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    Join the Elite Ranks of Analytical Thought Leaders with MBA in Business Analytics Course

    by BML Munjal University May 1, 2023

    In today’s tech-savvy world, information is what drives contemporary society. Data can be gathered on anything and everything, be it related to your daily expenses or a professional athlete’s winning average and analysed to assist us in coming to lucrative decisions in the future.

    The same reasoning holds for commercial purposes. These days, the need for data analysis and big data is skyrocketing, along with today’s quickly evolving businesses and corporations. This is where an MBA Business Analytics professional slips in. These professionals are crucial for the success of an organisation, and the salary backs the statement.

    According to the BLS report, the demand for Business Analysts is projected to see a boom of 11% by the end of 2029, which is more rapid than many other occupations.


    What is Business Analytics?

    Business Analytics is the study of business data, enhancing business outcomes and processes utilising information technology and statistical methods. The collection, classification, analysis, and of course, presentation of data are backed by data science, data aggregations, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data visualisation, and data mining.


    MBA in Business Analytics Duration

    A two-year post-graduation course offers pivotal insights and techniques related to business analytics. Also, it trains and prepares students to have immense experience and knowledge of various analytics tools.


    MBA in Business Analytics Syllabus

    MBA in Business Analytics syllabus includes industry-centric topics helping candidates to get a better understanding of market-driven forces. A list of MBA in Business Analytics subjects is mentioned underneath. Have a look!

    • Quantitative/Statistical Methods
    • Marketing and HR Management
    • Data Management & Data Science
    • Finance, Marketing, and Operations
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Economics and Accounts

    Apart from this, it also covers topics such as-

    • Excel Spreadsheet Modelling
    • Business Statistics
    • Micro-Economics
    • Joy of Management
    • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour


    Scope of MBA Business Analytics

    There is no denying; data scientists and business analysts have to go through massive amounts of data to fetch patterns and trends, supporting them in predicting what the future holds. Both are good and have their pros, including loads of job openings, a handsome package, and a glittering future in the competitive job market.

    The scope of the MBA Business Analytics course is enormous. Why? Because; candidates with MBA in Business are in high demand in almost all sectors. From the healthcare sector to production and manufacturing, every department, be it sales or logistics, requires businesses to make data-centric decisions.



    Career Opportunities After MBA Business Analytics

    Due to the crisis of qualified aspirants, there is a huge demand for business analytics professionals. If you are interested in Business Analytics, this is the best time to step into the field. Bear in mind; the current demand for MBA Business Analytics professionals far exceeds available positions.

    Below is a list of career options you can eye on. Get a glimpse!

    • Data Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Consultant
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Business Intelligence Architect
    • Data Engineer


    MBA in Business Analytics Eligibility

    To enrol for an MBA Business Analytics course, a candidate must have cleared his undergraduate degree with flying colours, along with a standard test score.


    MBA Business Analytics Admission Process

    For admission to the MBA Business Analytics course, applicants have to go through the following process:

    • Submission of filled application form with all relevant and necessary enclosures and application fee
    • Review of applications and short-listing of candidates
    • Personal interview
    • Admission decision taken by the selection committee


    If you are passionate about both data strategy and data analysis technologies, pursuing an MBA Business Analytics degree will be the right choice. However, it is essential to ensure that you choose the right college or university. In India, there are numerous management schools offering the best MBA Business Analytics courses, one of which is BML Munjal University, aka BMU.

    Earn an MBA Business Analytics Degree at BML Munjal University (BMU)

    Named after Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal, BML Munjal University (BMU) offers a world-class MBA in Business Analytics course that aims to transform candidates into entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and innovators via a robust comprehension of the business world and in-depth industry linkages. 

    With the immense balance between business data, technology and people, BMU empowers students to move forward to Enterprise 4.0, equip themselves to tackle data, machines and humans and take the organisation to the zenith with the help of growth and profitability.


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    Rise to the Top with MBA in Business Analytics Course

    To establish a lucrative career, earning an MBA Business Analytics degree is among the most logical decisions you can ever make. The perks of pursuing an MBA degree are endless, especially now when there is an enormous demand for Business Analytics. So, in simple and crisp words, if you have a knack for business management with a keen interest in business analytics, opt for MBA in Business Analytics course at BMU and see how it turns your world upside down in a good way.

    MBA MBA in Business Analytics
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