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    Emerging Paradigms of Computer Science Engineering

    by BML Munjal University August 4, 2021

    ‘Digital’ – this small word has become the axis on which the whole world revolves nowadays. People, who were not aware of the power of digitization, now understand it after most of the significant activities in every field shifted to digital amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Computer Science Engineering

    The advancements in computer science engineering have a pivotal role in progressive digital technology. With evolving technologies in computer science, the entire digital landscape has transformed. That’s why the demand for the CSE branch has been soaring across Bachelor of Engineering or B.Tech aspirants.

    The new paradigms are emerging in CSE, and students seeking admission in this branch should know these trends. So, this post features the recent trends redefining the study of CSE.

    Computer Science Engineering

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI and ML)

    Alexa! How is the weather outside?” You just said it, and Alexa responded with a precise temperature.

    This is possible because of the perfect amalgamation of AI and ML. AI helps you to interact with the machine/device, and the predictive analysis based on ML methods allows it to provide the current temperature.

    The example shared above helps you understand that AI is intelligence that machines demonstrate. It enables humans to interact with devices and lets them act as per their voice commands. On the other hand, machine learning is a subset of AI, and it works on predictive analysis.

    It is one of the fastest emerging paradigms in CSE, and budding engineers should focus on learning AI and ML.

    Data Science

    Earlier, data mining was a daunting job where experts would take a long time extracting valuable data.

    With the advent of data science methods and tools, it has become easy for data scientists and analysts to derive fruitful information from humongous data. Moreover, it helps organizations in making data-driven decisions and strategizes accordingly.

    Data scientists use many algorithms, methods, and tools to extract knowledge and insights. This topic has become an interdisciplinary part of CSE, and students seeking computer science engineering must learn this science.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    You forgot to switch off your air conditioner and left for the office. Ideally, it will keep running throughout the day. But IoT is one such technology that enables you to operate your machines and devices, irrespective of how far you are from them. Isn’t it amazing?

    Internet of Things (IoT), i.e., creates a network of physical objects using the internet. So many IoT-enabled real-life products are making our lives super easy these days.

    Your refrigerator places the order from your usual store before your stock gets over; you just need to feed it with your command, and it does the rest – how wonderful life is with IoT.

    IoT has been an integral part of CSE, and students are recommended to learn this booming technology while pursuing their B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering.


    “Robots will eat up our jobs one day.” Engineers are often found making such statements. Don’t panic. Robots are there to reduce your workload, not to snatch your jobs.

    Taking a ride in a manless taxi – just the feeling fascinates you with goosebumps on your body. Robotics has made it possible in many countries; Indian traffic might confuse even the robot, so the service might delay in India. Pun intended.

    Robotics has automated various time and effort-taking tasks in diverse industries. Consequently, the preciseness of projects has increased with reduced manual labor efforts. In such a context, the robotics industry is all set to take over.

    The study of CSE also involves learning robotics engineering, and students must try their hand at this burgeoning technology.

    Cyber Security

    More often, you come across new stories of online frauds like data breaches and invalid money transactions. Even after the multi-layer security, data is vulnerable to security threats. Hence, establishing a proper cyber security mechanism is the need of the hour.

    There is a shortage of cybersecurity experts, and a considerable talent gap needs to be filled up by the experts. This scenario calls for massive opportunities in this sector.

    While pursuing an engineering programme in CSE, you shall be exposed to different topics of cybersecurity. It’s an emerging paradigm in computer science and engineering.


    Most of us know about the buzz created by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It helped Elon Musk become the richest man on the planet.

    But a very few of us know about the technology that makes the transactions of cryptocurrencies highly secured. It’s the Blockchain that collects information (known as blocks) together in groups. It holds sets of information. Each block has specific storage capacities.

    Blockchain keeps the digital ledger of cryptocurrency transactions completely foolproof. In fact, most nationalized banks in many countries want to adopt this technology for their transactions in a highly secured environment.

    With such a demand, Blockchain technology has evolved as an emerging paradigm in the world of computer science and engineering.

    The Wrap Up

    When you know about the emerging paradigms in computer science & engineering, plan your engineering study accordingly. Choose a B.Tech program that covers all these technologies in its module.

    b tech bachelor of engineering computer science engineering
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