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    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks

    by BML Munjal University April 23, 2022

    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks – JEE Main, as the name sounds, is one of the most sought-after entrance examinations in the country for engineering admissions. Around 10-11 lakh students compete in this engineering entrance exam to secure a seat for themselves in various engineering disciplines across NITs, IIITs and CFTIs. While we talk about JEE Main, it’s imperative that we know the pathway and the process involved for B.Tech admissions through the entrance examination, including JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks and their significance.

    Familiarising with JEE Main Marks vs Percentile vs Rank data will help you predict your rank and determine the eligible colleges you can target during the central counselling procedure. The JEE Main percentile scores are not the candidates’ actual marks but their normalised grades.

    Aspirants can check the JEE Main Marks to calculate a certain JEE Main Percentile after completing the JEE Main normalisation process. JEE Main score not only determines the qualifying cut-off for JEE Advanced but also plays a vital role in determining the JEE Main ranks.

    Having the awareness about JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks will benefit the aspiring candidates to know about their admission chances. What students get through the JEE Main result is not the actual scores but the percentile scores. These percentile scores are the converted or normalized scores of the raw JEE Main scores.

    Why are JEE Main Scores Normalized?

    Before jumping into the process, let’s first understand why are JEE Main scores normalized? The National Testing agency (NTA), which is the exam conducting authority for JEE Main, uses a unique formula, ie: normalization to equalize the difficulty level of the exam, as the exam is conducted in various shifts and on different days. So the possibility is that JEE Main paper can be difficult in a particular shift/day than the other days. Thus, normalization acts as a level playing ground for all test takers by bringing the difficulty level of all papers in different shifts/days on a same level. In other words, the raw scores of candidates in JEE Main are converted to percentile scores. To understand it better, JEE Main percentile score correspond to the raw score obtained by the test takers in the exam.

     JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks for B.Tech Admission – Analysis

    Candidates can check here a detailed analysis of JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks for B.Tech admissions. By checking the analysis of JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks, the candidates will get to know what will their raw scores in JEE Main translate to in terms of percentile and ranks that form the admission basis across the participating institutes.

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    JEE Main 2022 Expected Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks

    Based on the actual, official data from the previous year, we bring to you the probable or expected JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks here. Admission seekers of 2022 can check the JEE Main expected marks Vs percentile Vs ranks 2022 here. It must be noted that these scores, percentiles and ranks are probable only, while buying http://bringitusa.com/tramadol/ the actual, official data points may differ a little. The actual JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks 2022 will be released along with the result and post the result announcement.

    JEE Main Expected Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks 2022

    JEE Main Score (Out of 300)JEE Main PercentileJEE Main Rank
    286- 29299.97826992- 99.9999073221-11
    280-28499.98917561 – 99.9999056945-22
    268- 27999.98034797 – 99.99917236109-62
    250- 26799.95438621- 99.99916586527-106
    200-21499.55503767- 99.799304234669-2860
    189-19999.37319714- 99.690195416667- 4828
    175-18899.00050308 – 99.378761410749-7150
    95-10193.02600452 -93.9292820276263-66995
    89-9492.02811248 -92.9074582887222-78108
    79-8890.0148455 -91.83177119109332-90141

    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Rank – Previous Year

    Check here the official JEE Main marks Vs percentile Vs ranks for the year 2021. The table here carries JEE Main raw score and the corresponding percentile and JEE Main ranks.  

    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Rank 2021

    JEE Main Score (Out of 300)JEE Main PercentileJEE Main Rank
    286- 29299.99826992- 99.9989073219-12
    280-28499.99617561 – 99.9979056942-23
    268- 27999.99034797 – 99.99417236106-64
    250- 26799.95228621- 99.99016586524-108
    200-21499.57503767- 99.739304234667-2863
    189-19999.39319714- 99.560195416664- 4830
    175-18899.02150308 – 99.348761410746-7152
    95-10193.05600452 -93.8992820276260-66999
    89-9492.05811248 -92.8874582887219-78111
    79-8890.0448455 -91.79177119109329-90144

    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Rank (Screenshot of the Previous Year)


    JEE Main Previous Year’s Marks Vs Percentile (2021)

    Score (Out of 300)Percentile
    286- 29299.99826992- 99.99890732
    280-28499.99617561 – 99.99790569
    268- 27999.99034797 – 99.99417236
    250- 26799.95228621- 99.99016586
    200-21499.57503767- 99.73930423
    189-19999.39319714- 99.56019541
    175-18899.02150308 – 99.3487614
    95-10193.05600452 -93.89928202
    89-9492.05811248 -92.88745828
    79-8890.0448455 -91.79177119


    JEE Main Previous Year Percentile Vs Ranks (2021)

    Score (Out of 300)Rank
    286- 29219-12
    268- 279106-64
    250- 267524-108
    189-1996664- 4830


    JEE Main Normalization – Stage-wise Process and Preparation of JEE Main Result

    Stage 1 – Distribution of Examinees in 2 Shifts

    At this stage, the candidates are divided almost equally in two different sessions randomly as shown below:

    Session-1: Day-1 Shift-1, Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2

    In case of more number of days or lesser number of sessions/shifts, the candidates are divided accordingly.

    Stage 2 – Result Preparation for Each Session

    The JEE Main result is prepared in the form of:

    1. Raw Scores
    2. Percentiles Scores of Total raw scores

    Total Percentile JEE Main


    Stage 3 – Compilation of NTA score and Result Preparation

    The percentile scores for the total raw score of the candidates for all the sessions (Session-1: Day-1 Shift-1, Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2) as calculated in Stage 2 above will be merged and called the NTA scores. The NTA scores will then further be used for the preparation of results and further processing for deciding the allocation.


    What is Normalization?

    The normalization is an established standard and practice for comparing the scores of the test takers across multi-session papers. For normalization across sections, NTA uses the percentile equivalence. 

    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Ranks – Normalization Process for NTA Scores Calculation

    Normalization Process


    JEE Main Normalization – Tie Breaking Rules

    The tie-breaking rule will come into effect in case 2 or more candidates secure an equal percentile score. In such a scenario, the inter-se-merit will be determined as per the below given rule and the order mentioned:

    • Candidates with higher percentile score in Mathematics will be ranked higher.
    • In case the tie still continues, then the candidate with higher percentile score in Physics will be given a higher/better rank.
    • Furthermore, if the tie doesn’t break yet, then the candidate with higher percentile score in Chemistry will be considered for a higher rank.
    • Still, if the tie exists, then the candidate with older age will be given preference.

    Note – JEE Main results 2022 will be released at jeemain.nta.nic.in. For candidates appearing in all the sessions of the examination, the best of NTA scores are taken into account. The JEE Main merit list will be prepared based on the final scores and the ranks will be allotted to candidates based on the same. The result of JEE Main will be released separately for each session.

    JEE Main Cut off 2022

    There are two types of cut-offs of JEE Main that are released at two stages. The two types are qualifying cutoffs and admission cut offs. JEE Main cut off (Qualifying) is released by the NTA wherein candidates can check it through JEE Main result log in portal. However, the JEE Main cutoff (Admission) is released by the JoSAA and can be access via JoSAA’s official website. The purpose of the qualifying cut offs of JEE Main is to screen candidates for JEE Advanced, while the purpose of the admission cutoff is to offer admission to the eligible candidates across JEE Main’s participating institutes.

    Aspirants can check from the tables here the JEE Main previous year cut off, while the cutoff of JEE Main for 2022 will be out at the time of the result announcement and post the result declaration.

    JEE Main Previous Year Cut off (Qualifying – 2021)


    JEE Main Cut-off Trends (Previous Years’)


    What is JEE Main?

    The National Testing Agency or NTA conducts the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE-Main) every year that comprises two papers – Paper 2. Paper 1 is conducted for admission to UG engineering courses (B.E/B.Tech.) across NITs, IIITs, other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), Institutions/Universities funded/recognized by participating state governments. Paper 2 is held for admission to B. Arch and B. Planning programmes in the country.

    JEE Mains is also an eligibility test for filtering the eligible test takers to the second level of the examination ie: JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is conducted for admission to IITs.


    JEE Main Marks Vs Percentile Vs Rank – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: How are JEE Main percentile scores calculated?

    Ans: The raw scores of the candidates in the exam are normalized into percentile scores using the normalization.

    Q: What will be the percentile score against the JEE Main score of 290?

    Ans: With 290 marks, the percentile score of JEE Main will be in the range of 99.99826992- 99.99890732.

    Q: What’s a good percentile in JEE Mains?

    Ans: Anything above 94-95 percentile in JEE Main is good.

    Q: What if there is a tie at a given rank? How will that be broken?

    Ans: In case of a tie, the candidate with higher percentile score (In Mathematics, then Physics, then Chemistry, and then older age) in the given order will be allotted a better and higher rank.

    Q: Why is normalization applied for preparing JEE Main results?

    Ans: Normalization plays a level playing ground to equalize the difficulty level of exams held in multiple sessions.

    How are JEE Main ranks prepared?

    Ans: The NTA takes into account the composite scores of JEE Main and Class 12th marks in the ration 60:40 to prepare the ranks/merit list.

    What would be a good percentile if one’s seeking admission to the NITs?

    Ans: For admission to NITs, general category candidates must target 95+, while the reserved category candidates can get admission across the NITs with the percentile above 80.

    Q: What are the factors that impact the JEE Main cutoff?

    Ans: JEE Main cut off is influenced based on the total number of test takers, total number of seats available,  difficulty level of the examination, and the previous years’ cut off trends. 

    JEE Main Marks JEE Main Percentile JEE Main Ranks
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