to raise the bar.

    best engineering courses after 12th engineering courses after 12th Engineering Courses
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