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    Why MBA In Marketing Management Is The Most Popular Pick Of Students?

    by BML Munjal University March 25, 2022

    The globalisation of the Indian economy has opened doors to foreign trade. This, in turn, has immensely increased the demand for marketing management in India. Marketing management revolves around matching the demands of consumers to the marketing resources of an organisation. Additionally, a marketing management professional transforms the consumer demands into services or products, which an organisation can productively offer, deliver and promote in the marketplace.

    Moreover, by pursuing an MBA in Marketing Management, you can become an integral part of the Indian economy. The programme will broadly teach you about relevant topics of the domain including sales, marketing fields, market strategies, executive and leadership management skills, product management, market research, consumer trends etc., that will assist you to identify the market choice through analysis of demand, economics, competition, etc. Additionally, you will acquire a great understanding of implementing tools like market research, pricing, advertising, distribution and sales promotion to ensure the everyday success of the company.

    What Does An MBA In Marketing Management Teach You?

    MBA Marketing management is a two-year postgraduate degree programme that focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge in consumer behaviour, managerial communication, market behaviour, advertising, marketing research, customer relationship management, etc. MBA in Marketing Management scope is vast and expands diverse job opportunities to graduates, including corporate sectors, product development, digital marketing agencies, services-based companies, etc. Moreover, the master’s degree programme in Marketing enables students to understand various interrelationships between the multifaceted tasks and multiple tasks in any marketing operation and build analytical skills for bagging exceptional opportunities in the global business.

    Besides core marketing topics, some of the other essential aspects that are taught during the course include:

    • Competitive Marketing
    • Business Marketing
    • SalesForce Management
    • Service Marketing
    • Sales Promotion Management
    • Internet Marketing
    • Retailing Management
    • Analytical Marketing
    • Advanced Research Techniques in Marketing
    • Marketing Communications Management


    Career Options After MBA In Marketing Management

    MBA in Marketing Management’s scope is enormous, resulting in numerous career opportunities in the government and private sector. Now let’s explore what jobs after MBA in Marketing Management will open up for you.

    1. Career in Government Sector

      The government sector extends substantial career opportunities for the course graduates, especially in banks and Public sector businesses. MBA graduates in marketing can also choose to become teachers in government MBA Colleges. Besides this, the graduates can also apply for various PSUs, Civil Services, State Services and Research Fellowship Programs.

    2. Career in Private Sector:

      Today, private-sector jobs are the most desired jobs among Master’s degree holders in marketing management. Top private sector companies like Reliance, Airtel, Tata, etc., offer senior management cadre positions to the professionals.

    3. In addition, the private marketing sector in India is diverse, catering to varied verticals in the Industry. Some of the verticals are as follows:

      • Manufacturing:
        Students who are from an engineering background and hold an MBA in Marketing Management degree acquire innumerable job offers from the top manufacturing companies in India.

      • Engineering:
        With technology being a forefront driver in today’s economy, the marketing sector imparts more than just cold-calling and client visits. Even the giant MNCs today invest in technology like Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to drive marketing decisions and investments.

      • Telecommunications:
        Telecommunications is one of the finest sectors that offers huge scope for future growth. In addition, some of the best telecom sector companies tie-up with top MBA colleges and offer attractive packages to the students.

      • FMCG:
        FMCG is one of the bulk recruiters of marketing graduates. It hires the maximum number of marketing graduates with lucrative packages.

      • Digital Marketing:
        Apart from the conventional sectors, digital marketing industries also open up numerous attractive job opportunities for MBA in Marketing graduates. The digital marketing jobs incorporate profiles for e-commerce, SEO strategy, social media marketing, online advertising, e-networking, content marketing, etc.

      Furthermore, an MBA degree in Marketing is one of the most sought after degrees today. With the significant growth of digital and online marketing, various organisations now have their in-house marketing teams to bring potential customers to the company. Therefore, with the emergence of digitalisation, MBA in Marketing Management scope is flourishing in today’s global economic market.

      In addition, students holding MBA degrees in marketing from reputed institutes like BML Munjal University have special luck in leading global companies across the world. BMU offers an integrated business education programme covering business skills, a pragmatic approach, and a conceptual approach. The university aims at developing and improving the soft skills of students, encouraging them to work in a team. Moreover, BMU empowers its students with global market exposure to help them acquire industry experience.

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