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    Is MBA Really Necessary For A Good Corporate Career?

    by BML Munjal University June 7, 2019

    Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is clearly one of the best ways to advance in today’s business universe.

    Graduates all over the world have shown that the degree allows them to acquire better skills and knowledge which reflects as a better return on investment.


    Besides, it helps them get ahead in the corporate ladder, thanks to the skills and essential business competencies imbibed during the course. Below is a discussion on why MBA is really necessary for a good corporate career.

    Employers prefer MBA graduates for the versatility they offer in terms of business skills. The wide range of skills is also responsible for their growth to the top of the corporate hierarchy.

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    Essential Leadership Skills

    MBA graduates display impressive teamwork. They are excellent colleagues and team members. However, it takes more responsibility and desire to take responsibility and lead a group of individuals onward.

    This is the type of training that the MBA graduates receive. They are familiarised to both the innovative and traditional ways of leadership skills.

    As the course progresses, the MBA students focus on developing managerial skills like leadership in practice. Besides, they also learn how to face conflicts, develop strategies for the company and to manage human resources.

    They are not taught theories and concepts. Instead, they receive real-life training on all these skills by practicing them in real-life business situations.

    Commendable leadership skills are essential for senior managers and directors in modern business environments. This is a strong advantage that MBA graduates boast over the other candidates.

    While these skills certainly assist people to earn a job, it is even more important to grab more opportunities within the job.

    Internal promotions and greater responsibilities are handed out depending on their leadership capabilities which will eventually translate into huge leaps in corporate jobs.

    Get In Touch With A Large Business Network

    One of the biggest advantages of being an MBA student is that you get to make a large network of individuals in the business industry.

    During the course, there are ample opportunities to interact with students, professors, and teaching staff. Afterward, they become valuable contacts in the field of business.

    This is a huge boon in the business field as a lot of your success depends on how good and effective your contacts are.

    If you are good at building relationships with the people you meet, you will be able to seek their help and guidance throughout your career, which definitely helps in your corporate journey

    Note that there are several additional opportunities such as internships and interactions with the alumni which helps you earn valuable connections. Thus, an MBA does help a lot with regard to building a network of important business personalities.

    Having good contacts also has the advantage that it keeps you updated to the recent happenings of the business world. this also helps one get their decisions right and move according to the market.

    Enhance Your Management Skills

    MBA course comprises of studies that will help you understand the nuances of an organization. It gives you knowledge about the ways of operation of different sectors of a company.

    For instance, there is sufficient information and practical knowledge to be gained regarding how to keep the finances of a company healthy.

    There are studies that include basic knowledge regarding ways to sell a product and market them effectively.

    Furthermore, the training also includes instructions to maintain a healthy image of the company always. One will learn how to take in the industry data and use it to your advantage by taking appropriate measures.

    Acquire Transferable Workplace Skills

    MBA graduates have a wealth of transferable workplace skills. These are not only held at a high value by the employers but are also useful for a smooth transition from one workplace to another.

    These skills include interpretation of data, time-management, presentation, persuasion, reporting, project delivery, communication, project management, analysis, and problem-solving.

    Regardless of the location of the office, these skills are very important in the corporate world and other industries too.

    Employers will look for candidates who have these skills and they know that the transition to a new workplace would be a smooth one.

    For graduates who are already working, these skills not only benefit themselves but also those working around them such as colleagues and co-workers.

    MBA graduates are expected to work on lead and propel their team to the completion of their tasks.


    Consider the fact that 46 percent of the FT500 companies in the US have chief executives who are MBA graduates. Worldwide, more than a third of chief executives all global companies began their careers with an MBA

    The MBA Edge

    The MBA graduates have a crucial edge over the remaining candidates. It could be said that they are better at accessing their creative side to encounter problems and find solutions. They are trained at making their hard skills work in harmony with their soft skills.

    After all, the top companies look for the best candidates among the students of an institution. Moreover, not everyone gets admission to the MBA course as they are selected based on some criteria.

    These factors ensure that the candidates are of the top quality. This is further complemented with excellent training in the institutes which grooms them to be the best picks for the corporate jobs.

    Studying an MBA is a choice, to get yourself out f comfort zone and to make a vow to yourself that you are going to do what it takes to improve your skills for your own good.

    MBA graduates are undoubtedly some of the most knowledgeable persons regarding business and its workings.

    However, the ability to make concepts work in real life Is what determines corporate success.

    MBA graduates have the essential skills, knowledge, leadership abilities, and the presence of mind to stand out in a corporate environment.

    Hence, it can be said that an MBA is indeed an important factor that decides the corporate success.

    Is MBA Really Necessary For A Good Corporate Career
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