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    Delve Into the MBA in Business Analytics Syllabus & Subjects

    by BML Munjal University July 22, 2023

    Are you good at analysing existing data? And then transform it into strategies? If yes, then MNCs, IT firms, e-commerce companies, retail and manufacturing companies, telecom companies, consultancies, and Business Analytics and Intelligence firms are on a constant hunt for candidates like you. The demand for MBA in Business Analytics professionals is rapidly growing in today’s data-driven business landscape. Organisations across industries recognise the value of leveraging data to gain insights, make informed decisions, and drive competitive advantage. 

    Therefore, the students inclined towards analytics and management can go for Management in Business Analytics programme. MBA in Business Analytics syllabus developing strong analytical skills, including data analysis, statistical modelling, predictive analytics, and data visualisation. Students learn how to effectively collect, analyse, and interpret data to derive meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.

    Let us delve deeper into what MBA in Business Analytics is and what it has to offer to the students who opt for the programme.

    MBA in Business Analytics

    MBA in Business Analytics is a specialised Master of Business Administration programme that focuses on the application of data analytics and advanced statistical techniques in solving business problems and making informed business decisions. It combines the core principles of traditional MBA education with a deep understanding of data analysis, data management, and predictive modelling.

    The programme equips students with the skills and knowledge to harness the power of data to gain insights, identify trends, and make strategic decisions that drive business success. It covers topics such as data visualisation, statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modelling, machine learning, and business intelligence.

    MBA in Business Analytics Subjects

    The subjects covered in an MBA in Business Analytics programme may vary slightly depending on the university or institution offering the programme. However, here are some common subjects that are typically included in MBA in Business Analytics curricula:

    • Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Data Visualisation
    • Business Analytics Strategy
    • Data Management
    • Machine Learning
    • Data-driven Decision-making
    • Business Strategy and Analytics Integration

    These subjects provide a foundational knowledge base in business analytics, combining technical skills with business acumen. The specific subjects and depth of coverage may vary between different MBA in Business Analytics programmes, so it is advisable to review the curriculum of specific programmes of interest for more detailed information.

    Different Types of MBA in Analytics Programmes

    There are various types of MBA in Analytics programmes that cater to different needs and career goals. Here are some common types of MBA in Analytics programmes:

    • MBA in Business Analytics:  It covers a wide range of analytics techniques, including data analysis, statistical modelling, predictive analytics, and data visualisation.
    • MBA in Data Analytics: It provides in-depth knowledge and skills in data management, data mining, machine learning, and data-driven decision-making.
    • MBA in Big Data Analytics: Topics such as data storage and retrieval, data processing, data visualisation, and data-driven decision-making in the context of big data. Students learn to leverage big data technologies and analytics tools to derive valuable insights.
    • MBA in Marketing Analytics: It covers areas such as market research, consumer behaviour analysis, customer segmentation, social media analytics, and marketing campaign optimisation.
    • MBA in Financial Analytics: This programme is tailored for individuals interested in the application of analytics in the finance industry. It covers topics such as financial modelling, risk management, portfolio analysis, and financial forecasting.
    • MBA in Healthcare Analytics: It focuses on healthcare data analysis, healthcare operations management, healthcare informatics, and healthcare decision-making.
    • MBA in Supply Chain Analytics: This programme combines the principles of supply chain management with analytics techniques. It covers topics such as demand forecasting, inventory optimisation, logistics management, and supply chain risk analysis.

    However, the availability and specific focus of these MBA in Analytics programmes may vary between different universities and institutions. Prospective students should research and explore the programme offerings of different institutions to find the one that aligns with their interests and career goals.

    Kickstart Your Data-driven Career with an MBA in Business Analytics at BML Munjal University

    At BML Munjal University (BMU), the School of Management offers several courses in management, including undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programmes. With the best teaching and a world-class environment, the University makes its students efficient enough to shape their future in the field of business and management.

    BMU students, when they graduate from the University, hold the strength to go the extra mile to make a mark with their analytical and management skills.

    MBA in Business Analytics Syllabus @ BMU

    BMU divides its Business Analytics subjects into different modules for the students to grasp the knowledge easily.

    Module 1

    • Finance for Non-Finance
    • Personal Journey for Excellence (Strength Finder and Training Need Identification Workshop)
    • Joy of Management
    • Micro-Economics
    • Business Statistics
    • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
    • Excel Spreadsheet Modelling
    • Written Analysis and Communication
    • Sankalp – Social Entrepreneurship Project

    Module 2

    • Learning R
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
    • Business Research Methodology
    • Operations Research
    • Macro Economics & Policy
    • Business Communication & Presentation Skills

    Module 3

    • Costing Products and Services
    • Synthesising and Analysing Data Using R
    • Managing Operations and Supply Chain
    • Human Resource Management
    • Indian Banking and Financial Markets
    • Marketing of Products and Services

    Module 4

    • Managing Financial Resources
    • Bringing Ideas to Market
    • Strategic Management
    • Project Management
    • Data Science Using R and Python
    • Critical Reasoning and Systems Thinking
    • Selling, Negotiation and Persuading Skills

    Module PS

    • Summer Internship – 08 Weeks

    Module 5:

    • Personal Journey for Excellence (Strength Finder and Training Need Identification Workshop)
    • Management of Design
    • Business Model and Intellectual Property
    • Electives(1,2,3&4)
    • Applied Business Research (Till Module 8)

    Module 6

    • Capstone Simulation
    • Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes
    • Electives (5,6 & 7)
    • Problem-solving and Consulting skills

    Module 7

    • Analysing and Mitigating Risk
    • Electives (8, 9 & 10)
    • Ethics and Indian Ethos
    • Integrated Decision Making

    Module 8

    • Leveraging IT for Business
    • Strategic Management
    • Indian Economy in the Global Context
    • Leadership Development
    • Applied Business Research Project
    • Sankalp- Social Entrepreneurship Project


    • Data Visualisation for Managers
    • Database Management System and Data Mining
    • Advanced Business Statistics
    • Predictive Modelling
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Financial Analytics
    • Supply Chain and Operations Analytics
    • HR Analytics
    • Marketing and Pricing Analytics
    • Web Design and Analytics

    Harness the power of data and draw strategic insights with an MBA in Business Analytics from BMU. Gain the skills to transform raw data into meaningful information and make futuristic business decisions. Learn to leverage advanced analytics techniques to drive organisational success and stay ahead in today’s data-driven world. With BMU’s MBA in Business Analytics, unlock the key to unlocking the potential of data and drawing strategy that propels businesses forward.

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