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    Launch Your Legal Career with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree

    by BML Munjal University May 3, 2023

    Today, legal issues often occur or take place regularly and, most of the time, prove to be fundamental as well. But any legal process drains a lot of time of an individual. It is obvious that one does not have the time to handle them all. Having a solicitor to look after one’s entire legal situation is imperative; it is one definite way to free oneself from needless headaches. A lawyer is profitable even if one does not have problems now.

    Since there are lakhs of legal issues going on, one thing is sure the income of lawyers is being generated very high. So getting an LLB degree is very profitable. It is imperative to have prior knowledge about the bachelor of laws, LLB course details, all law colleges and the best law college. Let’s first start by exploring the scope of LLB Degree!

    Scope of LLB Degree

    Be it, parents or students, everyone wants to know the scope of any course. The scope of the LLB programme, given that it is done from good law colleges, is wide. LLB graduates can opt for any career from three main Government organs: Legislature, Judiciary and Executive. 

    A career in LLB opens a wide door of opportunities for students who graduated from reputed LLB colleges compared to other career options. Some of the major career options that can be opted for by LLB graduates are:

    • Litigation
    • Law Firms
    • Legal Process Outsourcing
    • Government Agencies
    • Banking
    • Insurance

    LLB Course Details – Different Law Courses

    Course NameDurationEligibility
    LLB3-yearAn undergraduate degree with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA
    BA LLB (Hons.)5-yearClear an entrance exam like CLAT, LSAT, BMU SAT, or SAT and Class 12
    BBA LLB (Hons.)5-yearClear an entrance exam like CLAT, LSAT, BMU SAT, or SAT and Class 12
    • LLB

    LLB stands for Bachelor of Law and is a three-year professional undergraduate programme pursued by the students after completing their undergraduate degree. It is a foundational course in Law that trains students about legal procedures prevalent in the law field and develops a logical, creative, analytical, and critical understanding of legal affairs among the students. 

    The programme’s primary focus is to teach the candidates how to utilise the skills taught in law colleges to resolve social, cultural and legal issues in society. The LLB programme focuses on legal education while also broadening students’ existing knowledge and interests from their undergraduate degrees in non-legal fields through a diverse range of elective courses.

    • BA LLB (Hons.)

    The BA LLB (Hons.) programme enables its students to enhance a multi-dimensional understanding of Law through an in-depth study of history, sociology, economics and political science.

    The programme’s primary focus is research and practice-based legal knowledge transmission. The curriculum is designed to let students master the art of law practice. Thus, the course shapes students’ deep understanding of societal issues’ complexity and shapes students’ ability to address and shape these issues in the future.

    • BBA LLB (Hons.)

    In today’s fast-changing dynamic world where technology, finance and economics are evolving rapidly, lawyers can’t just restrict themselves to learning traditional law theories. Lawyers must also gain additional knowledge of commerce, business management and policymaking to survive in this competitive world. This course brings students in-depth researched commerce and business subjects to enable them to understand Law completely and also become excellent legal advisors in firms.


    List of the Best Law Colleges

    Numerous good colleges have good curricula for Law, but to be an efficient lawyer, one must know the best law colleges to get a reputed degree from there and kick-start one’s career. There are many law colleges spread all over India offering LLB degrees. One must have all the details about that. The list of some of the law colleges is as follows:

    College/University NameLLB Courses OfferedKey Attraction of the ProgrammeLLB Course Fees
    National Law University, DelhiB.A.LL.B.(Hons.)NothingAround INR 1,35,000 / year
    BML Munjal University, GurugramLLB


    BA LLB (Hons.)


    BBA LLB (Hons.)

    International ImmersionFrom INR 2,50,000 / year
    Lloyd Law College, Greater NoidaLL.B.


    NothingFrom INR 3,00,000 / year
    Symbiosis Law School NoidaB.A LL.B

    B.B.A LL.B

    NothingFrom INR 3,30,000 / year
    IMS Law College, NoidaLL.B

    B.A. LL.B.

    B.COM. LL.B.

    NothingFrom INR 50000 / year

    Apart from knowing well in advance everything about the LLB degree, it is equally important that one’s Law must be done at the best law college to add a feather to one’s cap. One such institution is BML Munjal University.

    Build a Prosperous Career in Law with BML Munjal University (BMU)

    BML Munjal University is an esteemed university with the best law college. The School of Law at BMU follows an experiential-learning environment approach. It imbibes the spirit of creativity, inquiry, problem-solving, and skills to make its lawyers the most sought-after persons in the market.

    BMU offers three different courses under the School of Law, catering to the different needs of individuals. The three different law degrees offered by BMU are:

    • BA LLB (Hons.)
    • BBA LLB (Hons.)
    • LLB

    Furthermore, after the completion of the course, students will be immensely benefited from an interdisciplinary method of teaching with a wide spectrum of electives and honours exams infused with the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the School of Engineering and Technology, School of Economics and Commerce, School of Management, and School of Law.

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    Advocate for Change with a Law Degree

    Having a degree in Law is immensely beneficial. This is a forever gainful profession. But with the changing world, legal expertise has also evolved. Advocates must be proficient in business management to thrive in this cutting-edge competitive world. Despite having so many law colleges in the country, only a few make students proficient and industry-ready.

    The School of Law at BMU provides a higher level of comprehension of the complex problems prevalent in society. It develops the ability of its students to transfer solutions to these problems in the upcoming years. So book your seat and earn unimaginable respect and salary in Law.

    BA LLB course BBA LLB

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