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    Enter the Exciting World of Statistics and Geopolitics with BA Economics

    by BML Munjal University August 2, 2022

    With the country’s steadfast evolution of the Indian education system, the vague perspective that only academic performance scores alone decide a student’s fate is destroying a young mind’s future and hampering his/her passion, dreams, skills, and areas of interest, etc. Emerging subjects and their future scope are also factors that should be considered while shaping a child’s future. And in today’s versatile world, it is encouraging to see that more and more guardians give their kids enough space to explore “beyond classroom learning” and choose industry-relevant courses, like a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

    Economics is one subject that distinguishes itself in terms of its being ubiquitous in the operation of everything, from a native market to domestic economies and the global political world. All of this covers Economics. A major in Economics (BA Economics) equips young minds with quantitative understanding and critical and communication skills imperative to build a career in the public, private, non-profit, and academic industries. This is why earning a major in this discipline unveils multiple opportunities for students in public policy, strategy building, business analytics, data science, marketing management, financing, and actuarial science.

    According to a report by Deccan Herald, economists can contribute to numerous sectors. The report says, “Economists can contribute to policymaking through the non-governmental space by working with think tanks, international non-profit foundations, and impact evaluation agencies. They can also work with organizations involved in fields like rural international non-profit foundations and impact evaluation agencies. They can also work with organizations involved in rural or urban development, education, healthcare, agriculture, international trade, and economic policy.”

    Poor education will not serve prosperity to Indian youths

    Economics is not just about cramming macro-business studies. It is also about understanding human behaviour and the consumer’s purchasing or spending psyche. An economist must also navigate business systems and policy changes; this is impossible if a budding economist has not invested in the right academic space. And unfortunately, our varsities have not been able to show enough rigidity to solve this issue. Indian universities today are losing out on the benefit of producing talented youth and also lacking in generating some revenues. 

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    Statistics say students who successfully finish BA Economics cannot find jobs of interest or are sitting jobless. The reason behind this is: a lack of skills and not being associated with the industry and its emerging requirements.  Choosing the right academic space should be the first step to entering the world of statistics, data analysis, data interpretation, figures, and facts. Yes, you need to know where you will study, how, and what you will study. 

    Next-gen economics for today’s students

    BML Munjal University offers BA in Economics to aspirants who want to explore the diversity of policy business management, data analytics, entrepreneurship, and actuarial science. This is not just a professional undergraduate course in India’s leading private varsity. It is way more than that. BA Economics at BML Munjal University is the “next-gen economics” course that bestows enthusiastic economists with a range of core subjects. Also, considered an advantage, the undergraduate course is mixed with diverse subjects such as sociology, law, computer science, business management, mathematics, entrepreneurship, and even political science.

    The university also understands the importance of offering students specializations so that they are not restricted to just one subject and have a holistic understanding of the management world. For instance, some students might want to study entrepreneurship with economics. Some might want to understand the nuances of public policy while majoring in economics. BML Munjal University has room for all.

    The university, which has academic collaborations with London Imperial College, offers students minors in emerging industry-driven areas. These are as follows:


    • Sustainability
    • Public Policy


    The university also focuses on building a strong base of students, especially in the case of an intensive subject such as economics. And for this, modern approaches are a must. At BML Munjal University, the BA Economics course curriculum has been designed so that young minds always have the options to work on foundational requirements of the discipline. In addition, students also get the chance to experience hand-picked courses to develop important skills and build their perspectives on the growing discipline.

    BA Economics core subjects at BML Munjal University are as follows:


    • Game Theory
    • Communication
    • Microeconomics
    •  Macroeconomics
    • Monetary Economics
    • Statistics for Economics
    • Mathematics for Economics
    • Communicating and Presenting Skills/ Business


    Apart from a theoretical understanding of the discipline, the university also gives attention to practical knowledge and skills. Today, recruiters need not must macro or microeconomic experts. They also need team leaders, effective communicators, analytical thinkers, and future developers. 

    BML Munjal University offers experiential learning elements. using live projects, case studies, independent study, community learning, service-learning, etc. Apart from this, they are also part of world-class classroom learning experiences. Thanks to the faculty members who greatly facilitate rich educational experiences here for the young and dynamic students.  And do not forget about the internship the university offers to its economic students in the fifth semester of their undergraduate course. This internship helps students build industry contacts and understand how the big corporate world works. At BML Munjal University, the sky is definitely the limit!

    If academics is your thing..

    Many students do not want to be a part of the flamboyant corporate world. And that is absolutely okay. We live in a world where everyone gets enough space to do what they want and how they want to do it. Work or study, work, and study, only work or perhaps only study. Many students want to understand more profound aspects of economics; there are innumerable choices too for them. Courses after BA economics include:


    • MA in Economics
    • PG Diploma in Management
    • PG Diploma in Business Analytics & Data Science


    The choice is definitely all yours! Pick the best!!

    bachelor degree in economics courses after BA Economics BA Economics

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