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    Learn Simplifying Complex Data with MBA in Business Analytics

    by BML Munjal University November 3, 2022

    Today’s competitive workforce demands highly-skilled experts in multiple fields. For example, there is a dire need for business management and analytics professionals. According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the Indian Big Data Analytics sector is expected to witness almost eight-fold growth to reach $16 billion by 2025 from the current level of $2 billion.

    The need for highly skilled and responsive managerial leaders in the modernised world has never been this loud. The deadly COVID-19 outbreak created the demand for expert management professionals capable of dealing with unpredictable changes and challenges to help business organisations deal with tough times smoothly. The pandemic affected businesses and organisations across multiple domains, leaving a constant dent in different countries’ economies. There is no professional like the one who knows how to manage and handle business with a nuanced understanding of Business Analytics.

    What Does a Business Analyst Do?

    Business Analysts are the professionals responsible for conducting analysis and research to discover and develop ideas or solutions to emerging business problems in the current business market scenario. In addition, they play a vital role in introducing or exposing these solutions to business ventures and clients.

    Furthermore, Business Analysts are responsible for bridging the gap between businesses and IT with the help of data analytics to come up with data-driven reports and recommendations, determine demands or requirements, and measure processes.

    Business Analysts can work in multiple sectors or industries. Some of the major sectors where a Business Analyst professional can work include:

    • Education
    • Health
    • Fashion
    • eCommerce
    • Human Resource
    • Farming
    • Hospitality
    • Transportation
    • Media

    Besides, Business Analytics experts have many lucrative opportunities in multiple industries. Some of the significant responsibilities of Business Analysts are:

    • Conducting workshops and training courses;
    • Providing strategies based on their prior studies for firms to develop and enhance;
    • Making connections with senior executives of the business organisation to know their objectives or goals;
    • Studying and examining an organisation’s structure, objectives, missions, or aims;
    • Detecting issues in any business venture or organisation;
    • Managing or being in charge of the adoption of new technological systems;
    • Convincing external and internal shareholders of the benefits of newly emerging technologies and systems;

    These were some of the common roles or responsibilities of Business Analysts. Let us now discuss why there is an ever-increasing demand for Business Analyst professionals in the current times.

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    The Ever-increasing Demand for Business Analytics Experts

    The contemporary business world has been evolving at a whirlwind speed. Therefore, the necessity of strategic business analysis can never be overlooked. A business organisation must set specific goals and objectives for the smooth functioning of the venture.

    Business Analytics has been one of the essential aspects of almost all business ventures or firms over the past few years. As a result, Business Analysts are in high demand in the current market scenario. Thus, the need for a Business Analytics course has been gaining traction simultaneously.

    Several courses in Business Analytics are available to take at multiple academic levels. In other words, students can easily choose among UG, PG, or Doctoral courses in Business Analytics as per their interests, preferences and qualifications. For example, students can pursue MBA in Business Analytics course as soon as they graduate and want to gain expertise in the Business Analytics domain.

    BML Munjal University (BMU) – Turning Students into Data-Driven Professionals

    The School of Management at BML Munjal University (BMU) seeks to reconstruct higher education across different parts of India by offering world-class academics, innovative teaching and learning experiences, a research-centric approach towards teaching, and the most appropriate environment for learning and research. The University was established and founded by Hero Group in mentorship with Imperial College London, the 108-year-old University. As a non-profit university, BMU offers a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes for management aspirants.

    MBA in Business Analytics course is one such programme offered at the postgraduate academic level. Known for its innovative teaching pedagogy, BML Munjal University provides several opportunities for MBA in Business Analytics course graduates. Students are exposed to several activities and collaborate on multiple projects or research works along with detailed insights, followed by in-class discussions, group projects, panel discussions etc. Through this, students gain adequate practical knowledge of the Business Analytics domain.

    MBA in Business Analytics Course Details

    Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics course at BMU is advantageous for students in several aspects. First, the University offers a well-designed course curriculum with various subjects of keen interest to the course scholars. The MBA in Business Analytics syllabus is one of the most incredible parts of its academics.

    Secondly, MBA in Business Analytics is one of the most sought-after courses with a broad scope of career opportunities. The course graduates are awarded a professional degree and get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options for lucrative jobs after MBA in Business Analytics.

    Moreover, there are several more advantages to pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics course at BML Munjal University. The discipline refers to analysing data through illustrative and prophetical modelling to determine and derive insights from a given amount of data. Thus, pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics course at BMU will enable students to acquire specialised skills and adequate knowledge in many fields, unlike a traditional MBA program. Here are some of the specialised areas in coalition with industry experts:

    • Operations Research
    • Computer Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Mining
    • Marketing
    • Statistics

    In addition, MBA in Business Analytics course aspirants at BML Munjal University will encounter intensive training, which will enable them to prepare for a better future and acquire high-paying and recognised jobs after MBA in Business Analytics in several areas, such as:

    • Supply Chain and Operations Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Sales and Retail Analytics
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Econometrics

    Undoubtedly, an MBA in Business Analytics is among the most advantageous courses. However, pursuing this course at BML Munjal University adds special recognition and benefits to the degree. Let us know how?

    What Makes BMU the Most Sought-after Institution?

    Students are often confused while choosing the most suitable colleges for pursuing their higher studies. However, choosing BML Munjal University will never be disappointing as it is widely known as one of the best institutions for an MBA, especially in terms of its academics and placement. 

    BMU is well-known for its best placement records observed in the past few years. Moreover, several unique and incredible features of the University make it one of the leading universities in India. Here are some of the notable highlights of BML Munjal University that make it stand out from others:

    • Academicians Par Excellence Faculties and visiting faculties from prestigious institutions in India and Globally, such as IIT, IIM, MIT, Imperial College London, etc.;
    • The Big Business Connect Partnership with top companies like Microsoft, Ativitti AI Technologies, KPMG, Siemens, Intel, L&L Partners Law Offices, etc.;
    • Global Leadership Program Immersion program at International partner Universities;
    • An Avant-Garde Education Inculcate superior leadership qualities;
    • Practice Schools Mentorship and support by industry experts and faculty members through rigorous internship programmes;
    • Experiential Learning  Up to 45% of contact hours are spent on experiential learning;
    • Synoptic Development Ethical and responsible leadership with well-rounded and job-ready individuals;

    These were some of the significant highlights of BML Munjal University, making it one of India’s leading universities.

    Embark on Your Business Analytics Journey with BMU

    Business ventures have been heading towards a new decade, so the need for Business Analysts has become essential. It can only be achieved through a practical course like MBA in Business Analytics. As BML Munjal University collaborates with several leading companies like Hero MotoCorp, Intel, IBM, CSIR, Microsoft, Siemens, etc., students can look forward to their successful future.

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