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    Is an MBA Worth It? – Must read for all the MBA Aspirants

    by BML Munjal University January 3, 2019

    When it comes to vocational training, it is all about bettering the prospects of a job, bagging a high-packed salary and an ability to impart business skills and evolve as a business tycoon.  This is the image that one usually has in mind while pondering on the question is an MBA worth it?


    The Overview of Getting an MBA degree

    The designing of a course for an MBA applicant is based upon the relevant topics linked to business like accounting, economics, statistics, communication, management as well as entrepreneurship.

    It imparts the skills within a person where one can be a business owner apart from being a regular employee for a financial institution or a leading company for that matter of fact.

    While enrolling for a degree in MBA, one goes either for a full-time mode or a part-time programme. The basic difference lies in the imparting of knowledge and the prospects of your work.

    The full time course is preferred by fresher’s since they want to be fully prepared before plunging into the market whereas for those who are indulged into some work or the other yet want to have an MBA degree by acknowledging its worth applying for a part-time program so that they can take up their job along with their studies.

    Your enrolment in the MBA program for vivid colleges depends upon your GPA score which you obtain in the MBA entrance exam. As you can say in the end, it’s all about numbers. After all the effort we put into we conclude with a simple question.

    Is an MBA worth in Comparison to your Expenditure?

    We all put in an extra effort for a calculative result, and a degree in MBA takes from you your time, your enormous rigorous efforts, your money and all you get in return is an analysis of what value the MBA course is to you.

    Yes, if your degree holds for the prospective field in management or you turn out to be an owner of a firm yourself, then it is worth the effort.

    But if you work for other industries wherein your leadership your managerial skills do not count to your worth, it is useless getting an MBA degree.

    With the evolution, the market has encountered experience matters more than a degree.

    Some minds have placed themselves as leaders and have evolved over critical situations they are more preferred than one having a degree to prove his leadership skills.

    So if you can prove your worth along with a degree and have psychology to think out of the box, you are the best match for the market.

    Who should opt for getting an MBA degree?

    A matter is justified if you analyse your priority and your requirements go for a degree, and you won’t have to question is MBA worth it if you are facing issues like-

    1. If you are working as a financial consultant and you aspire to achieve a higher scope in your career for such a situation a degree in MBA is worth a deal for you.
    2. You have been an efficient software developer but apart from it you aspire to be a team leader or a product manager the degree would enhance your calibre to mix technology with business and you could turn out to be an asset for the company.
    3. If your career is not stable, its short spanned and is stagnant an additional degree will help you plunge in the better versions.
    4. The best options for exploring your career options comes with the added benefit of knowledge in Masters of Business Administration as you inculcate the ability to think out of the box.

    Never Opt for a Degree in MBA if-

    1. If you are satisfied with your career and the prospect you are in.
    2. Owing to the cost the burden of financial adjustment will be high so acknowledge your financial status before you opt for it.
    3. If you have your adjudged location which may be Russia or other European countries in that case the degree holds no good for you.
    4. If you hate studying and are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it’s not worth going for an MBA degree.

    The Added Benefits of Having an MBA

    1. It is said that the idea of business is all in mind and the companies have evolved from the local area of coverage. And diverse minds with adaptability to the global culture is worth the investment for them. And these are the experiences which are imparted in the business schools you get yourself into.
    2. Intelligence is defined as the skills you have, and the MBA program polishes the skills like communication, coordinating, organisation, etc. within you.
    3. There are a popular verse “birds of a feather flock together,” so when you enrol into the network of an MBA program, you magnify your contacts and the venture of your prospective business.
    4. In the end, everything is a number game, so this degree gives you an aspiration for money and a contended fruitful life.

    Your Contribution for getting an MBA

    It is a rigorous task which asks for heavy investment from your end be it money or time. A regular full-time course in MBA costs two years of your life whereas the part-time course takes three years from you before you get a degree in MBA.

    The tuition cost for the program is very expensive it is counted amongst the expensive programs in a country where the fees vary from one college to the other where you get enrolled to.

    There are scholarship programs, and in few cases, the finances are met by the employer, so that is manageable.

    But of all the hardships you face when it comes to the result and the financial reward an efficient degree of the vocational program is worth the expenditure.

    What is the actual worth of getting an MBA?

    If your question is –“is MBA worth it?

    Then the answer to this question lies on the cracking point of the package you are being offered on being an alumnus of your business school. In the end, MBA is all about the game of money, and you serve for the one who can afford to pay you.

    And with the degree, the salary factors for the variable majors increases drastically which cannot be caught up with a simple degree and rigorous work. The degree in MBA marks you as a brand in the market as you get to quote your rate for services.

    It is a simple calculation.

    What would you say if you are destined to have more jobs and enhancement in your career advancement opportunities?

    You would straight away say that having such a degree is worth it. There are factual numbers to prove the employment and advancement for degree holders of MBA for a reputed alumni institute.

    As per the latest research, the percentage of employment for the business schools is 89% amongst which 79% work for reputed and registered firms whereas the rest of 10% are owners of their own business and are counted amongst entrepreneurs.

    The executive level positions in the multinational companies are packed with the products of business schools, and it’s worth the effort.

    It’s a renowned critical thinking revolution which is ignited in the MBA programs so the next time you analyse the worth of a degree, look into where you stand what you seek or if actually, you are ready for a change or not.

    What the reports say?

    According to the report of Financial Times, it suggests that one should get a closer look while deciding the prospect of acquiring an MBA degree.

    And it is always better to go for the Alumni business schools these are known to provide the best practical education with updated syllabus and industry experience.

    The better the return on your MBA there are figures which prove the worth in an international market where business management and administration graduate earns $89,000 a year whereas a masters in finance degree lands you with a package of $ 101,000.

    As per economic times, they define a degree in MBA is like a fine wine that becomes more valuable with age and the small risk is that the expensive bottle of yours is corked so in brief a fruitful degree in MBA will leave you with no regrets. So get your final say over is an MBA worth it?


    Alternatives to MBA

    Yes, some people might not find worth in MBA exams, and for them, there are alternative programs to strategize their career.

    A master’s degree in finance is worth for a career option in finance since it inculcates within you the skills of trade management, the idea of investments, an asset as well as risk management and it is a renowned program in the market equivalent to MBA.

    A CFA program particularly known as the Chartered Financial Analyst enhances your skills of financial risk management and is worth the time it costs from you.

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    A degree cannot define its worth for existence, and if you are sure what you want, then you need no consultation. Earlier an engineering degree was considered to be worth whereas a simple graduate degree had negligible importance but with the evolution, in the market, the prospects have changed, and the minds have evolved.

    If you are confused as to whether you need to get into the course or not just hold back, take your time, think what your heart wants to analyse if you can get through the appropriate business school. Differentiate which program you want to opt for or where do you see yourself shortly.

    Analyse your strength, compare your weakness, look into what you are being offered, what you lack and how can you evolve in the market. The best decision maker for you is you.

    There are people who hold an effective degree in MBA and stand out in the market, but there are also few who have never had a degree in MBA but are business owners with alumni from various reputed business schools working for them.

    Your mind is the tool to adjudge the worth of a program so when you decide your requirement you will easily get to know if you want to be enrolled in the program or not.

    The solution to every problem or a question is in your mind acknowledge the worth of your life and your speciality, once you finalise to go for an MBA program consult the various prospects and decide in accordance to your area of business. It will be a simplified result and will have its worth for your expenditure.

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