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  • School of Engineering & Technology
    Faculty Details and Research Areas

    Name of the FacultyDesignationPostDoc experienceResearch Areas
    A. K. Prasada Rao, PhD- IIT KharagpurProfessor & Associate Dean-Doctoral ProgrammesPOSTECH (South Korea); CNAQ (Qatar); Brunel University (UK); University of Oxford (UK)Artificial Intelligence in Materials Science; Alloy design; Aluminium and Magnesium alloys; High-entropy alloys; Casting and Solidification; Physical Metallurgy
    Abhimanyu Singh Rana, PhD- University of PuneAssistant ProfessorNational University of Singapore (Singapore); University of Twente (Netherlands)Spintronics, Neuromorphic Devices, Oxide Electronics, Li-Ion Batteries
    Ajay Kumar Sood, PhD – IIT DelhiAssistant Professor Fluid Mechanics (Turbulent flows, drag reduction, fluid vibrations, LES, DNS)
    Akhlaq Husain, PhD – IIT KanpurAssociate Professor Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Parallel Computing
    Amarjit Roy, PhD – NIT-SilcharAssistant Professor Digital Image Processing (Noise Removal, Medical Imaging, Image Security etc.)
    Amarnath Bheemaraju, PhD- UMass Amherst (USA)Assistant ProfessorWashington State University (USA)Organic electronics-Organic Solar cells and Organic Field effect transistors, Inorganic solar cells- CZTS based solar cells, Solar energy harvesting concentrators, Organometallics, Nano-inorganic materials for photocatalysis, Materials for remediation of air and water, Photo physics of semiconductor materials
    Amiya Kumar Dash, PhD- NIT RourkelaAssociate Professor Mechanical Vibration, Industrial Safety Engineering
    Anubhav Agrawal, PhD – IIT-RoorkeeAssistant Professor Power Electronic Controlled Induction Motor
    Arijit Maitra, PhD – Westfälische Wilhelms Universität (Germany)Assistant ProfessorUniversity of California-San Diego (USA); SUNY-Stony Brook, (USA)Theory and simulation of materials – metals and polymers – at Nano and micro scales, prediction of structure-property relations; modelling of batteries and electrolytes; methods – classical MD, Monte Carlo, statistical physics, machine learning
    Ashok Kumar Suhag, PhD-Gautam Budhha UniversityAssistant Professor VLSI Test, Low Power Design and Test
    Bipin Singh, PhD IIIT-HyderabadAssistant Professor Bioinformatics, Computer Aided Drug Design, Biomedical Data Analysis
    Brij Bihari Dubey, PhD- NIT HamirpurAssistant Professor Wireless Networks
    Devanjali Relan, PhD- University of EdinburghAssistant ProfessorImage Processing, Applied Machine Learning
    Goldie Gabrani, PhD – University of DelhiProfessor Data-analytics, IOT based Solutions Especially in Healthcare Domain
    Harish Puppala, PhD – BITS PilaniAssistant ProfessorShallow Geothermal Systems, GIS in Urban planning
    Kamal Kant Jain, PhD- IIT DelhiAssistant ProfessorCurtin University (Australia)Construction Management, Application of Data Analytics in Construction Industry, Green Buildings, Sustainable Infrastructure, Life Cycle Assessment
    Kiran Khatter, PhD- Himachal Pradesh UniversityAssociate Professor Non-Functional Requirements, Applications of Fuzzy Logic in MADM, Optimization and image processing
    Maheswar Dwivedy, PhD- BITS PilaniAssociate Professor Sustainable Machining, New and Improved Coatings, Cutting Tool Design and Dye-less Incremental Forming
    Manoj K. Arora, PhD- Swansea University (UK)Professor & Vice ChancellorSyracuse University (USA)Digital Remote Sensing and GIS applications, Machine Learning for Information Extraction from Satellite Data, Geospatial Tools for Disaster Studies.
    Meenakshi Agarwal, PhD- University of DelhiAssistant Professor FPGA Implementation of Digital Circuits, Bio-Waste Recycling and Management, Renewal Energy, Signal Processing, Implementation of IOT Based Systems.
    N. Ch. Kaushik, PhD- NIT WarangalAssistant ProfessorTribology, Materials Processing and Characterization, Macro-, Micro-, Nano- Mechanical behaviour of Materials
    Neeraj Sharma, PhD- Gautam Buddha University Assistant Professor Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Composite, Experimental Characterization of Thermo-Mechanical, Thermal or Mechanical Behaviour of Composites
    Nirupama M P, PhD- Jain University Assistant Professor Vacuum Nanoelectronics Devices (Growth and Study of nanocarbon based materials for various nanoelectronics applications), VLSI Systems Design using Hardware Design Language, Verilog.
    O. S. Panwar, PhD- Panjab UniversityProfessorSynthesis of Undoped and Doped Graphene and its Application, Amorphous/ Micro/Nanocrystalline Silicon-Based Films and its Applications
    P. S. Pandey, PhD- IIIT-AllahabadAssistant Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Network coding, Mobile Computing, Cryptography and Network security, Cyber security, IoT
    Pradeep Arya, PhD- Anna UniversityAssistant Professor Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Network Security
    Maneek Kumar, PhD- Thapar UniversityProfessor & Dean- School of Engineering and Technology Reliability based Design and Optimization, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation, Ultra High-Performance Concrete
    Rajesh Yadav, PhD – Mewar UniversityAssistant Professor Cyber Security, Botnets, Malware, IOT Security, 5G Networks, Authentication & Network Slicing
    Rajiv Dey, PhD – IIITDM JabalpurAssistant ProfessorEmbedded system, IoT and control
    Ranbir Singh, PhD- DCRUST MurthalAssistant Professor Mechatronics & Automation, Flexible Manufacturing Design, Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing, Instrumentation
    Ranjib Banerjee, PhD- Jadavpur UniversityAssistant Professor Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Synchronization, Computational Applied Mathematics, Complex Network and Pattern Formation
    Rishi Asthana, PhD – IIT-RoorkeeAssociate Professor Hydrodynamic Stability, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling
    Sanmitra Barman, PhD- Kansas State University (USA)Assistant ProfessorPostdoctoral Researcher at University of Texas (USA)Light Induced Catalysis through Nanomaterials Applicable in Water Desalination, Water Purification, Nano sensors for Environmental Monitoring, Drug Delivery Vehicles with Nanomaterials
    Satyendr Singh, PhD- University of AllahabadAssistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics
    Shuvabrata Bandopadhaya, PhD – KIIT University Assistant Professor IoT Based System Design and Data Analytics, 5G Network Configuration Using Machine Learning
    Soharab Hossain Shaikh, PhD- University of CalcuttaAssistant Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning in Computer Vision Applications
    Suchitra Rajput Chauhan, PhD- IIT DelhiAssistant ProfessorAnkara University (Turkey)Superconductors, thin films, Nanomaterials, Water Remediation, Coating on Biomedical Devices
    Surya Prakash, PhD- MNIT JaipurAssistant Professor Supply Chain Modelling, Industry 4.0
    Tabish Rasheed, PhD- Aligarh Muslim UniversityAssociate Professor & Faculty coordinator PhD program of SoET Organic Electronics, Organic Solar Cells, Computational Chemistry (Density Functional Theory), Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy
    Vinayak Kalluri, PhD- BITS PilaniAssociate Professor & Associate Dean Academics Product design and development, Mechanical System Design.
    Yarramaneni Sridharbabu, PhD-Kurukshetra UniversityAssociate Professor & Professor-in-charge Applied SciencesElectrical Characterization of Dielectric Materials, Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Materials
    Yogesh Gupta, PhD- Dayalbagh UniversityAssociate ProfessorInformation Retrieval, Data Analytics, Optimization Techniques, Machine Learning
    Ziya Uddin, PhD- G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & TechnologyAssociate ProfessorUniversité de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis (France)Applied Mathematical Modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Modelling of Nano Fluids & Heat Transfer, Soft Computing and Applied Numerical Methods.

    School of Management
    Faculty Details and Research Areas

    Faculty NameDesignationArea of Research Interest
    Prof. (Dr) Vishal Talwar, PhD- Manchester Business SchoolProfessor & Dean SoMIndustry 4.0, Consumer Ethics, Product Placement, Branding
    Amit Bagga, PhD- CCS UniversityAdjunct Associate Professor IFRS, Stock Market, Wealth Management, Wealth Advisory
    Anusree Paul, PhD-University of CalcuttaAssociate ProfessorHealth Economics, International Economics
    Chirag Malik, PhD- Dr. APJ abdul Kalam Technical UniversityAssociate ProfessorSustainability, Marketing Analytics, Decision Tree and Random Forest, Environmentally Conscious Consumers
    Deepti Sharma, PhD- Dr B R Ambedkar University- Agra  
    Dipankar Das, PhD- The University of BurdwanAssistant ProfessorDecision Theory, Complexity Economics, Computational Economics, Game Theory
    Jaskiran Arora, PhD- Maharshi Dayanand University, RohtakProfessor & Asst. Dean AcademicsEarnings Management, Higher Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Problem Solving
    Jaya Ahuja, PhD- Jamia Millia Islamia UniversityAssistant ProfessorWork-Life Integration, Sustainable HRM, Organizational Climate & Virtual Teams
    Nandita ChoudharyProfessor 
    Payal KumarProfessorDiversity & Inclusion, Gender Studies, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Dysfunctional work Behaviour, Leadership & Followership
    Rik Paul, PhD- Ibs Hyderabad, Ifhe UniversityAssociate ProfessorServices Marketing, Internet of Things (IoT), Innovative Pedagogy, Consumer Behaviour
    Ritu ChhikaraAssistant ProfessorSustainability, Sensory Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Management, Branding
    Ruchi Garg, PhD- Management Development Institute (MDI)Assistant ProfessorSustainability, Consumer Brand Relationship, Sensory Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Branding
    Sangita Chaudhary, PhD- University of Rajasthan, JaipurAssociate ProfessorAsset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Earnings Management, Corporate Finance, Sustainability Operations
    Vaishali Sharma, PhD- Delhi Technological UniversityAssistant ProfessorMarketing and International Business, Supply Chain Management/Reverse Logistics, Remanufacturing

    School of Law
    Faculty and Research Areas

    Name of FacultyResearch Areas
    Dr. Kavita ChawlaCorporate and commercial law
    Prof. (Dr) Nigam NuggehalliTax, contract and jurisprudence
    Dr. Vivek SehrawatDrones, autonomous weapon systems, international humanitarian law, international law, human rights, National Security, Technology, privacy law and torts law

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