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    How It Feels To Be An Engineer In India?

    by BML Munjal University June 17, 2019

    Engineering courses in India undergo a duration of three years for diploma students and four years for B.Tech or degree pursuing students. Another option is IIT. And to pursue the course, you have to appear in entrance examinations.


    After twelfth standard, students have to give the AIEEE or JEE Main, which is the country based entrance. And apart from this, there are state-based entranced examinations as well.

    For the diploma course, you have to give the JEXPO exam after class ten or after twelve. Since completing the diploma does not mean that you are a graduate, you can pursue a further B.Tech course after completing the diploma.

    They have to do so by appearing in the lateral examination named JELET. Whenever a diploma student goes to pursue B.Tech in the same state, he/she have to start from the second year directly.

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    Examination pattern follows a pattern of conducting semester exams twice a year. In between these semesters, there are internal examinations which are of lesser marks. Apart from these, the students have to work on a number of projects for their final marks.

    Is engineering good for establishing a career?

    Now, a question may arise quite normally that whether engineering a good career or not.

    Well, engineering is a great chance to get into a good career. Engineering courses are related to STEM, which means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    Getting a job in these respective fields provide handsome salaries. There is a huge demand for engineers in various posts all across the country.

    However, the subject might not be suitable for everyone who studies it. If you get into engineering forcefully without learning about it at first and with a lack of interest, you might receive bad results.

    As far as the occupation is concerned, engineers in India enjoy a variety of opportunities in career. Engineering can be considered as a major occupation in India.

    This is because completing a degree in the stream guarantees you a good and decent job. If you don’t get a job from college campus placements, you can try otherwise.

    It can be seen that engineering courses try to implement basic principles. These basic principles are sometimes accompanied by specific training in certain courses.

    This widens the opportunities to get any kind of job that engineers can get. There are a number of streams which people can study in India.

    But the main thing is that you have to keep a strong base in the subjects that you are studying during your engineering course. In many cases, it has been found out by recruiters that some students don’t possess the basic knowledge of certain subjects which they have already studied.

    Like some students study B.Tech only for the sake of getting a degree added to his/her name. Quite naturally, they have to face rejection during placement opportunities.

    Now, everyone can not secure the highest GPA (Grade Per Average), it is not possible. But what you have to try is to understand what you are studying and what is special about the particular stream that you are studying.

    Choosing a stream in engineering

    When it comes to choosing a stream, one may ask which is the best branch for studying engineering in India?

    The following streams require a large number of experts trained and qualified in the respective fields –

    • Electrical Engineering- Electrical Engineering starts with the basic knowledge of Physics and electrical technologies. Securing good marks and if you could complete your final year project in time, you are most likely to get a good and decent job in some of the major companies in India.
    • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering- Instrumentation finds application in electronic machines and medical laboratory equipment. Engineers of this stream always get good career opportunities but their work includes travelling from one place to another.
    • Civil Engineering- To cater to the endless projects developing around the country for providing shelter to the huge population, the demand for civil engineers never declines. You just have to secure good marks in that case.
    • Software and Computer Technology Engineers- India has a rising demand for its IT market. There are many startup companies that take projects from clients and hand it over to their engineers who are quite skilled in coding. Many people earn a huge amount from freelancing as well, based on the amount of work they undertake.

    There are good career opportunities in other subjects as well, such as Automobile engineering, mechanical engineering, mining engineering, etc.

    Engineering stream offers a vast opportunity to learn apart from your subjects

    The main advantage of choosing the engineering stream is that there are plenty of options while choosing a career path in engineering. With a number of choices, it is quite obvious that you will find the right sector where you will fit in.

    After completion of their course, engineers undergo training and proper mentoring to become skilled professionals for their particular job profile.

    After recruitment, you will receive training in the company directly. If an organisation see that the newly hired engineers are interested in learning, they will be offered numerous opportunities soon enough to climb up the ladder.

    Talking about the salary structure, an engineer enjoys the benefit of earning a good amount if he or she can get a placement in a reputed company on the basis of knowledge and academic scores. Moreover, an engineer requires a high level of skill. A good salary will only reflect on this commitment.

    Engineering is different from other jobs

    Engineering is not an occupation that includes sitting at an office desk for nine hours, well in most cases.

    Other than software and IT professionals, the engineering job includes going to project sites, working with other individuals and even travelling to different places. This spices up the work life and allows for variety, challenges and diverse work opportunities.

    Contribution to society

    Being an engineer, you are always working for the society. The project on which you work is going to benefit peoples from all around the country. Innovative technologies now and then have been making the lives of people around us a lot easier.

    How It Feels To Be An Engineer In India
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