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    Gear up for the Evolving Time with a Bachelor of Business Administration

    by BML Munjal University September 21, 2022

    The COVID-19 crisis has caused a seismic shift in the global workplace where qualities like leadership, critical thinking, and navigating through unpredictable situations have become ‘can’t live without skills.’ Hence, pursuing a degree in management/business will place you at the top of the pyramid. In addition, business disruptions caused by the pandemic have necessitated the need for agile business professionals who can develop new thinking and influence change.

    Besides, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought along a new set of challenges that must be urgently addressed. Shifts in the global economy, the rampant pace of technology, and uncertainty will need a new generation of workers equipped with proficient skills to future-proof their careers. The scale at which this has to be done is nothing short of a reskilling revolution.

    While the world is running behind MBA as a degree to build a robust career in management, it is essential to build a strong base before, which comes with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). BBA job opportunities are immense as it opens various avenues for students in fields like digital marketing, social media, finance, banking, PSUs, multinational companies, Indian Railways, Army, etc.

    Some of the jobs after BBA that students can pursue are:

    Market Research Analyst– Market Research Analyst handles and analyses the market condition to identify the product sales and purchasing.

    Digital Marketer – A digital marketer works for digital or social media platforms. They also manage a product, brand, and service on social media to gain the audience’s attention.

    Account Manager – An account manager manages company and employees’ accounts.

    Sales Executive – Sales Executive’s role is to promote the product and provide service to the client.

    Human Resource Executive: HR Executive is one of the oldest, most chosen, and evergreen job options students choose to build a successful career. HR hires employees, gives training and makes them follow the rules and regulations of the organisation.

    Bank Branch Manager: Bank Branch Manager works to help in the operations of a bank or financial institution branch. They are crucial in managing resources and staff, developing and attaining sales goals, and delivering customer service.

    Startup/Entrepreneurship: You can start your business after BBA as it gives you a basic understanding of how to conduct a business and its intricacies.

    Marketing Executive:  The responsibility of the marketing executive is to handle and manage the senior-level positions in the organisation. They deal with how to advertise the product and decide which platform is best for marketing the product.  

    Jobs after BBA is not something one must stress about; instead, they must delve first into choosing the right university to help them be future business leaders who can operate effectively in an uncertain environment.

    Understand the nitty-gritty of the business and be a leader you want to be with BBA from BML Munjal University (BMU)

    BML Munjal is one of the best private universities that help students become business administration experts with their unique Bachelor of Business Administration programme. BMU offers a three-year undergraduate BBA degree that is completed within eight semesters. 

    Contemporary challenges call for professionals who are not just familiar with A’s and Y’s of business but are also responsible leaders. There is a need for mindful, purpose-driven business leaders who can bring meaningful changes to society.

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    BBA job opportunities are immense; however, one can access those only when equipped with the right skills. Therefore, BMU helps students hone futuristic skills via: 

    •       Experiential Learning
    •       Individualistic approach toward students
    •   Guest lectures from renowned faculty
    •   Industry Exposure
    •   Practical aspects of business education
    •   Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    •   Career Guidance & Development Center 


    BML Munjal University is transforming higher education in India by creating a world-class, innovation-led teaching, learning and research environment. It aims to create a talented community of students who excel in learning and research in a creative and stimulating environment via its unique prepositions. 

    The university offers various specialisations where students don’t have to compromise on their interests and can choose what exactly they want to master their skills in: 

    •   Business Analytics
    •   Digital Marketing
    •   Entrepreneurship
    •   Finance
    •   Marketing
    •   Human Resources
    •   General Studies


    Business schools must prepare students with the skills required to tackle modern problems efficiently. The global workforce didn’t see anything like COVID-19 before, leading to businesses plummeting worldwide. To avoid this, new talent that syncs with modern times is required.

    KPMG says, “No one knows what the future holds—especially today. However, what is clear is that the digital transformation of business is accelerating, talented people will be just as important as they always have been, and leaders will need to make sure their company’s purpose matters and that they are part of the solution to the many problems the world faces.”

    BMU is at the forefront of providing a new-gen business education programme via its Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA, where students are trained to make decisions that benefit society.

    Salary job BBA
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